Tips for booking the cheapest Flight

Booking flight is one of the most important parts of your travel preparation. Booking flight is very easy nowadays; however booking the cheapest flight is a bit technical. You have to use some techniques to buy the cheapest flight. Following are some tips to help you find the cheapest flight:

•    Start your flight search well in advance to secure the cheapest flight. It is very important to keep your searches secret. To keep your searches secret you should use an incognito or private browser. Flight price goes up on the basis of the cookies on your browser. If you repeatedly looking for a flight from your normal browser for same destination flight price might go up.

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•    Do not search through any travel agency as they add commission with the final price you will pay. is a search engine that finds the cheapest possible flight for your destination, also combines a non-partnered airlines so that you save big.

•    Use an airfare search engine, like Kiwi, CheapOair, Skyscanner, Jetrader to find the cheapest flight. Google flight is also a very useful tool to find out the cheapest flight and destination.

•    Try to choose cheapest day and time to fly out. Usually, weekdays are cheaper to fly out, however, this is not true always.

•    If you ready to compromise it is a good idea to look for flight with the budget airlines. Most of the cases you will be able to find cheaper flight with budget airlines.

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•    When booking with budget airlines make sure to check the airport location, luggage allowance and all restrictions and requirement to avoid last minute disappointment.  

 •    Look for promotional offer and sale on flight with different airlines. You might consider subscribing newsletters of your favourite airlines to get promotional and seasonal offer.  

 •    Be flexible about the travel date and avoid peak travel dates and times. 

•    Consider booking connecting flight instead of direct flight. If your travel involves a transfer, book two legs separately to get cheapest fare.  

 •    You might consider mix and match between airlines to make your flight cheaper.    

•    Buying in bulk always cheaper. Buy return ticket instead of two single.    

•    If you have already decided your travel destination, book your flight as early as possible.    

•    You might consider flying with local airlines. Local airlines always have some promotional offer and sale for certain date and time of the week.

Looking for more tips to make your travel even more affordable?

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