There is so much to learn from your travel passion and all you need is a good resource that will motivate you. I would love to take the opportunity to inspire you through my writing about travel.

I’m Yuliyan Atanasov. A full-time Cabin Crew and a passionate part-time traveller, based in London.

Travelling is my biggest passion and that inspired me a lot to become Cabin Crew as it gives me the opportunity to travel to a new destination every day.​ I love travelling and discovering new places, destinations.​ There is nothing better than discovering a new place.

Since I started travelling, I have met many kind-hearted, optimistic, and amazing people from all over the World and became a lifetime friend. Through my travel, I have learned a lot about the travel, the destinations and the World and learned how to travel more for less, and I would love to share my experience with you.

By following my travel desire, I didn’t only achieve my travel dreams. I have become much more self-reliant, self-confident, less worried and the way I see the World have emphatically changed.

I know you are very passionate about travel, so Am I.

I’d love to take this tremendous opportunity to share important flight, hotel, and destination tips with you so you know how you should plan to save a huge amount on your travel and finally take off to your dream destination.