Top 8 reason to visit Mallorca (Majorca)

Mallorca is the largest island in Balearic island in the Mediterranean sea.

It is one of the top summer holiday destinations in Europe. This beautiful island is well known for its lovely beaches, resorts, mountains, coves and Roman and Moorish architecture. Palma is the capital city of Mallorca and very well known for its nightlife, 2000 years old well preserved architecture, Moorish Almunda Royal Palace and 13th century Santa Maria cathedral. The total area of this island is 3640 square kilometers with a total population of just over 923000. The official language of Mallorca is Catalan, the official currency is euro and the climate is warm and sunny summer and windy and mild winter.

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1. The historical Palma city:

Palma is a beautiful city well known for its ancient architecture, lively atmosphere, the Gothic Santa Maria Cathedral, and dynamic nightlife. The 397 feet long 131 feet wide and 145 feet tall 13th Century Santa Maria cathedral is one of the great attractions of the city. This bustling city is the home for half of the population of Mallorca. The night of Palma is the best with a huge range of world class pubs, bars, and clubs all within walking distance. Palma is also a paradise for shopaholics, from street markets to sophisticated food chains, high street clothing retailers to designer outlets, eccentric secondhand shops to exclusive vintage stores all within your reach.

2. Beautiful sandy beaches

Mallorca has more than two hundred soul-soothing white sandy beaches and numerous holiday resorts which attract travellers from all over the world. The Calo D’es Moro and Cala Mesquida are two of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca.

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Calo D’es Moro is on the coast of Cala Llombards and the Cala Mesquida is one of the largest and vibrant beach which is 985 feet in length and 427 feet wide with a huge pine forest behind the beach and with the opportunity to experience windsurfing.

Most of the beaches in Mallorca offer the experience of beach activity such as sailing, diving and snorkelling.

3. Stunning natural beauty:

Mallorca is an island of natural beauty, everywhere you look you will be amazed by its natural beauty, beautiful mountain village, an amazing landscape, and lovely countryside. Serra de Tramuntana the world heritage site with spectacular views of natural beauty all around with opportunities for cycling and hiking. The marine national park is another nature heaven which is about 17 km from the mainland and completely unrestrained. As this small island is separated and uninhibited nature and wildlife has grown with the amazing marine ecosystem.

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4. Ride from Palma to Soller and Soller D’port

The train and tram ride from Palma to Soller with beautiful views is second to none. The traditional train ride from Palma to Soller and Soller, D’port through the rural villages with breathtaking views of mountain, landscape and countryside is amazing. The tram ride by the coastline is much quicker than the train however the view with lined up palm trees, harbor, and the yachts are absolutely hearted soothing.

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5. Vintage town and beautiful small villages:

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The beautiful small vintage town in Mallorca is another great attraction for the visitors. These ancient towns with narrow paths, lots of stairways and pathways, vintage brick-built houses, traditional cafes and restaurants, churches full of local people will give you a completely different feeling of new experience. The villages are surrounded by mountains and the stunning view of the Mediterranean sea from the mountain is very refreshing. Valldemossa and Banyalbufar are two of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca.

6. Mallorcan organic natural food

Mallorca has a name for organic traditional and healthy food and world-class comfy restaurants. If you are a traditional seafood lover, Sa Foradada is an ideal place for you where you have the opportunity to taste seafood cooked in open fire by old chiefs. The ancient town Soller and Soller D’port has many traditional restaurants and food shops where they offer organic, healthy, delicious traditional food made from local seasonal fresh produce.

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7. Cape Formentor

If you visit Mallorca and do not visit Cape Formentor your visit is not complete. Cape Formentor is the northernmost point of Mallorca. It is also known as the meeting point of the wind. The highest point of Cape Formentor is 1260 feet above the sea level. As you drive up the mountain the view of jutting off island from the sea is very rare.

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8. The rich history and well known culture

Palma city is well known for its 2000 years old history of the Byzantine and Moorish empire. You have a lot to learn about the history and ancient Moorish culture from its well preserved old town with medieval architecture, gothic cathedral, and museums. Museum of Mallorca and Bellver castle are two museums with numerous very rare collections that tell you a lot about the history. Mallorca attracts many creative authors and artists from all over the world for its arts and culture with a number of independent art galleries and art museums including ES Baluard and Miro Foundation.

Find the BEST tourist attractions in Mallorca and make your experience better.

Looking for more activities? There are 200+ things to do in Mallorca.

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