Top 10 compelling reasons to visit Bangkok at least once in your lifetime

Thailand, as a part of ASEAN, is a country located at the very centre of Indochinese Peninsula, neighbouring to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. The country known for tropical beaches as it’s headed to the Gulf of Thailand, royal palaces and many Buddha temples for tourists attractions. The capital and also the busiest city of Thailand, Bangkok is a must go as you’ll find almost all of the well-known attractions inside. From the old town to the modern ones and the bustling friendly-markets to the red-light districts, you can find all of them by just staying in Bangkok. That’s why Bangkok is considered as the best holiday destinations especially for people who like to party freely while also exploring the majestic temples. There are so many reasons to visit Bangkok and these places below may be your best places to go!


Located in the southern side of Bangkok, Ancient City is an open-air museum and a popular tourist attraction with many things to do inside, such as seeing the replica of iconic temples & palaces in Thailand, visit the floating market, walking around with Thai traditional costume, biking around or riding a golf cart/tram to explore this 200 acres park while also enjoying the Mai canal sight. Learn about Thailand Siamese culture and the history of the country by taking an audio guide with you.

This place is a must for new-comers especially if your plan is just for a short trip because you can almost experience all of Thailand attractions at just one place. The Ancient City is open daily from 9 AM – 7 PM with an entrance fee of 400 BHT.

After the Thailand exploration day, fill up your energy by eating-out at Miami’s Bazaar. Just like its name, Miami’s Bazaar is a night market with many lined-up street vendors, bars, Thai restaurants and live music stage. The bazaar is known for its delicious foods that come with a reasonable price. Even though this place opens from 9 AM at the morning, but the most popular time to visit is at the evening until the closing time at 10 PM because it’s an open market with no air conditioner, so the weather can be quite hot at noon.


On your way back to Bangkok from Ancient City, you’ll find the majestic Erawan Museum. The museum is a must-go-to complete your historical trip from Ancient City. From the outside, you can see the three-headed elephant statue that is actually a god and also the icon for the museum. When you go deeper to the museum complex, you’ll also find a shrine and many elephant statues around the park.

Make sure to explore the museum until the last floor to see the Buddha statues with antique tinted-glass roof upon it. You may send a pray and take some pictures there (one of the famous photo spots is at the stairs with Buddha statue behind. People may guess you’re in a real castle because of its authentic panorama!). The Erawan Museum opens daily from 9 AM – 7 PM with an entrance fee of 300 BHT each.

Travel tips: Wear a polite dress code before you enter the museum. Sleeveless and shorts are prohibited otherwise you can use a sarong that is provided for free.


If you’re travelling with friends or even your partner, you may want to visit the fancy and romantic Chocolate Ville. The Chocolate Ville is actually a park with European-theme restaurant inside. You’ll feel like in another dimension of Thailand because of it’s unique scenery with some beautiful replicas such as windmills and lighthouse, a man-made lake with water fountain and artificial lights at night. That’s why this tourists attraction has the most visitors during the night, especially before the sunset as the place offers you a clear and beautiful view of the sunset. You may need to book in advance for a romantic dinner at the restaurant to get the best spot. Chocolate Ville opens daily from 4 PM – 12 AM and is free of the entrance fee.

Travel tips: Beware of the crowds as Chocolate Ville is so well-known amongst the tourists. Find your best photo spot as soon as you arrived or you won’t get a chance at all! Don’t forget to bring your camera with a full battery and look for some photo opportunities!


The Chatuchak weekend market may be the most famous market among the tourists as you’ll find almost anything you need there, from antique goods and souvenirs to street foods all is within easy reach. Don’t forget to take a map at the entrance if you’re afraid to be lost and prepare to stroll along with this massively crowded market! Walkthrough the street vendors and search for the best price.

If you’re exhausted and in need of some cold air, walk to the JJ mall right beside the market and stay for a minute to fulfil your energy. Just like its name, Chatuchak weekend market only opens at the weekend from 9 AM – 6 PM and an additional Friday from 6 PM – midnight. Make sure to visit this well-known market before you going back home (the distance from the market to Don Mueang International Airport is only 15 KM and 10 KM from Bangkok city centre).


Visiting Thailand won’t be perfect without going to their floating market. It is one of the prominent reasons to visit Thailand. As a country known for its long Chao-Phraya river and many canals branch off along the stream, you are very likely to find floating markets wherever you go beside the water. Do a boat trip to cross along the canal and experience lunch beside the water while also buying goods from the seller on the long-tail boat.

Two of the most popular floating markets are Taling Chan and Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market. You’ll likely to find fruits and vegetables at Taling Chan while at Khlong Lat Mayom, you’ll mostly find some foods like street foods, grilled foods and the other local foods. The Taling Chan floating market only opens at the weekend from 9 AM – 5 PM and Khlong Lat Mayom opens from Saturday to Tuesday from 8 AM – 5 PM. Make sure to include one of these tourists attraction to your bucket list and enjoy Thailand!


Similar to Miami’s Bazaar, Asiatique is an open air mall with so many stalls to buy souvenirs, foods and many more. Located at the Chao-phraya river bank, Asiatique is famous for shopping and dinner with scenic river views behind. When you’re inside, you’ll realize that the place is actually divided into 4 districts, named as Chareonkrung District with many small boutiques, Factory District with many fashions and gadgets shop, Waterfront District with many restaurants and Town Square District with bars and outdoors spaces.

