Hotel Tips

Accommodation is one of the major and expensive parts of your travel. The place you sleep at night after your whole day adventure matters. A comfortable accommodation makes your travel more enjoyable. Therefore finding comfortable accommodation with cheaper or reasonable price is vital to keep more money in your pocket.

Choosing accommodation depends on some key factors, such as 

  • Amount of money you willing to spend
  • Destination you want to travel
  • Level of comfort you looking for 
  • Number of people you travelling with 

​The following are few tips might help you with booking your accommodation:

  • Location is very important factor when you booking your accommodation. It is always a good idea to choose accommodation with a good proximity to public transport, local attractions, superstores, cafes and restaurants. If your accommodation is too far from public transport link you might end up with spending a lot on travel.
  • Do your accommodation search in incognito or private browser or delete the browsing history and cookies. Prices do increase if you repeatedly search for accommodation in same area.
  • Avoid searching through agency as they add commission with final price and you will end up with paying extra
  • It is a good idea to choose accommodation a bit outside of the city centre or in a town not far from centre.
  • It is always beneficial to book accommodation well in advance with free cancellation that allows you to look for better deal without any risk.
  • If your travel length is more than one night always try to stay with same accommodation to secure better deal. 
  • Avoid Friday and Saturday night as those two nights always expensive. Consider book for Sunday and other week days.

  • Avoid peak travel time. It is always a good idea to travel in shoulder season when weather is still good and makes your travel cheaper and comfortable.
  • If you travel with family or part of a small group it is beneficial to book apartment instead of hotel. In case of two small families or a small group u can book a big apartment and share the cost.
  • You might consider sharing the bed, for example for a family of 4 people or for group of 4 close friends if you comfortable you might consider sharing bed and book two double rooms instead of 4 single rooms.

  • For some destination you might consider staying in a hostel where they provide private room. Hostels are usually located with very good proximity to public transport, city centre and tourist attraction.
  • Accommodation with access to full kitchen might help reduce your cost of eating out.
  • It is almost always cheaper eating in a local cafe or restaurant than dining in hotel.
  • Before you book do not forget to ask for the family deal and group booking deal.
  • It is always a good idea to sign up for reward or loyalty program with your favourite booking service provider.

  • To receive exclusive deal and offer you might consider following social media or subscribing newsletter of your favourite hotel and booking service provider.
  • Always book with more inclusive free facilities that will save you a lot.
  • is one of the best search engeenes, which most of the time finds the best ever possible deal.
  • HotelsCombined might help you find the best possible hotel deal (also hostel) as they combine and compare the prices from all hotel search engines, so you don’t have to do them separately.
  • is a very popular hotel, flights and trains ticket booking platform where usually prices are always cheaper than any other platform. It is worth checking it out.

Looking for more tips to make your travel even more affordable?