Top 10 reasons to visit Ibiza,Spain

Ibiza is a Balearic island in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. It is one of the most popular holiday destination and very popular for its nightlife. It is also very well known for summer clubs, sandy beach, electronic live music, and breathtaking sunset, wellbeing retreats, hippie market, and authentic traditional cuisine. The area of Ibiza is 572.56 square kilometres with 148,000 total populations. The capital city of Ibiza is Ibiza town. The climate of Ibiza is warm with an average annual temperature of 18.3 degree Celsius. It is registered as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The natively spoken language is Catalan. English, French, German, and Italian are also widely spoken foreign language in Ibiza. Euro is the official currency of Ibiza.

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1. The stunning sunset of Ibiza

The breathtaking view of sunset in Ibiza by Mediterranean Sea will fill your heart regardless the time of the year. Sunset strip, Benirras beach and San Antonio bay are some of the best locations to enjoy that stunning Ibiza sunset.

2. The Beautiful Formentera

Formentera is one of the most beautiful small islands is connected with a ferry from Ibiza. It is well known for its white sand beach, hippie heritage, and nudist beaches. It is also known as the Caribbean island of the Mediterranean Sea because of its white beach, natural beauty, and blue sea.

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3. Hippie markets

Hippie markets is one of the must-visit attraction. This market is a great place to buy all hippie culture-inspired colourful clothing, jewelleries, accessories and handcrafted original Ibizan produce with live music.

4. Ibiza town

This UNESCO world heritage site is compact with history, mystery and surprises. This town has a long history with a huge range of world-class pub restaurant, luxury hotels and yachts and spectacular panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. The downtown of Ibiza consists of narrow paths, stairways and surrounded by fortress walls overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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5. Authentic food

Ibiza is well known for its authentic delicious traditional cuisine. You will be able to enjoy a great range of Spanish and Mediterranean inspired food which includes a selection of Mediterranean fruits, vegetable fish and seafood and international food. Bacalao, merluza, Emperador, lenguado, gazapacho, and paella are few of the popular delicious dishes and you have the opportunity to enjoy them in a romantic courtyard or in a beachside restaurant.

6. Es Vedra

Es Vedra is a beautiful island in Ibiza known as village of myths and legend, also known as a magnetic point. This small island is entirely uninhibited and reserved as Natural Park. It is also known as home of ghost, mermaids and UFOs.

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7. Wellness retreat

Ibiza with its booming wellness culture offers a range of wellness retreat, such yoga on the beach, hiking in the hills and refreshing spas.

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8. Nightlife

As I mentioned before when someone mentions about Ibiza clubbing is the first thing would come in your mind. This island has a very rich history of nightlife with a huge selection of world-class night clubs. If you are a party animal then Ibiza is the best destination for your next holiday.

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9. Beautiful sandy beaches

Ibiza has a range of beautiful sandy beaches by crystal clear blue sea. Las Salinas in Playa D’en Bossa, Cala Jondal in San Jose’, Cala D’Hort, Cala Salada and Benirras beach are few of popular beaches in Ibiza. If you love partying on the beach then should make your way to las Salinas’ beach, where you have the opportunity to party with celebrities. Ibiza has all kind of beach from family to hippie and popular to unknown.

10.Warm weather and beautiful islands

Ibiza has become a very popular holiday destination because of its guaranteed warm weather and romantic islands. The average summer temperature is 27 degrees centigrade and very sunny. An ideal romantic holiday destination by the Mediterranean Sea. A great location to enjoy a romantic dinner in a beach-side restaurant while enjoying the spectacular view of the sunset and finally party in a world-class club on the Island.

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