At Asiatique, you’re bound to challenge yourself by trying grilled crocodile/scorpion and the other insects. You can also find many decent restaurants to choose for dinner and some exciting entertainment such as watching a muay thai/Thai puppet/cabaret show, have a giant ferris wheel ride to enjoy the night view of Bangkok and Chao-phraya river, experience dinner on the boat by a river cruise or just spend a lively night there. Asiatique is much popular during the night as the mall opens daily from 4 PM – midnight.


Next to the iconic Grand Palace, you’ll find Wat Pho and Wat Arun across it. The main tourists attraction for Wat Pho is the giant 46 metres long & 15 metres tall reclining Buddha with beautiful architecture temples dispersed around the complex. Wat Pho is also the origin home for traditional Thai massage. They even opened a Thai massage school at the temple and you can experience the massage by the students as well.

After spending two-hours or more at Wat Pho, cross the river by a ferry to get to Wat Arun and enjoy the stunning sunset at the temple. One of tourists reasons to visit Wat Arun is because of the splendid-looking temples with a prang (spire) that is 70 metres high. The spire is decorated by coloured glass and Chinese porcelain. Brave yourself to climb the highest point of the temple that is none other than central spire and see the city from up above. The temple is popular to see the sunset so it’ll be most crowded during that time.

Both of the temples (Wat Pho & Wat Arun) are open daily from 8 AM – 6 PM with an additional 30 mins closing time for Wat Pho (until 6.30 PM). You also have to pay 100 BHT per person at Wat Arun and 200 BHT (including complimentary water bottle) at Wat Pho for an entrance fee while the ferry-crossing cost you 3 BHT one way.

Travel tips : Pay a respect and watch what you wear to the temples. Don’t use any shorts/sleeveless top whenever you are in temples as it’s a religious place for Buddhism and is often used to pray, otherwise you’ll have to use a shawl/long skirt that is given for free just to use in the temple (even you have to take off your shoes and carry them in a provided bag before you go in!)

8. LHONG 1919

If you’re looking for something more Chinese, then you have to pay Lhong 1919 a visit. Located at the Chao-phraya riverbank, Lhong 1919 is actually a Chinese mansion built since 19th century that is now restored for mixed-use of restaurants, shops & boutiques and art gallery, not to deprive the culture you’ll also find a shrine that is often used to say a prayer there. The centre of Lhong 1919 is a park where you can play with your children or just to have a seat and sense the Chinese old town vibes.

Amble around the building, admire the ancient Chinese murals, poems and artefacts then chill at the riverside café or you can have lunch at the riverside Thai restaurant if you’re hungry. This tourists attraction opens daily from 8 AM – 8 PM and surprisingly, you don’t have to pay any for entrance fee! Lhong 1919 is one of the popular tourist attraction in Thailand.


Going to Bangkok means you’re ready to have some party at the bar! Known for the lively city, Bangkok definitely never sleeps. Whether you’re searching for girls or you just want to enjoy the night, you can find it all in Bangkok. There are many red-lights districts in Bangkok and you are free to pop in anywhere. Choose one that is nearest from your hotel and have fun until you drop! Some of the popular nightlife areas are along Khaosan Rd to Soi Rambuttri onwards (one of the well-known bars for locals is Brick Bar), the busy and wild Nana Plaza as the most famous adult entertainment district and the luminous Soi Cowboy with many go-go bars within the alley. Don’t go to those areas if you’re looking for a luxurious enjoyable night and leave for Sky Bar/Moon Bar instead.

Just like the name, they are bars located at the roof top of a skyscraper, so you can sip your drinks while being accompanied by the dazzling Bangkok night view. It’s recommended to visit the bar before sunset for the best view. The Sky Bar opens daily from 4 PM – 1 AM while the Moon Bar opens from 5 PM – 1 AM.

Travel tips: Always keep an eye of what you bring and who are you with as things can get very ‘wild’ at the red-lights district and you’re likely to get ripped off/even being conned. Please take a note of what you have to wear when you go to the Sky Bar/Moon Bar. They have a strict dress code of smart casual so any shorts, sleeveless and sandals are highly prohibited.


Are you tired enough of the crowds? Do you need something cool for refreshing? Do visit the Bangkok state park, named as Lumphini Park. This 123 acres park is home to flora and fauna that will offer you the best green surroundings with an artificial lake at the centre of the park. You may take a rest for a moment or even spending a day at the park.

Install your picnic mat there and see some communities doing aerobics, tai chi and yoga practice. You can also do some exercise such as jogging/using the provided exercise equipment/do paddle-boating and if you’re not prepared for a picnic, search for fresh food and drink stalls that are available around the park to freshen up your body! This tourists attraction located at Rama IV Rd which is not too far from the city centre. It opens daily from 4.30 AM – 9 PM (that’s why this place is good for morning jogs) with no entrance fee as it was made for a public park.

Travel tips : Beware of monitor lizards that may cross your paths!

BANGKOK is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions and make your experience better.

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