10 reasons to visit Canada, one of the popular holiday destinations

Canada is a country that has placed itself well within tourist guidebooks. Canada is the world’s third-largest country in terms of area and one of the popular holiday destinations in North America, the country with the most lakes and is also recognized as the country with the longest coastline.

People that have travelled to Canada describe it as a place where you can witness it all, from huge mountains and crystal clear lakes to diverse cultures and magnificent cities.


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So, here are 10 reasons why Canada should be on the bucket list of your next holiday destinations.

1. Polite and welcoming people

it’s no surprise, Canadians are considered as the friendliest people in the world, having a habit of apologizing every now and then. Moreover, you wouldn’t feel unwelcome or alienated in Canada because the society is quite accepting to tourists and travellers.


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2. The natural beauty and Landscapes

Canada is a top holiday destination for adventure travellers because most of its landmass consists of mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and glaciers and you already know Canada is one of the largest countries in the world by land area so you can imagine how much there is to explore.


You can climb a new mountain each day or maybe swim in one of the several hundred lakes or you could just simply relax and breathe the fresh air. All in all, Canada is the perfect place for the outdoorsy and thrill-seeking travellers.


3. Focus on Ecotourism:

Canada is one of the leaders in the fight against climate change therefore the government takes steps to make sure that Canada remains ecofriendly. Even Canada’s tourism industry has to comply with the environmental laws and therefore, Tourist activities in Canada are often eco-friendly as the Ministry of Environment of Canada makes sure that the environment is not harmed meanwhile the touristy aspect of it remains intact.


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For example, Littering is banned in national parks you can even face heavy fines and in extreme conditions, jail time for littering or harming the environment. Hunting is generally allowed but you’ll have to look at the laws and regulations regarding hunting because Canada has many endangered species among their fauna.

4. Diversity and cultural tourism

Canadian diversity is exemplary. The country is a mix of immigrants hailing from different countries and indigenous communities, so, if you’re tired of all the hiking in the Canadian mountains you can try a bit of culture tourism instead.


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Each of these ethnicities has specific areas where their culture is more highlighted for Example, in Toronto, Canada’s largest city there’s a place called Chinatown where you can enjoy the flavours of Chinese cuisine and explore their culture and guess what? You don’t even have to go to China for that, yes, Canada is that diverse.

And if you’re looking to explore Canada’s indigenous cultures then in almost every city there are museums and areas dedicated to the indigenous people.

5. One of the happiest countries in the world

Canada has a high standard of living and most of the public services are provided for free by the government so no wonder people of Canada are happy.


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Canada is among the top 15 happiest countries in the world. Yeah, the weather often looks gloomy there but don’t worry you won’t get depressed or sad because I am sure you’ll encounter lively locals that’ll keep your trip worry-free.

6. Serene Lakes:

Serene lakes are one of the most popular reasons to visit Canada for nature lovers. As I mentioned above, Canada has the most number of lakes in a country.


Most of these lakes are quite picturesque, perfect for Kayaking, Canoeing and Wakeboarding but if you’re not into that stuff then you can set up camp on the Lakefront and enjoy some BBQ with a great view. Here’s a tip, if you want to see the best Canadian lakes with the best view then you should head to the Canadian Rockies near the province of British Columbia.


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7. The great Canadian Rockies:

The Canadian Rockies are a huge stretch of mountains and glaciers consisting of Canada’s tallest mountain ranges and a number of natural lakes. The highest mountain is Mount Robson having a height of almost 4000 meters. Apart from Mount Robson you have a number of other mountain ranges as well that easily go past the 1000 meter mark so this is a mountain climber’s paradise, however, if you’re someone that’s afraid of heights then you can still enjoy the beauty of these mountains from afar. But, you should bear in mind, you’ll have to do a long tiring road trip if you want to explore the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, because,


a) there’s so much to see. In fact, if I were to write down the name of all the lakes here the page would probably fill up.

b) The road seems never-ending; you’ll have to cross all the mountain ranges before you can reach a major city. And yes, I almost forgot to mention, make sure of your safety because even though the Canadian Rockies are beautiful, serene and popular tourist attraction they’re also quite dangerous especially for thrill-seekers and mountain climbers.


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8. Arctic tourism and the Northern Lights:

Want to see polar bears? Have a little chit chat with Eskimos? Well, then Canada is the perfect place for that. The northern provinces of Canada lie under the Arctic Circle. Adventurers and thrill-seekers from the entire world visit Canada to experience the extremes of our planet. Most of the area within the Arctic Circle in Canada is uninhabited except for a few indigenous people because the terrain, the climate, the lack of resources makes it difficult for communities to thrive.


So, if you’re an adventurer you better prepare yourself for the worst. But, all is not bad. The Arctic region is home to one of the most serene areas of Canada and if you’re lucky you might even have the chance to watch the dance of the Northern Lights.

9. Niagara Falls:

It would be unfair if you visit Canada and miss the famous Niagara Falls one of the most popular tourist attractions. The Niagara Falls are actually 3 different waterfalls; Horseshoe Falls which is the largest of the falls, Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls. The falls can be observed from the city of Niagara Falls located in the Ontario province of Canada.


There are a number of ways you can view the Niagara Falls. You can climb up the Skylon Tower which is a tower with an observation deck providing you with panoramic views. If you want to get a bit closer then there are cruises that make trips along the Niagara River carrying tourists and providing them with jaw-dropping views of the falls.


10. Quebec, a country within a country:

Let’s imagine you’ve hiked around the mountains, explored Canadian cities and have had a go at maple syrup, just when you think you’ve finally explored Canada, Quebec comes in. Quebec is a province of Canada that is culturally distinct from the rest of the country. Most people speak French instead of English, their food has a noticeable French touch to it and their cities have distinct French architecture.


Exploring Quebec is like exploring a whole new country but, you don’t need a visa and neither do you need to pass through immigration. Canada’s second-largest city is Montreal in Quebec and it’s also a UNESCO city of design due to its amazing architecture.Quebec is Canada’s time capsule; a lot of the architecture from the colonial era is still preserved. In fact, in Quebec City (capital of the province), you can still find cobblestone roads and Chateaus.


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Canada is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions and make your experience better.


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