10 UK Destinations that will make you feel abroad

Travel different parts of the United Kingdom and experience the feelings and flavours of different places and countries of the world. For British who like to travel around the world, it must not easy to stay at home. Especially during this pandemic, with all these travel restrictions in place, it is really hard to travel to your desired destinations. Do you know there are places in the UK, each of them can give you feeling and flavours of different popular destinations of all around the world. You can find most of every country’s unique characteristic in every place listed below. Starting from the region of Asia, New Zealand, Norway to Iceland. It’s time to explore something differently new! let’s take you to a tour around the UK that will give you the flavour of different parts of the world.

What is it and how enticing would it be?


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1. TourAsia

Smoo Cave: feels of Krabi, Thailand

The first region that may be the furthest from the UK in Asia. With choices of Thailand, China, Japan and India, you are free to choose where you want to go.

Firstly, there is Smoo cave that resembles Krabi in Thailand. Smoo Cave is a combination of the sea cave and freshwater cave that set into limestone cliffs. It is located on the northernmost side of Scotland. The cave has three main sections: sea cave entrance, waterfall chamber and a flowstone area through the short water passage. Further said, it can be explored by a boat or on foot. In addition, you can also book a tour if you want to learn more about the cave.

Liverpool’s Chinatown: feels of China

Secondly, you can put Liverpool’s Chinatown on your bucket list if you want to feel the Chinese vibes. Apparently, it is the oldest Chinese district in Europe. The area is very easy to find, as you’ll see the big iconic archway named Paifang at the front side. It’s actually a gateway that will bring you to a row of Chinese restaurants. People said the best time to visit this area is during the Chinese New Year. That’s because there’ll be a festival with parades and colourful atmosphere. However, there’s no room for disappointments, because anytime is fine as long as the picturesque street is still open!


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Liverpool’s Chinatown: China,

Kyoto and Fukushima Garden: feels of Japan

The third-place that is also popular among visitors are Kyoto and Fukushima Garden. Just like their name, these two are the replica of Japanese zen gardens. There, you’ll see some wildlife such as peacocks, squirrels, heron and even flamingos. Moreover, the gardens also have a koi pond and a beautiful small waterfall. In other words, these tranquil gardens are the best place to relax and get away from the bustling city.

Kyoto and Fukushima Garden: Japan

Royal Pavilion: feels of India

Lastly, there’s Royal Pavilion that will amaze you because of its majestic architecture. From the exterior to its interior side, all of them are so dazzling. The building takes after a palace in India with combinations of Mughal and Victorian influence. When you enter the area, you’ll get a free audio guide to listen via smartphone. It will help you to learn about the details of the palace designs. In addition, the Royal Pavilion also has a lovely tea room with a garden view on the first floor. Therefore, you can take a rest for a minute while enjoying the snacks.


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2. High Force Waterfall: feels of Nauyaca Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Not many people know that they can go Nauyaca Waterfalls without any needs to travel to Costa Rica. Yes, there is a place in the UK that represents Nauyaca the most. It is called the High Force Waterfall. This jaw-dropping 70-feet waterfall located in the middle of a secluded forest, 35 miles away from Durham. It offers a natural scenic view of Forest-in-Teesdale with a cascade and plunge pool along the River Tees. There are several ways to reach the waterfall and one of them is via public footpath called Pennine Way.

High Force Waterfall: Nauyaca Waterfalls, Costa Rica

3. Loch Awe: feels of South Island, New Zealand and Snowdonia National Park: New Zealand

Loch Awe is a village that lies at the end of Loch Awe lake, 3 miles west of Dalmally. Its surrounding natural landscape represents New Zealand’s South Island Sound. This freshwater lake appears as the longest as well as the third-largest loch (lake) in Scotland. To clarify, it covers a surface area of 14.9 sq mi with 25 mi total length. These days, people know this place because of its trout and salmon fishing. Some other attractions such as Kilchurn Castle and St. Conan’s Kirk are also located in Loch Awe. Kilchurn Castle is known for its beautiful view to Loch Awe from the top. Meanwhile, St. Conan’s Kirk is the village’s hidden gem. It has an exceptional design with magical stories that wreathe this little church.

Snowdonia National Park

Besides Loch Awe, there’s one more place that will make you feel like in New Zealand. Loch Awe is a lake with villages and mountain view. Similarly, this stunning site located in a mountainous area with villages, lakes and Snowdon peak. It’s called Snowdonia National Park. This place apparently even more popular than Loch Awe among travellers. Based on some reviews, people said that this is the area of outstanding natural beauty. Therefore, some people attempt to reach the summit and have a full view of the scenery. Meanwhile, the others are just wandering along the path, enjoy kayaking or trying the zip wire. In addition, animal lovers can also have a quick interaction with the sheep.


