Cuba is an island country where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Adjacent to The Bahamas and Florida in the northern side, Haiti in the eastern side as well as Jamaica and Cayman Islands in the southern side, The Republic of Cuba is one of the popular holiday destinations. itContinue reading “11 REASONS TO VISIT THE BEAUTIFUL CUBA”

10 Enthralling Reasons to visit the Caribbean, The amazing Holiday Destination

You should be tired of following the same exhausting routine each day and trying hard to keep up with your hectic schedule, that too in a jam-packed noisy world. Thinking of a place where you just want to lose yourself in nature and relax, get rid of all the hassles, and run away in aContinue reading “10 Enthralling Reasons to visit the Caribbean, The amazing Holiday Destination”

Top 11 Reasons To Visit Barbados This Year

Located towards the east of the West Indies, in the Caribbean region of North America, is the island country of Barbados. Barbados stands out for its tropical beaches, vibrant food and culture, a wide array of activities ranging from sightseeing to snorkelling and its welcoming and hospitable natives. The Island’s historical roots that are tiedContinue reading “Top 11 Reasons To Visit Barbados This Year”