Top 10 Reasons to visit Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country and one of the popular holiday destinations located in northern Europe, bordering Poland, and Norway. Sweden has so much to offer to its tourists, such as thousands of inland lakes and coastal islands, as well as enormous taiga forests and glaciated mountains. Sweden is famous for its stunning scenery, cinematic fishing villages, being the land of the reindeer, and endless summer sun. Sweden is filled with stone fortresses and cathedrals, colourful wooden buildings, traditional huts, and some pretty state-of-the-art present-day architecture. Sweden is a traveller’s paradise with its rich history and wide-ranging landscapes, not to mention vast archipelagos along its shores. It has an overwhelming and mind-boggling history ranging from notorious Viking invaders to Royal dynasties and imperial intrigue. Here’s an overview of why Sweden should be your next holiday destination:


Laying about an 11-kilometre (about 45 minutes by boat) west of Stockholm city centre is the fairytale Drottningholm Palace, one of the famous tourist attractions and one of the popular reasons to visit Sweden. This palace is now the Swedish Royal Family’s official residence. It has bronze sculptures from Bohemia and Denmark adjoining terraced park; these sculptures were brought back as trophies of war.

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During the summer months, The Drottningholms Slottsteater, which was the 18th-century palace theatre, is still used for performances. Dating from the late 1700s, it also has the Chinese Pavilion, which was one of the core reasons the Drottningholm Palace was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is also a theatre museum where you can see period stage costumes and stage scenery.

Sailing and Swimming Town Marstrand:

The historic sailing and swimming town know as Marstrand. It is a city since 1200 located on an island in western Sweden and is known for two things: an old fortress and sailing. This seaside community hosts an annual Match Cup Sweden, which is a crucial sailing competition.

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It also is home to the 17th century majestic stone structure that guards the city known as Carlsten Fortress. One of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful city is to climb to the Carlsten Fortress from where you can enjoy the glimpse across the water and take the natural wonders that Sweden has to offer. Marstrand is one of the popular reasons to visit Sweden.

Historical Vadstena:

Sublimely situated on the shore of the beautiful Lake Vättern, Vadstena was a place of great importance to the royal family of Sweden. It also has the relics of this era, including the Vadstena castle from the 16th century.

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This town is also famous for its religious relics, which includes a stunning monastery built by the first female saint of Sweden in the 14th century. This city has a substantial, peaceful, romantic, and a soothing atmosphere with maze-like streets and rose-covered houses.

The Amazing Kosterhavet National Park:

Sweden has many seashores, but the Kosterhavet National Park is the best place to enjoy marine life under protected circumstances. This national park borders Norway, and it is the country’s first marine national park and one of the popular reasons to visit Sweden. It has nearly 6000 aquatic species as this park is also the home to several species that cannot be found anywhere else in Sweden.

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This park is centred in between the shores and the sea of the Koster Islands. Kosterhavet’s coral reefs make it popular with divers and snorkelers where landsmen can enjoy quaint fishing and the beautiful sights this park has to offer. The national park is one of the very well known reasons to visit Sweden.

Beautiful Coastal Town Ystad:

Ystad is a coastal town located in southern Sweden. This town is very famous for books and films based in the area and is sure to draw many murders and sleuth mystery fans from all over the world. The renowned author Henny Mankell set his famous detective novel Kurt Wallender in Ystad and its surrounding.

You will find used one of Sweden’s best-preserved medieval monasteries, the Greyfriars Abbey and the Church of the Virgin Mary, which is a large medieval church; both are the astonishing examples of the Gothic Hansa architecture. A walking tour between the cobblestone streets will take you past cinematic pastel-coloured half-timbered buildings. There is the megalithic monument of Ales Stenar, which consists of 59 massive boulders forming a stone ship in the east of Ystad.

