The 10 best reasons to visit New York, US

As one of the world’s most trendy cities packed with amazing sky scrappers, mesmerizing bridges, popular landmarks and exciting fashion streets, New York gives you endless options to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Some of the must-visit attractions and activities in New York are suggested under.

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Times Square

Its time to see the world’s most dynamic and vibrant area, Times Square. Once you visit it, you will understand what’s the hype all about. Pragmatically looking times square is an intersection between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, but it’s definitely so much more than that. You will forever retain the feeling of stepping through Times Square for the first time. The bright florescent flashes of light coming from every corner, loud music, gigantic billboards, bizarre costumed characters, enthusiastic crowd, and people from all over the world united together in the same place, are what makes this an unforgettable experience.

After walking through this crowded yet energetic and lively street you will surely agree to why it’s said that “New York never sleeps”. Times Square will definitely become one of your favourite places in the world because it will give you an aura of freedom and undying energy.

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Statue of Liberty

You may not have seen Statue of Liberty in real but I am sure that you have caught a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty many times whether it be in films or songs, inside snow-globes or even saw it printed on t-shirts, mugs and on posters. Now is the time to see this marvel in person. A lesser-known fact about the Statue of Liberty is that it was originally constructed in France and gifted to America to memorialize the friendship between two nations. Today the Statue of Liberty is one of the most eminent landmarks of the world.

As your boat gets closer and closer to the statue of liberty, it gives an incredible view and a feeling of awe. And you can’t help but keep praising its lavishness. And finally, when you see it up close, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off of this marvel. You wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from standing Infront of it and just staring at it.

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Central Park

In addition to modern skyscrapers, bridges and fashion streets New York has stunning parks too. In a city like new York, which is so populous and everyone is struggling with their hectic schedule, having a serene place to escape from daily’s chaos, is the desperate need of the hour. Central Park is the perfect place to relax and take a much-needed break from life. You may play tennis, basketball, enjoy a swim, or take a bike-ride, horse-ride or even wander through its lush green meadows, you will enjoy every second of your time spent here.

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Central Park’s beauty glooms in every season.

During the spring and early summer, this park is covered with daffodils, tulips, cherry blossoms and magnolia flowers, while in winters tiny snowdrops or ice crystals poking up between leaves and flowers adds to its beauty.

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It’s a fact that we all remain in awe whenever we visit places that we had already seen in films, luckily Central Park is one of those magical places where our favourite childhood films like Romeo and Juliet, breakfast and tiffany’s and home alone2 were shot. And if you are a die-hard fan of 90’s tv series “friends” like me, then it will be dream come true moment, when you visit the replica of the Central Perk Café.

Brooklyn Bridge

You can never afford to miss the chance of walking across the marvellous Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge is so popular because it was the first suspension bridge constructed using steel-wire, which interlinks Manhattan to Brooklyn.

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Even if you haven’t been able to see it in person, I am sure that you know what it looks like, because this bridge is so iconic, and it has been location for so many films and has made several appearances on silver screen.

Seeing this bridge from a distance gives a picture postcard view. Whether you see this bridge in the morning or at night, it looks magnificent at any time. There is no better place to click perfect pictures for it provides the flawless background. When you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in the golden hour, you will be able to witness the scenic view of the red and orange shades of the setting sun reflected in the clouds. This will give you a feeling of utter bliss and delight. You will cherish this moment forever.

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Adding to the beauty of New York are the sky touching buildings. People have been dreaming about reaching the sky for very long. Maybe that’s why they build buildings tall enough to touch the clouds.

These skyscrapers are not just an iconic symbol but they narrate a story of the revolution of architecture, advancement of men, and their vision, passion and never-ending efforts.

You can only experience the true essence of these gigantic beauties only when you see it in person. Climbing to the top of a skyscraper and witnessing the splendid sunrise or sunset gives an ineffable feeling of true delight and contentment. Plus the view from the top is absolutely breath-taking.

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Empire State Building

Another example of eccentric architecture is the Empire State Building. Empire State Building is world-renowned because of its sky-touching altitude and sophisticated architecture and construction. It is one of New-York’s most admired landmarks. It is located in Manhattan. Apart from witnessing the astonishing view you will also be able to learn lots of new information and history of the Empire State Building. You wouldn’t regret visiting the Empire State Building, it’s definitely worth the money and time spent.

One World Trade Centre

One World Trade Centre is one of the tallest skyscrapers in New York, with a height of approximately 541 meters and it is located in Manhattan. It was constructed as a replacement of the twin towers which was demolished due to terrorist attack on 9-11. One world Trade Centre was constructed as a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on 9-11-2001. Visiting the trade centre will give you a feeling of hope, that no matter how big of a mishap happen in life, one should never lose hope and there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.

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Shopper’s paradise

Vacation can never be complete without doing some shopping. Especially when you are in one of the world’s most trendy city like New York which is famous for fashion and street style.

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New York is a place which has a countless number of fashion streets and shops for all tastes. Whether you are someone who loves to buy from high-end luxury brands or someone who enjoys fashion in budget, New York has got everything covered for you. You will definitely find something that complements your taste and also budget.

Especially for shopaholics wondering around the exotic fashion streets of New York will make you feel as if you are taking a walk through heaven. Some of the famous fashion streets of New York where you can take a pride walk and confess about being a shopaholic are Downtown, Lower Manhattan, China town, Lower East Side, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Union Square.

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Luscious Food

It’s often said that you have got to try New York’s food at least once before you die. and you surely don’t want to be the only one who hasn’t tried New York’s food. So this time on your New York trip don’t forget to feast yourself with delicious food.

From glutted and mouth-watering street foods like hot dogs, bagels, sandwiches and pizzas to local favourites like falafel and pastrami. You will find many food options to keep you appeased. Food in New York is truly divine, and it will surely leave you hungry for another visit!!

Some of the must-try dishes in New York are Roberta’s Pizza, Murray’s Bagels, Umami Burger, Ramen, Waffles, Tacos, Barbecue, Desserts, ice cream sandwiches. And a cherry on the top news is that New York is packed with food trucks which serves fully glutted delicious fast foods that too without emptying your wallet!!

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Stunning theatres

We all see films and shows almost daily on our tv or laptops. But watching movies in theatres is a whole other experience, especially when you are watching movies and live shows in the stunning theatres of New York. Watching movies together in theatre with your family, friends or even with your date truly doubles its fun and excitement. And you will have everlasting moments of fun and pleasure together.

Broadway theatre is the heart of American theatre. The stunning giant Broadway theatres hosts live performances, concerts and dance shows. Spending an evening watching Broadway show, is the purest form of entertainment. It will boost your energy for your entire new York trip.

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Find the best tourists attractions in New York and make your experience better.

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