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4. Castel Coch: feels of Transylvania

Castell Coch is a grand 19th-century castle that has the medieval Gothic look. It’s surrounded by beech woods with a majestic architecture both on the exterior and interior side of the castle. It has the old and sturdy look from the outside but actually was highly decorated inside. The architect, William Burges, put some furniture that made the interior looks very glamorous. As a result, people said that this castle has precisely the same design as in fairy tale books. Therefore, Castel Coch resembles Transylvania the most. Just like in Hotel Transylvania series, you’ll get to experience how Dracula live inside the castle. Castel Coch also has a tea shop and a gift shop to complete your tour.

Castel Coch: Transylvania

5. Bath: feels of Budapest

Bath in Somerset is reportedly to be the only place in the UK with hot springs that looks like Roman baths. This city is very popular for its historical yet sophisticated district. As a result, the whole of Roman baths has now been specified as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides Roman baths, you can also learn Roman culture from their museum and art gallery. In addition, do take a tour along every street and have an amazing Roman-like experience.


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6. York: feels of Rome, Italy and Denbies Wine Estate: feels of Bordeaux (France)/Chianti (Italy)

If you’re curious about the renowned city of Rome in Italy, please consider visiting York. York is a county town of Yorkshire that was founded by the ancient Romans. The city was made to represent the capital of the Roman province of Britannia Inferior. Therefore, the architecture and its environment were made to look like the real Rome. Some iconic buildings that you may see in York are York Minster, York Castle and Jorvik Viking Centre. Firstly, York Minster is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe.


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Secondly, York Castle is a complex of historical buildings. The buildings range from the medieval Clifford’s Tower to the entrance of York Castle Museum. Lastly, Jorvik Viking Centre is a museum that attracts visitors from its lifelike mannequins and dioramas. The museum portraying how Viking live back then. Although the city isn’t as big as Rome, you’re guaranteed to have a good experience there.

York: Rome, Italy

Denbies Wine Estate is one of the UK’s largest wine producers that looks like a replica of Bordeaux or Chianti vineyards. This vineyard is perfect especially for sparkling wine and rose lovers as they have maintained the best quality since 1986. Moreover, you can sample 16 different wines both from the indoor and outdoor winery. In addition, the place also has a B&B, farm shop, local beers brewery and a café to complete the day. Above all, it’s highly recommended to take a walk along the vineyard and indulge in nature.

7. St. Michael’s Mount: feels of France and Hitchin Lavender: Provence

St. Michael’s Mount is a picturesque rocky island that has a small village, medieval church and castle. Its castle is like a twin of Mont Saint Michel in France. You can have an adventurous trip there by walking from the mainland via the walkway whenever the tide is low. The castle itself was featured in some films such as Dracula in 1979 to Johnny English in 2003. Further, there is a number of rooms, terrace and a hall inside the castle. In addition, you can also have a walk along with the garden or rent a paddleboard on the beach instead. Likewise, you can just chill at the café.

St. Michael’s Mount: France

Hitchin Lavender is a 35 miles garden that looks like flower gardens in Provence. It offers the perfect place for a picnic among the lavenders and sunflowers. Besides, the sweet-aromatic floral scent and the buzzing bees make the environment even more stunning. In addition, you can also find a tea shop to buy sweet cakes and a pot of tea. However, keep in mind that this garden will be crowded during mid to late August. So, pre-book a slot is very recommended before your visit.


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8. Little Venice: feels of Amsterdam

If you ever wish to visit Amsterdam but haven’t made it yet, look no further than Little Venice in London. It’s where you can experience riding a boat along the canal with beautiful mansions as the backdrop. Some other buildings you may see around are The Waterside Café and a small island called Robert Browning’s Island. In addition, you can also have lunch or dinner on the boat. So, taking a boat tour is highly recommended especially to enjoy the stunning sunset view from a different perspective.


Little Venice: Amsterdam

9. Isle of Skye: feels of Iceland

The Isle of Skye is known for its beautiful landscape that really looks like the one in Iceland. One of the most stunning viewpoints in the Isle of Skye is from the Meatfalls. This scenic waterfall is like a dopplegänger of Haifoss waterfall in Iceland. In addition, there are some Scandinavian-style houses that will surely make you feel like no longer in the UK. A visit to the Isle of Skye gives you chances to do some outdoor activities. For instance, you can explore the remote villages or enjoy the outstanding scenery by using a boat tour.

Isle of Skye: Iceland


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10. Shetland: feels of Norway

Shetland is a subarctic archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland. The island is geographically located in the Northern Atlantic, between Great Britain, the Faroe Islands and Norway. Shetland has UNESCO Global Geopark status and is one of the best places to explore the outdoors. There are many appealing attractions to do within the island. For instance, you can try water activities such as sailing and surfing, diving and kayaking. You can also do bird or sea mammals-watching as well as discover the island past from Shetland museum.


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Most importantly, you can enjoy the stunning view of Northern Lights because Shetland lies closer to the north pole. Therefore, it’s the best place in the UK to have a good view of Northern Lights. The other thing that makes Shetland a bit different is they (people in general) speak with Nordic-inflected dialect. The buildings in the mainland are also designed with Scandinavian style. As a result, you’ll feel like no longer in the UK, but in Norway.


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