Top 10 Most-visited Tourist Attractions in Russia

“Let’s escape and breathe the air of new places!”

Rich in culture and natural beauty, Russia offers great tourist destinations and iconic landmarks that should be visited at least once. With so many attractive places in this huge country, finding the right spots can be overwhelming. Lucky you! We are here to help. Here is the list featuring the ten most-visited tourist attractions in Russia, along with our travel tips for a memorable trip. An adventure that not soon forgotten!

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1. Moscow; The city that never sleeps

You can’t travel to Russia and not explore its capital, Moscow!

Moscow is among the famous tourist attractions in Russia, taking you on a trip across its landmarks, historical buildings, and iconic architecture. As you explore, you’ll immediately identify how history and modern-life are juxtaposed, showing the city’s extreme contrasts.

Moscow has many amazing options, starting with the Kremlin, Red Square, with its cathedrals, shopping malls, and theatres. Want to go shopping? – The mall, Gum is a popular destination, famous for its glass and steel roof and the luxury brands. Also, you can enjoy an authentic Russian meal in one of its restaurants. Come on, it’s better not to waste our time. If you are into museums, you’ll love our next stop. Get to know more about the Russian Art through the “State Tretyakov Gallery, or visit the “Pushkin Museum” for international antiques. Looking for unique pieces? – The Kremlin Armory Museum is the place for you! You can view unusual items, including the ivory throne of Ivan the Terrible and view the artistic level of the Armory Chamber. Moscow is also home to the popular Bolshoi Theatre for those who prefer ballet or classical night.

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In the heart of Moscow, you can visit the fortified complex, Kremlin, a popular tourist attraction, where you will see 18 great towers, enclosed with heavy walls. The Cathedral Square, Terem Palace, Great bell Tower, Diamond Fund Exhibition, and Cathedral of the Dormition are among the notable landmarks that you can’t skip. As the sun goes down, the city shines in a new light. Explore the Pedestrian shopping street on foot and enjoy the artwork, street performers, and Russian culture. While you are there, try to use the Moscow Metro at least once. With its magnificent decorations and mosaic artwork, it is often described as “underground palaces.”

2. The World Heritage Site; Valley of Geysers

The Valley of Geysers is famous for having the second-largest concentration of geysers worldwide, with about 90 geysers and various hot springs. Situated in the Kamchatka Peninsula, this place is one of the top tourist attractions in Russia.

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It is now a part of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve due to its high scientific importance and geothermal activities. Considered as the true wonder of Russia, numerous tourists love to enjoy the fascinating sights of the canyon’s ecosystem. You can have a tour on boardwalks at a safe distance and enjoy the natural sparkling fountains against the emerald grass-mountains. You can also use the telescopes for a closer glimpse of the canyon and its animals.

3. The Outstanding Saint Basil’s Cathedral

The iconic landmark of Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Russia. Located in the heart of Moscow, the Cathedral attracts millions of tourists due to its distinctive architecture.

Shaped like a bonfire on full flame, the unique shape and eye-catching design make it the country’s gem. You’ll definitely be stunned at its marvellous visual of colours and the rare artefacts displayed in the museum. Don’t forget to document this visit by taking a nice shot with the Cathedral.

4. The Historical City of Kazan

The city of Kazan is an excellent travel destination, attracting millions of tourists and history enthusiasts. It houses many souvenir shops, cafes, bars, boutiques, theatres, and parks, including Kylary and Victory Park. The city also has a large diversity of mosques, churches, cathedrals, and monuments that are true wonders. Kazan boasts many important festivals throughout the year such as International jazz music festival, Russian festival of folklore “Karavan,” and Kazan international festival of Muslim cinema.

The following tour will leave you stunned by the magnificent mosques, with its minarets and Muslim architecture. Thousandth Anniversary of Islam Mosque, Äcem Mosque, Iske Tash Mosque, and Blue Mosque are among the most-visited mosques over there. Also, we can’t surpass the Qolsharif Mosque, the most significant mosque in Russia and the entire Europe. Another noteworthy building, the White Stone Kremlin, is the chief citadel of Russia and a historic symbol of the city, guarded by the impressive Qol-Şärif Mosque.

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What else? – I’ll ask you; how far can you count? – You can visit the Epiphany Cathedral, Ioanno-Predtechensky Monastery, Soviet Life Museum, St. Nicholas’ Eparchial Cathedral, Bogoroditsky Monastery, and Great Martyr Barbara’s Church. That’s not it; you will find the Mullanur Vakhitov Monument, Ğabdulla Tuqay Monument, and more. I can guarantee that Kazan will never disappoint you!

