10 Compelling Reasons To Visit Minorca, Spain

The soft breeze blows over the thunderous beaches. The sand glitters with the rays of the sun and the shady palm trees act as the perfect reprise from the heat. The old buildings remind one of a time long gone by, and the cobbled streets add allure to the island. The dreamy island of Minorca in Spain is a picture-perfect vacation for tourists. Located near Ibiza, Minorca is known for its long coastline, picturesque beaches, and history. All these make it a perfect holiday destination.


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This dreamy locale will take you on a journey as you come here to relax and explore.

If you are still not convinced, then here are some top reasons to visit Minorca at least once,

1. The Picture Perfect Beaches (Cala Mitjana, Macarelleta, Cala Turqueta)

The moment to step foot into the shady island of Minorca, you will not be able to take your eyes off the gorgeous beaches here. Minorca has about 200 small caves that are waiting for you. These palm-lined beaches with turquoise waters will give you a warm welcome and those beautiful beaches are one of the many reasons to visit Minorca.


Cala Mitjana: One of the most popular beach/cove in Minorca, Spain, this beach will make you fall in love. With costal year water, isolated spots and lush trees, Cala Mitjana, located on the southern coast is paradise on earth. Just lay back and watch the stunning waves take you away into dreamland. You can spend some quiet moments here, laying on the tickling sand and listening to the rush of the waves.

Macarelleta: If you are looking for a bit of a hike with the beauty of a beach, then Cala Galdana is the place for you. This mesmerising beach is away from the hustle-bustle of the tourists and will take you into the quieter areas of Minorca. You will feel relaxed and at peace, as you watch the seagulls fly over the blue waters. The small coves add another allure to this place.


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Cala Turqueta: One of the more remote beaches, Cala Turqueta is for the romantics. This white sand beach is layered with pine trees and colourful rocks. The water here is so blue, that you will find yourself gazing at it, making sure it isn’t a dream. The little cove is perfect for snorkelling, and the cliffs are perfect for those looking for some adrenaline rush. You can just jump off these small cliffs and feel the blood rushing through your veins and asking you to go again.

2. Adventures Galore

Where there are such beautiful beaches, you can expect some great water sports as well. Minorca is known for its variety of water sports that will relax you and give you goosebumps. You can enjoy activities like sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing. Feel the wind of Minorca blaze through your hair and sweep you away.


You can also head off to some of the beaches for snorkelling or paddleboarding if you are looking for something calmer. Try your hand at cliff diving at Macarelleta, and feel every hair on your body rise as you drop down from the cliff and into the spine chilling cold water.

If you are looking for something more unique and adventurous, then head to Binibeca and find the submerged shipwrecks under the blue waters.

3. The Stonehenge Of Spain (Torre d’en Galmes, Torre Trencada)

When you start exploring the island, you will notice piles of stones and rocks arranged in ancient structures. These structures go back a thousand years. You can feel the history vibrate through the stones as you walk past them.


Torre d’en Galmés PAN 02 by Miquel Colomer Planagumà:Flickr [link]

One of the famous attractions here is the Torre d’en Galmes. The Torre d’en Galmes was once an entire bustling town but now lies in ruins. You can see the rocks still arranged in some structure. Try to imagine how the town once was, and travel back in time. This is an example of Talayotic architecture. The rocks are ruined stone buildings are either circular or square-shaped.


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At Torre d’en Galmes, you can also look at the yesteryear storage areas and underground houses.

You can also visit Torre Trencada, where you will see the perfect stone circle and tables.

4. A Hike For Days (Cami De Cavalls)

One of the most serene things about Minorca is that you can hike as much as you want. There is a famous path around the island called the Cami De Cavalls, that allows you to go around the entire island by foot.


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You can also choose to ride a horse or take your cycle if you do not wish to walk. Everyday wake up early morning and set out on a different path. You will find so much on this island. From rock structures to old villages, Minorca will not stop surprising you.

5. A Haven For Nature Lovers (Ses Pedreres de s’Hostal, El Toro)

To call Minorca a nature lover’s paradise is an understatement. The entire island is picture per cent from start to finish. With its gorgeous beaches and beautiful mountains, Minorca is truly paradisal. The landscapes are like an old English painting.


