Top 10 Reasons why you should visit Morocco

Morocco is a north African country with growing popularity as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. There are numerous reasons to visit this beautiful country on the coast of the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea with the influence of Berber, Arabian and European culture. It is well known for its mixed culture, long history, Marrakech’s Medina, range of mountain, The Santorini of Africa, Sahara desert, Rabats’ Kasbah of the Udayas, Resort of Agadir, traditional Moroccan food and mint tea, souks and so on. With the total population just over 36 million, the capital city of the country is Rabat, the official language is Arabic, and the currency is Moroccan Dirham. Morocco has a Mediterranean hot and dry climate. Following are some of the many reasons, could be one one of the reasons you are looking for your next holiday to morocco.

•The Largest Hot desert Sahara

The camel safari in the deep golden dunes is one of the most popular adventures to go for in Sahara. There are numerous ways to enjoy the beauty, calmness, freedom and great landscape of Sahara whether riding on a camel, slog on foot, on a horseback or on a four-wheel drive. Before you go on an adventure in the Sahara you should get yourself mentally and physically ready for the extreme heat as the temperature might go up to 50-degree celsius. Nevertheless of extreme heat, the experience of Sahara is amazing with the endless plane horizon of soft sand and sand dunes. Camping tours are also very popular with lounging under the sun during the day and sleeping under the blinking stars at dark night with no pollution of light and sound, with the feeling of non-existence is very refreshing. The stunning view of sunrise and sunset above the desert is an experience that happens once in a lifetime.

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• The Cultural Capital Marrakech

This former imperial city in western Morocco is the capital of culture and economic centre and one of the most visited destinations in morocco. This beautiful colourful city is home to many historical sites, mosques, gardens, souks, Moorish minaret and places. This red city is also very well known for its Old Medina, a densely populated medieval city, El Badi Palace, Saadian Tombs, Jemma el-Fna square, Koutoubia Mosque, landscapes and the traditional delicious Moroccan cuisine. As you walk through the city you will come across numerous dynamic tiled courtyard and amazing Arabic decor, hearing the call to the prayer coming from the minaret of the mosques is soul-soothing. The city starts coming to life with a call to prayer in the sunset, with street performers, snake charmers, belly dancers, food hawkers, henna artists and many more. You will definitely get lost in the street of Medina with a number of souks selling traditional textiles, colourful clothes, jewellery, pottery, lantern, trinkets, mysterious gadgets and souvenirs and many more, all for a bargain. Not only hustle and bustle of the city you have also a lot of opportunities to spend a relaxing day away from the crowd in the cities one of the beautiful, calm quiet gardens like Jardin Majorelle or in one of the very relaxing spa-like Es Saadi Gardens and Resort. To have a real Moroccan experience do not forget to book in for an exotic hammam and to stay in a traditional Moroccan Riad while still in Marrakech.

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•Capital city Rabat

Historic city Rabat is located on the bank of the river Buregreg and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, well known for its historic landmarks inspired by Islamic and french colonial heritage. The top attractions of capital city Rabat includes the ancient fort Kasbah of the Udayas, the unfinished tower of a mosque Hassan Tower, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Cellah the Scenic Gardens and Roman ruins, Andalusian Gardens, Rabat Zoo, Natural Science Museum, Old Medina and King,s Palace. Cellah remains of an abandoned city packed with history and gives visitors a clear idea about the history of Islamic and Roman ruins. The 20th-century Andalusian gardens with many traditional Andalusian flowers, herbs and hundreds of many more plants and trees, a great place to have a refreshing and relaxing day close to nature, also you have an opportunity to learn a lot about the Moroccan art and culture from its Palace Museum. The very Distinctive historical and religious attraction Hassan Tower surrounded by hundreds of lined up marble pillars is an amazing site with a spectacular view from a distance. The Mausoleum of Mohammed V is also on the same avenue with Hassan Tower.

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•Atlas Mountains

Morocco is popular for the high atlas mountains of North Africa spanning up to 2500 km from Morocco to Tunisia. Morocco is a paradise for the hikers with a whole range of mountains from anti atlas mountains to high atlas to the Middle atlas to Saharan atlas to Tell atlas to Aures. The highest peak of the Atlas Mountains is Toubkal is in southwestern Morocco with an elevation of over four thousand meters. Atlas mountains are a source of many natural resources including iron ore, lead ore, copper, silver mercury and natural gas also home to many rare found animals and plants including many endangered and extinct ones. It is known as spring paradise by local Berbers. The Atlas Mountains span diagonally over one thousand kilometres across the morocco. being on the mountain Toubkal feels like on a different planet away from the hustle and bustle of the city and hot dry sandy deserts. The experience of being on the high mountains and on the peak is second to none.

