Top 10 reasons why you should visit Malta

Malta is one of the most beautiful peninsulae in the central Mediterranean and a small

country in Europe made up of three amazing islands. A country is well known for its history

and culture, surprises, beautiful lagoons, impressive destinations, sun, sea and beaches and

charming Mediterranean climate with hot summer. The total area of the country is 122

square mile with a total population of just under half a million. Valletta is the capital and the

largest city of malta. The official language is Maltese however English is widely used and the

official currency is Euro.

1. Historic city Valletta

This walled smallest capital city in Europe with a total area of less than 2 square kilometres

is packed with history and culture. This world heritage site has hundreds of statue, iconic

architecture, numerous fortresses, ancient temples, museums, palaces, churches and many

historic sites. The famous sites include the parliament building, Upper Barrakka Garden, St

john’s Co-Cathedral, National Museum of Archeology, Fort St Elmo & National War

Museum, Hal Saflient Hypogyum, Vittoriosa. It is a pleasure to walk through the stone-

paved narrow street and alley of the flower gardens of this city surrounded wall and the

Mediterranean sea. Not only historic sites it is also home to many modern architectures,

world-class hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants.

2. Scuba Diving

Malta has been recognised as one of the best places for scuba diving with lots of reefs,

caves and wrecks. Whether you are new or experienced Malta is the best for diving, The

calm and clear blue Mediterranean make it easier for the new diver and there are lots of

challenging dives for the experienced diver as well. The sunken ships and underwater

marine life makes your diving even more enjoyable with the minimal risk of coming across

the dangerous sea fish and animals.

3. Medieval town Mdina

Once upon a time, Mdina was the capital of Malta. This beautiful medieval city has a long

history of more than four thousand years with many unique ancient and traditional

architecture. For the fan of Game of Thrones, it is a very familiar place as some of the heroic

scenes were filmed here including Kings Landing. This small town is home to some

traditional shops, restaurants and exhibitions away from the busy city life.

4. Amazing Gozo

Gozo is one of the three islands that Malta made up of. It is a great green place for nature

lovers and for hikers. This small island is more like the countryside and a short ferry ride

from Malta. It is home to many beautiful busy beaches like Ramla Bay and Sun Blas Bay.

Gozo also has numerous historical sites including The Citadel Baston of Island, Megalithic

Temples of Ggantija, location for homer’s Odyssey The Calypso Cave. Xlendi of Gozo is

also a famous tourist site that offers a stunning view of the bay.

5. Blue Lagoon of Comino

Blue Lagoon of Comino is one of the best attractions of malta. Comino is very well known for

its azure crystal clear water, white sand and one of the best island to enjoy the experience of

the Mediterranean sea. It is an ideal place for day-trippers with lots of beach activities like

swimming and snorkelling and scuba diving. Comino is a quiet, calm and tranquil place

without any pollution and noise. All the crystal clear blue lagoons are located between

peninsula Comino and reef Cominotto.

6. History and culture

Malta is famous for its unique culture and almost seven thousand years of history. It has

many world-famous architectural heritage and cultural sites including Grandmasters’ palace,

Sacra Infermeria, St James Centre for Creativity. Art, theatre and music played a very

important role in Maltese culture, National Museum of Fine Arts – MUZA is a great place to

discover about the art and there is a number of theatres including very famous Manoel

Theatre many opera houses and open-air venues to discover about theatre and music.

Malta also has a rich history of ruled by Knights of St John, Arabs, Normans, Aragonese,

Romans, Carthaginians, and Phoenicians, they all left traces of their history, from Megalithic

temples to shipwreck of 60 A. D. and five thousand years old THe Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum.

The aviation and war museum tells you the story of world war II, Malta as the most bombed

country in the world.

7. Popeye Village

The beautiful town in the north-west of Malta is Mellieha, where you will find the settings for

the Movie Popeye released in 1980 starring Robin Williams. This village is now is one of the

main tourist attractions of Malta. It is still in a very good condition and opens for the visitor to walk around the set. You have also the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities like

swimming, sunbathing and a boat trip.

8. Beautiful Beaches

Malta is very well known for its quiet, slow pace beautiful small beaches. Mellieha Bay,

Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha are some of the most popular beaches in Malta. There are a

number of small beaches with beautiful surrounding and with 300 days of sunshine ideal for

relaxing sunbathing. As those small beaches are not easy to spot so there are usually quiet

and less crowded. Most of the beaches have the facility for beach activities including

swimming, water sports, windsurfing, water skiing, and para-kiting with guaranteed crystal

clear clean water.

9. Dynamic Nightlife

With a number of a world-class international club like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten,

and Carl cox Malta offer a magnificent vibrant nightlife for its visitors and for locals. Paceville

in St Julians’ is very well known as the centre of its legendary nightlife. There are also a

number of open-air clubs and also it hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the

year. Malta Firework Festival, Malta International Art Festival, Malta Jazz Festival, and The

Village Festas are some of the most popular festivals Malta hosts.

10. Hospitality, Language and weather

People who visited Malta one of the most popular things they mention is Maltese hospitality

and friendliness. The people of Malta are very welcoming, kind-hearted, helpful and

accommodating. As English is the official language it is very easy to communicate without

any language barrier. Last not the least one of the main attractions for visiting Malta is its

lovely weather, mild winter and hot summer with 12 hours of sun every day.

Find the BEST things to do in Malta and make your experience better.

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