Top 11 Fairytale cities in EUROPE

1. Mont-Saint-Michel

Montt Saint Michel attracts travelers from all around the world. This island used to be a notorious prison during the French Revolution. Today visitors are exploring the 11th-century abbey and experiencing the impressive evening illuminations.

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2. ELTZ CASTLE – Germany

Eltz Castle has been “alive” for 850 years and has been never destroyed. It’s a real fairy tale! Fabulous Castle !

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Book your flights to Cologne,Frankfurt or Cologne. You can reach the castle by driving, taking a train, bus or taxi. Visit the castle before 11 AM or after 3 pm to avoid the crowd.

3. Dark Hedges – Ireland

Dark Hedges became very popular after it was shown in “Game of Thrones”. This is the perfect place to visit if you are a nature lover. It’s the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland.

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4. Tossa De Mar – Spain

Tossa Del Mar it’s popular with beautiful beaches. The combination of Sky,sea,sand and forest makes the magical setting for your perfect holiday!

5. Bled – Slovenia

Bled is a small village of 9000 inhabitants and was selected as the second-best place in sustainable development in Europe which makes it a fairytale destination!

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Bled Castle’s history goes back as far as 1004 when the German king Henry || conferred the estate of Bled on Bishop Albuin of Brixen.

6. Popeye Village Mellieha – Malta

Malta has all you need from a perfect summer destination. Expansive beaches, nightlife and 7000 years of history.

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Mellieha is a very popular tourist destination and it is situated on top of a hill so expect to climb steps and walk uphill. Mellieha Bay is Malta’s largest sandy beach.

7. Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a real fairy tale based just about 30 minutes away from Lisbon city by train and it costs less than 2 British Pounds to get there. It’s a Portuguese gem! There are a lot of palaces, parks and castles to see in Santra and you will be amazed by the beauty of Castle of the Moors, Palace of Regaleira and the National Palace of Pena. Make sure to eat a lot before arriving as there no proper food can be found and make sure to have a pair of very comfortable shoes with you.

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8. Isola Bella, Italy

Italy is one of the most famous EU summer destinations where you can enjoy the trio of Bornean Islands in Northern Italy that have been belonging to the wealthy Borromeo family for 330 years.

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Getting to Isola Bella is easy from Milan. You can take public transport or drive.

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9. Alcazar Castle

Segovia Spain

The Alcazar of Segovia (Segovia Castle) is a stone of fortress based in the old city of Segovia, Spain. This magical palace is located at the top of Guadarrama Mountains and the fort looks like the bow of a ship. The Alcazar was originally built as a fortress, state prison and was used as a Royal palace, Royal Artillery College and military academy. The Castle is about 100 km from Madrid and there are a lot of tour tickets to the Castle.

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10. Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is definitely one of the most magical, famous and one of the most impressive castles in Europe. A trip to Bavaria just wouldn’t be complete if you don’t visit this Castle. It has been ‘alive’ for 134 years. The Castle attracts more than one million visitors yearly. You would love to take at least one million photos just in case so that you don’t miss any details in your photos.

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Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber it’s one of the most beautiful villages in Germany, not only to take photos as there is so much to see and discover. It’s a real fairytale Bavarian town. The town has a very reach and extremely interesting history. The first Castle was built in the 1070s which is very rarely found in any other city.

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