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•The Blue City Chefchaouen

The blue city Chefchaouen is also known as ‘ Santorini of Africa’ is one of the most beautiful towns of Morocco with a rapidly growing number of visitors. This mountain city known for its unique blue-washed buildings, red-walled Kasbah, 15th-century citadel and prison, restored Kasbah and Museums. As you walk through the narrow cobbled street of this blue city you will come across colourful flower pots hanging against the blue walls, many souks and local Bazar selling colourful local produce from handcrafted blankets to rugs to colourful teapots and pottery. Have the opportunity to lose yourself in the nearby green hill away from the crowd. This beautiful city also has a great range of good quality accommodation and offers traditional delicious Moroccan food.

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•Beautiful Casablanca

Casablanca is one of the most popular tourist cities in morocco. Well known for its quirky architecture and craftsmanship with a mix of french inspiration. It is also known for its biggest mosque of Morocco, the Hassan II Mosque, standing partly over the water with its highest minaret of the world, over 200 meters high. It took more than seven years for ten thousand craftsmen to create this masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship. This beautiful city fronting the Atlantic ocean has many palm-lined boulevards. The very popular street of Casablanca called Corniche is packed with nightclubs, cinemas, hotels and food stores, well known for its stunning view of the Atlantic ocean. Casablanca also is known for its art and culture, owns many museums and art galleries including La Villa des Arts, Le Musee de la Fondation, and La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca. Unlike Marrakech, Casablanca has a very dynamic restaurant scene, hosting many world-class restaurants, cafes, lounge and ocean view restaurants including Le Cabestan, Bleu, Le Rouget De L’Isle, and La Sqala Cafe Maure and many more serving food from all over the world specialise in the Mediterranean. Great place to enjoy a romantic dinner in an oceanfront restaurant with a breathtaking view of the endless Atlantic ocean.

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•Famous Moroccan tradition

Morocco is traditionally very rich with Berber, French and Arabic influence. Besides all these world-famous tourists site and attractions, knowing and experiencing all the tradition of Morocco is undoubtedly one of the most amazing parts of your visit. One of the great places to find out about traditional Morocco is the UNESCO world heritage site Ait Ben Haddou, a city made of mud brick. Morocco has a tradition of drinking mint tea as a common custom of hospitality, must be poured from 1 foot above the cup. Riad, the traditional Moroccan house with an internal garden, staying in a traditional riad is a must-do. The traditional Moroccan food includes Tanjia a dish cooked with meat, spices, oil and salted lemon, another very popular traditional food is seven vegetables couscous usually eaten on Friday. Djellaba Bziwiya and Takcita are traditional Moroccan clothing, town Bozu is famous for its quirky traditional clothing. Traditional ceramic works are also very popular.

•The relaxing city of Resort – Agadir

Have enough of the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities? Tired of cultural and historical sites and attractions? Now time to make your way to the resort city Agadir to sit back and relax on the beach by the Atlantic ocean. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy your day with beach activity on the crescent beach or escape to a golf course for the day. To enjoy the amazing view of the city, beach and Atlantic ocean at a glance you should climb up the Kasbah hill. Agadir also has a huge range of traditional hammam where you can relax, socialise and get yourself pampered. Escape to Souss Massa national park to meet the birds, this is the only place in the world where you have the chance to come across the northern bald ibis. Head to Crocoparc where you have the opportunity to spend a day with several generations of Nile crocodile. Agadir bird valley and Seafront Promenade is worth a visit.

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•City of World heritage Fez Medina

Fez is home to Fes El Bali, a walled medina is a UNESCO world heritage site. Being the home to the world oldest university (Karaouiyne university) it has attracted many scholars of the different fields during the prime time of the city and built many historic and cultural landmarks. The street surrounding the medina is very narrow and entirely car-free. Souks in the medina are known for their authentic products including spices, perfumes and leather. Fez has a name for its tanneries and leather industry located in the old medina, this colourful site won’t disappoint you except the strong smell.

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•Amazing beaches

Being located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean Morocco has numerous finest beaches. It has beaches suitable for all ages and will satisfy everyone from sun-lovers to surfers to nature lovers. Beaches in Agadir and Casablanca are slow-paced and ideal for a relaxing family visit or just to laze and spend some romantic time with loved ones. Beaches in Essaouira and Sidi Kaouki are ideal for beach activities, water sports and surfing. If you are a nature lover and love spending time in nature with wildlife then beach Plage Blanche in the ecological park is the perfect one.

Find the BEST things to do in Morocco and make your experience better.

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