Top 20 Free things to do in London

London is the only city in the world that offers a huge range of entertainment opportunities for free. Numerous world-class museums, many amazing parks, street arts, bustling markets, art galleries, stunning viewpoints, soul-soothing attractions all you can enjoy without spending even a single penny.

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• British museum

British Museum is one of the must-visit venues in London. The total collection of objects in this museum is approximately 8 million and can only display 80 thousand at any single time. This museum is dedicated to more than two million years of human history, art and culture and has many world-renowned collections like Egyptian Mummy, Rosetta Stone, and Parthenon Sculpture. This museum has more than 6 million visitors every year. It is located at Great Russell Street and The nearest tube station is Russell Square, Tottenham Court Road, and Holborn.

• Natural history museum

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The natural history museum has got a huge range of collections including the biggest, tallest and rarest animal in the world from a different section of natural history. The main hall of the museum got a huge skeleton of a blue whale that also has a 40 million years old spider. The total collection of the museum is approximately eighty million. It has also got a wildlife garden with a huge collection. It is located at South Kensington, the nearest tube station is South Kensington.

• Science museum

The science museum is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions with more than 3 million visitors every year. This five-floor very informative museum gives you the opportunity to learn about scientific advancement over the last three hundred years. You have the opportunity to see, touch and experience more than 15 thousand objects on display and its space travel and IMAX cinema is amazing. It is located at the exhibition road at south Kensington and the nearest tube is South Kensington.

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• Sky Garden

Sky garden London offers a stunning panoramic view of London from the 43rd floor of the building called walkie talkie because of its identical structure. With floor to the ceiling glass window and spectacular indoor gardens, it offers you the amazing view of the city’s skyscrapers. Do not forget to wander through the landscape garden before you get to the observation deck. It is also a great place to enjoy a romantic dinner with a view of the sunset. To enjoy the spectacular view make sure to book your free visit online in advance. It is located on Fenchurch Street and the nearest tube station is Bank and Monument.

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• National Gallery

The national gallery is one of the most famous art galleries in the world, houses many of the masterpieces by world-renowned painters including Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Renoir, Titian and Turner and Gainsborough. With magnificent artworks, it attracts more than 6 million visitors every year from all over the world. Gallery provides a free guided tour with audio guides in many languages and facilitates many family activities. It is located at Trafalgar Square, the nearest tube station is Embankment, Charing Cross and Leicester Square.

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• Borough Market

Borough market is very famous and one of the oldest markets in London. This 12th-century established market is a great source of local and international food with over 100 stalls. From fresh British produce to Indian street food, from Arabian sweets to African jerk chicken all you can get under one shed. This place is a paradise for street food lovers, open 10 am to 5 pm 6 days a week except for Sunday, some stalls are not open on Monday and Tuesday however fully functional from Wednesday to Saturday. It is located in Southwark and the nearest tube station is London bridge.

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• Museum of London

If you wonder about London’s past then the museum of London is the place for you to find out about the history of London. You can find out all about London from prehistoric London to modern London. This world’s biggest urban museum is packed with 90 thousand historical collections to browse for free. It is located on the London wall at the barbican, the nearest tube station is st. Paul’s.

• National maritime museum

The national maritime museum is a museum about the British naval history packed with a collection of historic maps, ships and uniforms. This is part of a world heritage site and is combined with the Queen’s House, the Royal Observatory and the tea clipper Cutty Sark. It is located in Greenwich, the nearest station is Cutty Sark.

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• Tate modern

Tate Modern is one of the famous attractions in London with a huge collection of modern and contemporary art. This is part of four Britain’s national collection of British and international contemporary and modern art galleries housed with many world-famous paintings, photographs, performance art done by many world-renowned artists including Pollock, Warhol and Picasso. The cafe on the top floor has a stunning view of the river Thames. It is located on the bankside with the nearest tube Southwark or blackfriars.

• Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens previously the private garden of Kensington Palace is one of the magnificent parks in London. The main attractions of the gardens are the magnificent Albert memorial, trove of treasures, the peter pan statue, the serpentine gallery, the round pond and the Princess Diana memorial playground. In this garden, you will come across lots of wildlife, hugely grown-up trees, open grassland, boardwalk cafe and refreshment kiosks. The nearest tube stations are Lancaster Gate, Queensway and high street Kensington.