Camì de Cavalls entre Sant Tomàs i Son Bou by Franco Vannini:Flickr [link]

Minorca is perfect for those who are looking to spend some relaxed days away from the maddening crowd of the city life. Minorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe for nature lovers.

Visit Ses Pedreres de s’Hostal to watch the bounties of nature in Minorca. This unique natural site is a sandstone quarry. It hasn’t been in use since 1994, however, it is preserved in all its mesmerising form. You can still see the narrow labyrinths, the green botanical gardens, the flowering orchards and the geometrically shaped structures.


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You will feel lucky to have witnessed such creation of nature and man merging in the perfect harmony.

El Toro is the highest mountain in Minorca and is also the best place to view the city skyline from. Located about 354 m above sea level, El Toro will give you the best panoramic views of the island. Once you reach here, you can see the picture-perfect city right below you gazing at you with love.

There is also an old church and a statue of Jesus at the summit.

6. The Old Towns And The New Ones (Binibeca Vell, Torralba d’en Salord Talaiotic)

One of the best ways to visit Minorca is by hiring a car and exploring the little villages and quaint towns. Minorca is every photographer’s paradise. You will find small fisherman villages.

Binibeca Vell is a little fisherman town brimming with whitewashed buildings. The beach here is truly stunning, as are the streets. Just take a walk here and feel all that countryside breeze filling your lungs with love.


Binibeca Vell Restaurants by Luca Sbardella:Flickr [link]

Torralba d’en Salord Talaiotic is another medieval village, that has been here for ages. Walking through this village is like diving into your history textbooks. It is cobbled streets, pristine white houses, and chaotic markets brimming with culture.


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7. The Shops Of Ciutadella

Situated at the eastern side of Minorca, Ciutadella is a historic town and popular tourist attraction. It was once the capital of Minorca and now serves as the perfect testimony of ancient times. The Old Town is now brimming with historic buildings, little shops, and cafes that will make you forget about time.


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Visit the popular Santa Maria Cathedral here. This Cathedral was built in the 13th Century and now lives to tell the tale. The architecture is marvellous, and you can step inside here to take a break from the hot sun. Once you are inside, you can see the gothic architecture from the inside. It is quite peaceful and serene. Just sit here for some time and feel the tranquillity of the church seeping into your veins. Don’t forget to buy the Menorcan sandal and sip a Pomado cocktail at Ciutadella.

8. The Museums (Museo de Minorca)

When in Minorca, do not forget to visit the beautiful and historic museums.

Visit the main museum called Museo de Minorca, one of the popular tourist attractions, located at Mahon. This museum will give you a detailed look into the history of Minorca. It has some amazing archaeological artefacts. These artefacts belong to different periods of history.


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The entry is completely free here, so come here to know more about the glorious past of Minorca.

9. The Acres Of Vineyards

Walking around Minorca will surely make you thirsty, but worry not! Minorca is blessed with some of the most amazing vineyards that provide the most luxurious wines. A lot of tourists book their entire Minorca trip around these wine estates. These estates also have many festivals, so if you are someone who is looking to get their hair down, then keep a check on these festival dates.


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The vineyards are not just great for a bit of wine and dine, but also are gorgeous to look at. Acres and acres of little grape plants stretch over the horizon. Wherever you look, you will find the sweet smell of the grapes enticing you forward. The breeze is always just perfect here, and all you would want to do is sip that cocktail, and look at the wonders of these lush green vineyards.

10. The Delicious Cuisine

As you walk through the towns of Minorca you will be flooded with the wafts of delicious Spanish dishes. The seafood here is impeccable, and you will feel your mouth watering every time you hear the sizzle or smell the meaty smell of the dishes.


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Make sure to try caldereta de llagosta, which is an authentic Minorcan dish. It is essentially a lobster stew that will take your taste buds on a gastronomical journey.

You can also try the quintessential Spanish dishes like tapas, or churros.

Minorca is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions and make your experience better.


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