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Famous Vasa Museum:

Vasa museum is located on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden. Home to a 16th century 69 meter-long warship Vasa this museum is the most visited tourist attraction and the most famous museum in Scandinavia. This museum attracts millions of visitors annually. Vasa museum is a marine museum and was opened in 1990.

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In 1628 the Vasa battleship, which was the pride of the Swedish Imperial fleet, sank on its initial voyage. This ship laid below icy waters for more than three aeons until an ambitious salvage operation took place in 1961, recovering this incredible time capsule. Vasa is the only seventeenth-century preserved ship in the world, with more than 95 per cent of the ship is original condition and is decorated with hundreds of engraved sculptures.

Old Town Gamla Stan:

Gamla stan is a small concentrated area where Stockholm began in the mid 13th century. In Stockholm’s old town, most of the medieval structures remain but in typical Scandinavian style.

Its main charm is in the narrow stone-paved lanes and around its squares, surrounded by old merchants’ houses, especially the main one Stortorget. However, these structures are freshly brushed and painted. This area is surrounded by plenty of shops, tea rooms, and restaurants. You will also find the Post Museum, the Nobel Museum, the Royal Coin Cabinet, and numerous churches.

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Kiruna and the Unique Ice Hotel:

Kiruna is a town located in the far north of Swedish Lapland. It shares the same latitude as central Greenland. It is Sweden’s northernmost town, which borders both Norway and Finland. You can enjoy midnight sun here mid-May to mid-July. It is an amazing and quite mesmerizing fantastic experience to watch the sun in the middle of the night. Kiruna is also the chief town of the largest commune in the country. This town is also known as the mining town as it began to develop when mining of iron ore started around 1900. Incredibly, due to subsidence caused by mining, this entire city is gradually moving towards northwest to the base of the Luossavaara Mountain.

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The world’s first-ever Ice Hotel at Jukkasjärvi is located about 17 km outside the city. This hotel has stunning rooms and furnishings apart from it being recreated each year in a new design, built from ice in the river Torne. In summer, this is a centre for canoeing, river rafting, stand up paddleboarding, and fishing. Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise is located about 90 kilometres west of Kiruna, and 95 kilometres to the northwest is Abisko National Park, where the Lapland Railroad runs west to Narvik on the Norwegian shore.

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The Magnificent Göta Canal:

Göta Canal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. It is a 190-kilometre long canal that was built in the early 19th century and is often described as Sweden’s supreme engineering marvel.

This canal connects giant the Trollhätte Canal, Lake Vättern in the south and Lake Vänern in the north in West Sweden with an entire stretch featuring 47 bridges, 66 locks, lakes, and rivers forming a water link from Stockholm, in the northeast, connecting Gothenburg, in the southwest on the Baltic Sea.

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Here, you can either hire a boat or choose a passenger cruise vessel or just rent a bicycle to the canalside path and enjoy all the beautiful landscapes this canal has to offer in your way. You can also visit one of the hassle-free cafes located on the canalside and enjoy the presence of more than 200 years of Göta Canal history.

Historical Stockholm City Hall:

Stockholm’s city hall is located on the eastern bay of the Kungsholmen island, next to the northern coast of the Riddarfjärden island and facing the islands of Södermalm and Riddarholmen.

Stockholm City Hall is the building of the Stockholm’s Municipal Council. It is one of the capital’s most visited tourist attractions and is considered one of Sweden’s most famous buildings. Stockholm city hall was constructed using an astounding eight million bricks between 1911 and 1923. It was designed by the renowned architect Ragnar Östberg and is considered an excellent example of National Romanticism.

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It is a 106-meter-tall tower that is topped by three crowns. Every year the information about the Nobel Prize is presented here. You can also see the Blå Hallen known as the Blue Hall, where they hold the Nobel dinner as well as the Gyllene Salen, also known as the Golden Hall, which is lined by 18 million gold mosaic tiles.

All the reasons above make Sweden one of the must-visit holiday destinations.

SWEDEN is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions and make your experience better.

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