5. The Mighty Mount Elbrus

As they say “The best views come after the hardest climb,” we are heading to the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus. If you are an enthusiastic mountain climber, amateur or professional, your next goal will be Mount Elbrus, one of the seven summits in the world. Located in the Kabardino-Balkaria region, the mountain has a height of 5,642 meters above sea level.

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Visitors can explore the mountain through a cablecar system that takes them as high as 3,800 meters. Mount Elbrus is definitely one of the top attractions in Russia and should be on your next holiday’s bucket list. Enjoy the fascinating views and never worry, the mountain has a dormant volcano. So, there is no fear of sudden eruptions.

6. Suzdal City; Russia’s Gem

Step into the sparkling diamond of the “Golden Ring,” Suzdal city and live your own fairytale. I am going to depict the scene as much as I can. You’ll be standing between massive rolling green fields, with a calm river passing through the historic town centre. All you see is the sunlight reflected on the onion-shaped church domes and all you hear is the church bells, along with the horse clops. Having a nostalgic feeling? – Yes, me too.

The ancient city will take you back in time through its charming style and vibrant, old architecture. Considered as a large open-air museum, it is home to many cathedrals, Kremlins, monasteries, and churches, representing the country’s history and culture.

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Saviour Monastery of Saint Euthymius, Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos, and Ozero Poganoye Lake are among the top sights of the city, in addition to many intriguing churches. Suzdal city is one of the most popular reasons to visit Russia.

7. The Magical Lake Baikal

Many travellers on the Trans-Siberian railway network love to stop by the mesmerizing lake Baikal. Considered as the oldest and deepest lake in the world, the 25 million-year-old lake is a top tourist attraction in Russia. Known as the “Pearl of Siberia,” the lake is a popular holiday destination, for those who want to enjoy nature and some tranquillity.

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Many resorts have emerged surrounding the lake, offering a magnificent scenic environment. The place is home to countless species of plants, animals, and birds. Also, you’ll wake up to the perfect view of the lake, surrounded by mountains from all directions. This magical lake is one of the prominent reasons to visit magnificent Russia.

8. Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg

What about a massive dose of artwork? – Take a closer look at the 3 million items displayed at the Hermitage Museum. Located in Saint Petersburg, the museum is one of the largest and oldest museums across the globe. The museum includes the largest paintings’ collection in the world, along with numerous artefacts and prehistoric artworks. It was founded by Catherine the Great and has been representing the Russian culture since then. The six historic buildings of the museum feature a great mix of art and culture, including the Winter Palace. It also exhibits the ancient articles from the nomadic tribes in the Altai. With no doubt, we can’t skip the Hermitage Museum from any list of the most important landmarks in Russia.

And while you are in Saint Petersburg, you may consider visiting the Moika Palace, distinguished for its white and gold colours. Besides, the St. Isaac Cathedral is one of the remarkable places of the city. The Orthodox Cathedral is the fourth-largest in the world and the most ornate, dating back to the 19th century. Just outside the city, you can visit the amazing Peterhof Palace, which is a famous tourist attraction as well. Are you ready?!

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9. The Outstanding St. Sophia Cathedral

Situated in the ancient city of Veliky Novgorod, the St. Sophia Cathedral holds a special place in Russia’s rich historical and cultural legacy. Considered Russia’s oldest church, it is best known for its five remarkable domes, with one of a special gold colour.

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As you pass through the three famous ornately carved gates, you will be able to view the oldest stone building in the whole country. Inside, you can view many artefacts and statues of high religious significance, including “The Mother of God of the sign.” Of course, St Sophia Cathedral is an important highlight of any trip to Russia that is worthy of mention.

10. The Popular Vacation Spot of Anapa

Crystal clear, the perfect vacation won’t be one if there are no sandy beaches, will it? – It is time to head to the popular holiday destination, Anapa. Known as “Soviet dreams on the Black Sea, Anapa is highly recognized for its sandy beaches, resorts, spas, green grasslands, and clear waters. It has a great package of sun-soaked beaches, endless nightlife, and ancient Greek ruins. You can also enjoy the spectacular view of surrounding from Anapa’s lighthouse. It is also a cheap sunny vacation if you are on a certain budget, which is great.

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Aside from coastal attractions, the city offers some places that are worth the visit, including the “Anapa Archaeological Museum and the remaining gate of the once existed Ottoman fort. Just outside the city, you can explore the series of lagoons at Wildlife Preserve of Bolshoy Utrish, with its ocean view, cliffs, and forests. Also, visit the Sukko Valley on your trip to Anapa, explore the nature, and swim between the beautiful trees, growing right on Sukko Lake. Tempted yet? – Start planning your sandy gateway now!


Russia offers an extensive array of travel experiences, from historic cathedrals and the glacier-slopped mountains to the Earth’s oldest lake. As you explore the city, its striking landmarks and vast natural spaces will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

RUSSIA is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions in Russia and make your experience better.

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