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• Hamstead heath

Only a few miles away from central London an amazing ancient heath covering 790 acres of grassy green space to escape from the city and to enjoy the magnificent view from some highest point of the heath. The park facilities include the zoo, butterfly house, open-air lido, swimming ponds, splash pool, numerous sports facilities, athletic track, listed pergola, playground and hill garden. The parliament hill is an amazing area in the heath. Heath has a huge area of woodland and you will come across a great variety of wildlife. It has plenty of quiet green space to enjoy yourself with a back to nature feeling. Nearest stations are gospel oak, Kentish town, Hamstead heath, Golders Green, Hampstead and Highgate.

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• The changing of the guard

Changing of the guard in Buckingham place is one of the most amazing things to watch in London. Guards wearing red tunics and bearskin hats responsible for the protection of Buckingham palace change their duty with the military band playing traditional and pop music. This ceremony takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday around 10.30 am and lasts up to 45 minutes. The ceremony is sometimes canceled due to bad weather, so check the full-time table before you leave.

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• East London street art

East London is very well known for its art and music. You can just wander around the street in Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Hackney and brick lane and enjoy incredible artworks. The Shoreditch area is known for spectacular graffiti, buildings covered with artwork are ever-changing you will see something completely new and very impressive pop-up and then disappears with another one. In the street of Bethnal green and brick lane, you will see some decent artworks. East London is also well known for its some of the best music venue in the city.

• Trafalgar square

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Trafalgar Square is one of the popular tourist attractions in London city named after Britain’s victory in the battle of Trafalgar. This public square is home to some impressive fountains and very popular nelson columns and some magnificent statues of historical leaders and the four bronze statues of lions with the opportunity to rub the lion’s nose for good luck. This square is also the venue for numerous events including the Chinese new year, London pride, Baisakhi, carol singing and Christmas tree. It is neighboring with many other attractions such as the national gallery, the Whitehall, the strand, admiralty arch, the mall and Buckingham palace. The nearest station is charing cross and embankment.

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• Hyde park

Hyde Park is one of the grade one parks and the largest royal park in London. This magnificent park houses more than four thousand mature trees, many historical monuments, fountains, serpentine gallery, ornamental flower gardens, a massive lake, Diana’s memorial fountain, and speaker corner. This greatest park has something to do for everyone regardless of age, swimming, cycling, boating, pitches for team games, tennis court, children’s playground and restaurants. It is host to many live air events and festivals throughout the year. Every year from November to January it hosts the great winter wonderland with the opportunity to ride hundreds of rides, ice skating and taste food from all over the world. Every Sunday you have the opportunity to head to speakers corner to hear the lecture of the preachers in a different religion. The nearest station to get to the park is hyde park corner and marble arch.

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• Greenwich park

Greenwich Park is one of the royal parks and former hunting park located at Greenwich in southeast London. This is the part of the world heritage site and from the top of the hill, you can enjoy the stunning view of the city and Thames river. This park is a great place for a picnic in summer with the facility to see the deers, prime meridian line, royal observatory, children playground. Cafes and tea rooms with beautiful gardens. The nearest station is Greenwich.

• Vauxhall city farm

This place is an amazing venue for a family day out with the flavour of the countryside in the centre of the city. You have the opportunity to come across more than 15 different kinds of animals including horses, pigs, sheep, rabbit, ducks, alpacas and many small creatures. You also have the opportunity to explore the ecology area and herb garden. It is located in Vauxhall and the nearest station is Vauxhall.

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• Victoria and Albert museum

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This is one of the world’s best museums for art, design and performance representing the long history of human creativity. The total collection of objects in this museum is more than 4 million featuring fashion, furniture, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics from all over the world. The remarkable items include queens victoria’s sapphire and diamond coronet, Japanese sword, Chinese ceramics, plaster casts made from Michelangelo’s David, the Ardabil carpet. The British and Europe galleries tell you the glorious story of art, culture and design of Britain and Europe. It is located at South Kensington and the nearest station is South Kensington and Knightsbridge.

• Portobello road market

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This is the very popular street market in London located in Nottinghill. This market started in 1800 and sells everything from bread to ceramics, antique furniture, clothes and street food. The atmosphere around the market is very colorful, energetic and bright. There is always something happening except Sunday with the busiest Saturday. The nearest tube station is Notting hill gate. Westbourne Park, and Ladbroke Grove.

• Little Venice London

Little Venice is a beautiful calm canal area with the intersection of three canals regents canal, grand canal and union canal. The canal is packed with lined up narrowboats, boat restaurants and pubs and many waterside cafes. It is a great place to walk along the street by the canal and enjoy the tranquillity of the canal. It offers the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip, puppet show and many other entertainment activities around the area. For a cricket fan, there is a chance to visit the lord’s cricket ground which is very close to the canal and learn about the history of cricket from the visit of its museum. To get to this place the nearest train station is Paddington.

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