Top 11 Reasons As To Why Orlando Is Where Dreams Come True

The theme capital of the world, Orlando is truly one for the families. This one of a kind holiday destination is packed with so much to see and many tourists attractions. Orlando is located in Florida and houses some of the most thrilling and exciting theme parks. It might take you an entire week just to go around all the different theme park that Orlando has to offer. It Is also blessed with awe-inspiring wildlife, exciting shopping avenues and a nightlife buzz.

In Orlando, you will never have a dull moment, as something is always happening around you. It almost feels as if the entire city is a big theme park. This Florida city is best experienced with friends or family.

If you are still wondering if Orlando is the right choice for your next holiday destination, then read below to Top 11 Reasons as to why Orlando should be your next holiday destination.

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1. The Best Theme Parks ( Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Islands Of Adventure)

One of the reasons to visit Orlando is a wonderful and exciting theme park. Orlando is home to world-class theme parks, which includes the popular Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando is one of a kind amusement park that will make you scream with joy and entertainment. From top-class rollercoasters to thrilling rides, this amusement park will amuse you and more.

Orlando has other wonderful theme parks like Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, Walt Disney World and SeaWorld.

At Walt Disney World, you will witness the world of Disney open up to you. Interact with Mickey Mouse and Cinderella and get lost a fairy tale land.

SeaWorld is a water park, so if you are a water baby then this is the plus for you. It has some of the best water-inspired rides and will make for some enchanting memories. This is the perfect place for a hot summer day. SeaWorld is also great for exciting family time.

Most of the theme parks in Orlando offer more than just rides. You will find entertaining parades, a showcase of dreamy fireworks at night.

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2. New Attractions (The Orlando Eye, The Volcano Bay)

One of the reasons that Orlando is a top holiday destination is because of all the new tourist attractions that keep coming around. Orlando is dynamic in every sense. Every time you come here, you will find a new theme park, or a new cafe or a new tourist attraction.

Orlando has managed to offer something new to all its returning tourists, which makes it exciting. Tourists are always waiting to come back and see what has changed.

38464-Orlando by xiquinhosilva:Flickr [link]

Over the last few years, many new things have come up- The Orlando Eye, The Volcano Bay and even a virtual rollercoaster at SeaWorld.

Walt Disney is also going through a few changes and you can expect a lot more thrills and entertainment when you visit.

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3. The View From Orlando Eye

The gorgeous Ferris wheel dominates the starry Orlando skyline, as soon as you land in the city. The Orlando Eye is a more recent tourist attraction, which gives you a view of the whole city in its most mesmerising form. Board the stunning cubicle, and wait as the Ferris wheel gradually starts its climb. As the Ferris wheel starts to move, you will feel the city opening up to you. All the glittering buildings and magical lights start to shimmer and Orlando looks like a dream.

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The view is so stunning, as you get a bird’s eye view from the wheel. The whole city starts to unfold and gives you all the reason to fall in love with the city of Orlando.

4. Fun For The Entire Family (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Madame Tussaud’s)

Orlando is a city for the entire family. It is for those looking to have a memorable family vacation with their kids and loved ones. It has some amazing places which the entire family can enjoy and take back some mesmerising memories.

President Amy at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Orlando by
Rain0975:Flickr [link]

You can soar up high in the Orlando Eye, or get surprised at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. Visit Madame Tussaud’s and click photos with the life-like wax statues of many celebrities. You can also spend a lazy day admiring the great underwater at the SeaLife. 

5. Buzzing Nightlife

Orlando also has a bustling nightlife that will make you not want to sleep. Its nightlife is so full of energy, that you will hear your heart pumping to the beats of the buzz. If you still have some energy after a day full of visiting the tourist attractions, then head out for the night.

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Visit Disney Springs to witness the wonders of clubs, pubs and bars that just do not seem to get over. There are karaoke and cocktail bars, and everything you can hope for. There are also some great nightclubs where you can let your hair down.

6. Tryst With Nature

What makes Orlando one of the best holiday destinations in Florida, is its nature and wildlife. Orlando is home to USA’s most incredible wildlife.

Drive through the rustic and rugged hills, as you come across the local swamps and the dry trees. You can also take a scenic and calming boat ride around the swamps, to dive into the rich wildlife of Orlando.

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This natural experience will also give you a break from the hustle-bustle of city life. It will just be you, the soft lapping of the water and the many birds that fly around. You might even see some ferocious crocodiles on your boat ride!

7. A Base For The Rest Of Florida (Miami, Kennedy Space Centre)

What makes Orlando a popular holiday destination, is its proximity to the other tourist attractions in Florida. You can take a road trip to Miami and soak your feet in its cold water. Or you could become a scientist for a day and witness the famous Kennedy Space Centre.

Orlando is a great base town to explore the state of Florida. Just hire a car and explore what Florida has to offer.

8. The Wonderful Wekiva Island

This hidden gem in Orlando is waiting for you to come and explore it at its finest glory. This jewel is more like a natural adventure park, which gives you free rein to explore and run around. Just take off your shoes, explore this beauty.

The island is covered with lush green trees, sandy avenues and a serene river. You can toss a frisbee, or play a game of volleyball or simply laze on the grass.

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If you wish to spend some idle moments then enjoy a serene and calming paddleboard ride over the Wekiva River. You can also enjoy a cooling drink by starting at the bounties of nature.

Wekiva Island also hosts many events. All of these events are extremely enjoyable. Just sway with the music and get lost in the vibe of this island. There are proper parking spaces, comfortable seating and even storage cabinets.

9. You Can Shop Till You Drop (Orlando Premium Outlets International Drive, Vine-Land)

Another reason why Orlando should be your next holiday destination is for its shopping scenes. Orlando houses some of the best shopping avenues and centres. It has so many shops to offer that you will be spoilt for choice.

Make sure you visit the Orlando Premium Outlets International Drive and the Premium Outlets located at Vine-land. Both of these are avenues are posh and elegant. You will feel all the elegance wash over you as you walk past the plush shops and luxurious areas.

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You can also visit the Florida Mall if you are looking for upmarket shops which are relatively cheaper.

10. It Is Not Heavy On The Wallet

The best part about Orlando is its value for money. It isn’t too heavy on the pocket and gives you the time of your life. Orlando is popular among tourists, especially those travelling with their families. From the tourist attractions to the restaurants, Orlando is picket friendly. There are also some stunning tour packages that you can avail to get the best Orlando deals that you can hope for.

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11. A Delightful Food Journey

Orlando is a haven for food lovers. There are so many dining options here, that you need to forget your diet. The restaurants here are amazing and will suit your budget and taste. There are so many options, that you might even be confused about which one to choose from. Just take a walk along International Drive, and you will find several restaurants waiting to host you.

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In Orlando, you will find restaurants of all cuisines, and all of them will take you on a gastronomical journey. If you are looking for an American delight then binge at some steakhouses and savour that juicy meat.

Orlando is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions in Orlando and make your experience better.

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