10 Fascinating reasons to visit Rome, Italy

Whether it be the gigantic one of its kind monuments, matchless ancient architecture, or classic yet contemporary cuisine, you will be sublimed by everything in Rome. Here I recommend some of the reasons why you should holiday in Rome, Italy.

Historical Landmarks

Whether you are a history-loving person or not, you truly can’t resist yourself from being captivated by the amazing landmarks and monuments of Rome. A trip to Rome will make you feel as if you have turned back the clock and it will be an everlasting experience. These landmarks are truly one of its kind because of their eccentric architecture, gigantic structures, eccentric and precise carvings. After seeing the gigantic colosseum, breath-taking fountains, ancient avenues, aesthetic churches, you will certainly agree with the saying that “Rome was not made in a day”.


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World-famous monument, the Colosseum

You will realize that it is almost a sin not to begin your Rome exploration with the world-famous and magnificent ancient Colosseum. It is the most astonishing, one of its kind and eccentric relics of the ancient roman empire present today. In 72AD Roman dynasty’s emperor, Vespasian made this sports arena for the entertainment of people. It was the largest gladiator arena ever build at that time.

This was basically a fighting place which was used in ancient time for gladiator fights and whoever won was given the title of the gladiator. It was built by 20,000 workers and slaves and it took 8 years to construct this magnificent building. The colosseum is so gigantic that it could easily accommodate 50,000 spectators at a time. This Colosseum is undoubtedly one of the exceptional wonders of ancient Rome.


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After visiting it one can’t help but only remain in awe of its phenomena architecture and enormous structure. Colosseum will surely give an everlasting and enduring impression.

Trevi fountain

Rome is full of magnificent illustrations of unique architecture, craftsmanship and artistry. Trevi fountain is one of them. It is only fair to say that the Trevi fountain is the most beautiful and mesmerizing fountain in the world. The Trevi fountain makes a breath-taking sight among the narrow streets of Rome. Its beauty has inspired many writers and poets. It was constructed in 19 BC. About 2000 years ago it had an aqua duct which used to provide water to people and amazingly this fountain still has running water.

There is a tradition of throwing coins in this fountain and it is believed that whoever throws a coin in Trevi fountain will come back to Rome again. In ancient times, people used to throw 1 coin inside it so that they reach their homes safely, 2 coins so that they get their love of life and 3 coins for wedding bells. This old tradition is still embraced by people.


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Your Rome trip will be incomplete without witnessing the beauty of Trevi fountain. You will certainly fall short of words when describing the stunning mastery of this fountain.

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a public square or plaza in Rome. It is an important intersection where the highest number of roads intersect. Thus, it has become a major tourist attraction in Rome. It is located at the stadium of Domitian, in ancient Roman times, Romans used to come here and watch theatrical shows and horse races.

For your Rome tour, Piazza Navona should be a must-visit place because this stunning plaza is surrounded by many other breath-taking attractions like enchanting fountains, majestic palaces, historical monuments, aesthetic churches, comfortable cafes, and restaurants. Some of the famous street performers also come here to entertain the crowd. You can never get bored here, because of its enthusiastic and lively atmosphere. Its vibrant neighbourhood will surely arouse your spirits, fulfilling the motive of your vacations.


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Picturesque church, The Pantheon

The tour of the ancient roman empire can’t be complete without seeing holy picturesque churches. In ancient Roman times, the Pantheon used to be a temple to all gods which was later converted into a cathedral church.

Pantheon church is well-known for its timeless, breath-taking architecture, grand structure, and precise artistry. When you look up there is an enormous dome, it has a large hole in its centre, and when light enters through this hole, it adds to the beauty of this church.

No one can visit the church and not be mesmerized by its captivating beauty. There is always something enduring about the aura of churches, which can’t be described in words, one must see it in person in order to feel its fascinating presence. Halt for a moment and feel the soothing essence of its beauty. you will hear the echo of sounds, touch the intricate carvings of walls. A visit to this church will give you an eternal ineffable experience.


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Roman Forum

Roman Forum is a site located at the centre of Rome and is surrounded by the ruins of many ancient roman government buildings. In the ancient Roman times, it used to be a site for elections, public speeches, criminal trials, and gladiator matches, which has now become a famous traveller attraction.

You will remain awestruck by the antique monument. While walking through this antique monument, you will remain occupied by its rich history and fascinating relics. In addition to being a captivating site, it is also one of the best places to study Roman history.

Some of the few artefacts that are present in the roman forum are Temple of Julius Caesar, Basilica Aemilia, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Temple of Saturn, Column of Phocas.


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Spanish steps

If you are a serious tourist then you can’t break the rule of stepping on the Spanish steps, nobody can miss these steps in Rome. This is an ancient and world-famous set of steps. It has a total of 135 stars and is considered as a marvellous sample of roman architecture and design.

These steps connect the Spanish square with a church. This is considered as a distinguished meeting point of people.

View from the top of Spanish steps is truly breath-taking and these steps make an amazing view of certain other parts of Rome. When you climb these steps and reach the top, it will totally be a worth seeing view.

The stunning fountain and the aesthetic church at the top of these steps are a true bliss to your sight. This is a perfect place to sit, relax and watch the serene view of the sunset.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is absolutely heavenly, and it is adored by everyone across the world. You can eat Italian food in any corner of the world, but you can never taste the authentic flair of Italian cuisine unless you have tried it in Italy itself. Each neighbourhood of Italy has its own eccentric style and seasoning on traditional Italian dishes.


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One of the many reasons why Italian cuisine is so divine is because of the use of fresh vegetable and abundance of herbs. In traditional Italian culture, the whole family prepares fresh pasta together, they make it fresh with hands and enjoy later the dining table.

So, this time when you come across any Italian bistro, indulge yourself with the mouth-watering Italian pasta, plus it will be among one of your guilt-free pleasures because Italian pasta is not only delicious but healthy too. Some of the must-try soul foods in Italy are Pasta dishes like Pasta e Ceci, Pasta Alla Norma, Trenette Al Pesto, Lasagne, Spaghetti Aglio E Olio, Spaghetti Carbonara.

A love affair with pizza

It may be almost impossible to imagine that someone wouldn’t love pizza. Because we all do love pizza and can never say no to it. The perfect unforgettable combination of flour bread, tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil and olive oil are irresistible.


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Whether you are sitting in a high-end Michelin star restaurant or at a street-side pizza parlour, you will notice that Italians don’t serve pizza in slices instead they serve it as a whole pie, and we can happily live with that.

The perfectly thin crispy crust, topped with perfectly balanced and slow-cooked tomato sauce, fresh vegetables, garlic, oregano, olive oil and creamy mozzarella cheese, Italian pizza is no doubt an indulgence. And if someone doesn’t like pizza, they have no taste buds!!

Better than ice cream, Gelato

We can never be too old not to love ice cream. We can never say no to ice cream right!!

Gelato in Italian means any frozen desserts mostly ice cream.

Just when we thought that there can be nothing better than ice cream, here comes the gelato. Gelato is better than ice cream because of many reasons like, it is much more packed with flavours, it is silkier in texture and it is healthier.

And an additional desirable bonus is that it is healthier for you. It is made with more milk than cream so it has less fat and calories, so this time while indulging yourself with one of your guilty pleasures, you don’t need to feel guilty anymore or worry about your waistline.

There are numerous flavours of gelato for you to try, so this time during your Rome visit, you got to try at least one flavour daily, for your entire stay.


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