Reasons Why You Should Visit Cancun This Year

Cancun is a city in Mexico that is a popular holiday destination for many. There are several reasons to visit Cancun- its beachfront, nightlife, world-class hotel infrastructure, history and culture as well as the adventure activities that it offers its visitors. The best months to visit this city is during the winter from January to March to enjoy the complete Cancun experience.

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Let’s look at the top 10 amazing reasons to visit the picturesque city of Cancun-


Cancun is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, serene blue sea and perfect weather. The city is also blessed with unparalleled weather that makes it the perfect tourist’s attraction. Some of the must-visit beaches here include the Playa Delfines which is void of hotels and resorts and gives you the opportunity to relax and take in the beauty of the surroundings. One travel tip is to look for the iconic Cancun sign that can be found here. Also, since the currents here are quite strong, one is not advised to go swimming in these waters. The Playa Tortugas is another popular beach that is perfect for families with kids since the waves are softer. You can head to one of the oceanfront restaurants to enjoy the local food and drinks. The Chac Mool beach is the perfect destination for water sports lovers with plenty of spots from where you can rent water sports equipment. The Playa Forum beach is filled with restaurants and bars and is the perfect tropical retreat with a vibrant atmosphere.

Water Activities

Cancun is one of the perfect holiday destinations for water sports enthusiasts as the area provides one with several activities including underwater attractions. It is home to dolphins, tropical fish and several other majestic creatures. As a tourist, you can head to this city to try out sportfishing which is on a ‘catch and release’ basis. One travel tip is to book a sportfishing excursion to take in the experience.

Fly fishing in Cancun is an all-year-round activity which can be done in lagoons, rivers, seas, lakes, as well as shallow waters using artificial bait, called a fly. The tour operators here will help those new to the activity through fly fishing lessons.

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You can also go snorkelling near Cancun and newbies can book snorkelling tours to have a guided experience. The Underwater Museum here boasts of over 500 sculptures that have been made from materials that help support the growth of the coral reef. The sculptures include those of Huge hands and VW Beetles which are surrounded by aquatic life thereby giving you a surreal experience. You can also go swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving here in amazing cenotes which are natural pools that have been formed in limestone caves. Another sport that is famous among tourists here is stand up paddleboarding. One travel tip while opting for this sport is to rent your paddleboard from one of the numerous shops close to the beach or to be a part of a group as you explore a particular area. You can paddleboard to the Nichupte Lagoon mangrove jungle or even all the way to Isla Mujeres. The options are endless. One can take a sunset sailing trip off the coast of Mexico’s Riviera Maya or Isla Mujeres to enjoy a romantic evening.

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At Cancun, you can have the once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with whale sharks which is an endangered species. The baby whale sharks are known to play and engage with swimmers. You can take tours that leave from Isla Mujeres, Cancun or Isla Holbox to experience this.

Archaeological Sites

Cancun is situated close to some of the most amazing archaeological sites in the Mexican Caribbean. It also has its own Architectural marvels which will let you experience the Millenary culture at its best.

You can visit a popular tourist’s attraction here, The Maya city of Chichen Itza which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located about 2.5 hours away from the city of Cancun and can be accessed by car or bus. This site is famous for its ancient pyramids, the oldest one dating back to the fifth century. The 98-foot tall pyramid Temple of Kukulkan has nine terraces that symbolizes heaven with nine levels. Here you can get a glimpse into the lives of the ancient Mayans.

One of the largest cities that were built by the Mayans can be seen at the Ruins of Tulum which is also home to some of the best beaches in the country. Tulum was a religious centre as well as a major trading port during the 11th century.

One of the biggest archaeological sites in Cancun is El Rey which is known for its unusual architecture. The site consists of structures that dealt with religious and administrative work and were also related to astronomical practices.

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Museums and History

Cancun is also a perfect holiday destination for history buffs. At the Cancun Scenic Tower, you can hear about the history of Cancun and enjoy amazing views of the coast as the tower spins 360 degrees. The tower is open all week between 9 AM-9 PM. The Museo Maya Cancun is dedicated to Mayan history and culture. Here you can walk among ruins, jade relics, artefacts and see ancient skeletons. One travel tip to ensure that you have enough time to visit the three galleries here where you can view elements from Mayan culture and history. A visit here also includes access to the San Miguelito Archaeological Zone.

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Nature and Adventure

You can go Zip Lining through the jungle in Cancun. The theme parks Xplor Adventure Park and Selvatica offer multiple packages with several different zip lines.

You can watch sea turtles hatch at the local turtle farm and conservation centre as well as feed and interact with these creatures here in Isla Mujeres and also take a pause from Cancun at this sleepy fishing village.

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Las Coloradas which is a 3-hour ride from Cancun takes you to pink lakes which are a part of a natural reserve and home to diverse animal life. Isla Contoy, a small protected Natural Park Sanctuary is home to over a hundred species of birds and four species of sea turtles. It is also known for being a bird watcher’s paradise. One travel tip when visiting here is to keep in mind that tourists would have to follow the strict rules that are in place here and pick after themselves.


The spas at Cancun are the perfect places to renew and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. The spas here are known for their quality treatments with world-class facilities and equipment. You can also pamper yourself with the Mayan rituals and treatments that are offered here. The Temazcal ceremony is a Mayan ritual of purification which includes steam baths with medicinal herbs which are used in traditional Mexican medicine. It takes place in a tiny hut and is led by a local shaman and is aimed at cleansing the body, mind and soul.

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Cancun is the perfect shopping destination with its flea markets and various shopping centres across the city. Mercado 28 is a huge flea market where you can shop for Mexican souvenirs, textiles, leather items as well as handcrafted travel gifts. One travel tip while vising this market is to try out your bargaining skills here and walk away with great deals.

At the hotel zone and in Downtown Cancun you can find shops and boutiques that sell cosmetics, perfumes, wine and other items. Some of the other famous shopping centres here include the Marina Town Centre Puerto Cancun and the La Isla Shopping Village. At the Artisan Market Coral Negro and Downtown Plaza 28 you can get the authentic Mexican shopping experience and find souvenirs and crafts that are representative of the states of the country.

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Cancun is known for its vibrant and eclectic nightlife with numerous pubs and nightclubs lining the city. Some of the best nightclubs can be found at Downtown Cancun as well as at Cancun’s hotel zone. The nightclubs here have acrobats, celebrity DJ’s, outdoor spaces, professional dancers and offer great music and delicious tropical cocktails.

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The golf courses in the city are modern in terms of its design and also offer the perfect natural landscape for golfers. The golf courses in the city have hosted national and international tournaments which have been attended by some of the top athletes in the sport.

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The cultural experience here is unmissable and unforgettable. Lucha Libre is a Mexican cultural experience in which two fighters wearing masks use acrobatics, wrestling as well as theatrical manoeuvres to fight each other until one of them is thrown outside the ring. These events are held at the Arena Cancun thrice a week.

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Cancun is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions in Cancun and make your experience better.

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