10 UK Destinations that will make you feel abroad

Travel different parts of the United Kingdom and experience the feelings and flavours of different places and countries of the world. For British who like to travel around the world, it must not easy to stay at home. Especially during this pandemic, with all these travel restrictions in place, it is really hard to travelContinue reading “10 UK Destinations that will make you feel abroad”


Living in a metropole city like London can be quite weary, especially for nature-lovers. We all need a short break from our exhausting daily life. Therefore, we would simply look for relaxing atmosphere as a short getaway from the bustling city. Countryside is a good choice for 1-day or half day trip. However, is thereContinue reading “THE 7 BEST PICK-YOUR-OWN FRUIT & VEGETABLES , FARMS NEAR LONDON”

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Scotland (2021)

Hearing of Scotland you’ll probably think of legends, lush scenery, Braveheart, and the outstanding traditional customs. However, Scotland is much more than that, with numerous landmarks and tourist attractions, packed all in one small country! With many historical places and epic destinations to explore, I’ve no hesitation in saying that you should visit Scotland atContinue reading “Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Scotland (2021)”

Top 10 Significant Tourist Attractions in Wales

Wales is connected with plenty of myths, massive landscapes, lush greenery, and rich history, making it one of the distinctive holiday destinations worldwide. Aside from its Celtic culture, Wales has numerous impressive sights and landmarks, including the medieval castles, enchanting national parks, and beautiful coastlines. To guide you through your trip, here is the top-tenContinue reading “Top 10 Significant Tourist Attractions in Wales”

Top 10 Popular Reasons to Visit England, One of The Best Holiday Destination

Think of England and you conjure up images of endless tourist destinations, churches, and centuries-old palaces. Confusing, right? But if you ask me what I like the most in England, I’d say the historic cathedrals, magical countryside and with no doubt the British accent. With so many places and things to do, we round upContinue reading “Top 10 Popular Reasons to Visit England, One of The Best Holiday Destination”