Squarespace Vs Wix

When you think about creating a website without technology experience, which sites pop into your head first? – Of course, Wix and Squarespace! Being the most popular website builders present in the market, it’s hard to decide which to go for. Before you make your decision, go through our fair comparison, stating the useful features of both websites. Keep reading till the end and you’ll make the right decision.

Ease of Use

Of course, when you’re looking for a website builder, you need to make sure it’s easy to understand and use. Both Wix and Squarespace are easy to use, with the drag and drop functionality. However, Wix has an advantage over Squarespace with this functionality, making it a little bit friendly. Just choose the Editor, click the element you want to add or change, and it’s done in a few minutes. The drag and drop functionality can do magic, with no coding experience at all. Add images, text boxes, and maps using creative tools that suit both beginners and tech pros. If you’re not into this functionality, use Wix ADI, answer a few questions, and establish your website in minutes. Also, Wix has a great Site History that keeps backups of your content in case of any possible loss.

On the other hand, Squarespace isn’t that flexible, yet more technical. You must understand the procedure and take some time to get used to it. You need to sort the Spacer elements; a challenging process that may require digging into Squarespace‘s knowledge base. It can be a little tiring but once you’ve mastered it, you can create a powerful site in no time. One drawback; Squarespace doesn’t have a restore function, which can be very annoying. You need to copy your content and save it on Google docs in case of any future disaster. Squarespace isn’t so hard to understand as you think. Be patient because it is really worth the time and effort.

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Simply put, both website builders are intuitive, easy to understand, and beginner-friendly. But, Wix is much easier than Squarespace, whether you choose the drag and drop functionality or Wix ADI. So, Wix is the winner in this comparison, regarding ease of use.

Design Flexibility

Without question, both Wix and Squarespace offer professional and modern templates. Using the drag and drop Wix Editor, you can add, replace, and delete any element with ease. Also, Squarespace offers powerful features, taking control of the entire template. Access Squarespace’s CSS Editor and craft an impressive template, totally free to choose the colors, fonts, and background.

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Both site builders offer high flexibility, magnificent templates, and customization options. With the flexibility to switch from one template to another, Squarespace is getting ahead of Wix. Besides, Squarespace has stunning pre-designed templates, making it the winner in this comparison.


When you choose a website builder, you must focus on the templates and themes. The website builder must have a wide diversity of professional templates that suit every business and brand. So, you know what you’re looking for! How many templates does the site builder have? And, what is the possibility of switching to another one in the future? – Let’s find out more!

Wix Templates

Squarespace Templates

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

We can’t deny that Wix has an impressive collection of templates; however, it couldn’t beat Squarespace‘s stunning designs and themes. So, it depends on whether you prefer quality or quantity. Wix has a wide range of templates and they are really good-looking ones. But, in this case, Squarespace wins if you want a more professional website. Fewer options, yet great designs!

E-commerce Features

If you’re starting your online store, you’re probably looking for a website builder, with the best e-commerce features. Let’s go through the different e-commerce tools for both site builders before we decide. Shall we?

Wix e-commerce plans offer:

Squarespace e-commerce plans offer:

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Regarding e-commerce options, Wix is the better option, with perfect e-commerce tools and a wide collection of useful apps. Of course, Squarespace has great e-commerce functionality, excluding the App store.

SEO Features

What is your aim behind building a website? – Maybe exposure, increasing reach, boosting sales, or raising brand awareness? – Yes, exactly! To establish a powerful online presence, you need to rank high in the different search engines.

So, what is your main focus now? – You need to look for a website builder with powerful SEO features. Choose a site builder and optimize your website using keywords and Meta titles. If you’re not an SEO expert, the website builder will do the hard work. You must know that Wix offers striking SEO features, but it doesn’t completely crush Squarespace. Let’s see!

Wix SEO Features

Squarespace SEO Features

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Surprisingly, both Wix and Squarespace are great with the SEO features equally. They are just as strong, with powerful tools and helpful features. But, Squarespace isn’t as friendly for beginners as Wix. We may consider that both of them are winners, with an only extra advantage for Wix.

Blogging Features

Blogging is an effective way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and engage your audience with informative content. With no doubt, it is a valuable marketing tactic that creates a great user experience. So, you must choose a website builder, with useful blogging features.

Wix Blogging Tools

Squarespace Blogging Tools

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Squarespace has all the powerful blogging tools that WordPress has, making it the perfect fit. Although the blog editor isn’t that intuitive, Squarespace wins this round, with its professional blogging tools.

Customer Support

First of all, you need a site builder that has a dedicated support team to help with any problem you may face, right?

Wix Customer Support

Squarespace Customer Support

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Squarespace offers high-quality support services, especially its help center, workshops, and Live Chat. But, we will go with Wix as it achieves an edge with its help page, email, social media, and phone support.

Apps and Integrations

Both Wix and Squarespace offer an effective collection of integrations, making it difficult to decide. Let’s find out more!

Wix Integrations

Squarespace Integrations

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Both Wix and Squarespace have useful integration, but Wix has taken it further with its App Market. You can find tons of useful add-ons and features that will enhance your site drastically. Grow your business with an impressive mix of over 200 free and paid applications. On the other hand, Squarespace has incredible in-house features, with creative features to escape the market’s hassle. With so many great features and integrations, Wix and Squarespace are equally creative. Maybe, we should consider it a tie!

Marketing Features

Email marketing has proven its efficiency over the years, providing high exposure, reach, and brand awareness. So, it is essential to check each site builder’s marketing tools before you decide.

Wix Email Marketing

You can create customized email campaigns, send newsletters, and track your performance using Wix’s email marketing tools. You can promote your business, site, or even blog using this powerful feature, which includes:

Wix Email Marketing has a free plan, where you get to send about 5,000 emails throughout three campaigns. If you want more, just upgrade to Wix Ascend Plan and access better marketing tools.

Squarespace Email Marketing

Squarespace also has a competitive edge with its highly customized email campaigns. It combines this feature with integration across the different social media platforms and built-in analytics tools. Use Squarespace Email Campaign add-on and get over 5,000 emails per campaign. You must know that Squarespace Email Campaign doesn’t have a free plan. Once you’ve reached your limit, you have to upgrade to a premium one and send more.

The plans range from $5 to $48 per month, if billed annually. Take a look at its important features:

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

After comparing the different marketing tools that both Wix and Squarespace offer, Wix will be the winner of this round. Make use of its free email marketing tool and if you’re to a more professional plan, go for Wix Ascend.

Pricing & Plans

Pricing plans are an important thing to consider before choosing your ideal website builder. Consider the different features, along with your budget, and then, make up your mind. So, which site builder strikes the best deal?

Wix Pricing Plans

Wix’s most famous plan is the Unlimited Package and it offers:

10GB storage

Unlimited bandwidth

Free hosting

Customized Favicon

$75 ad vouchers

Google Analytics integrations

Premium support

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace’s most famous plan is the Business Package and it offers:

  1. Free domain for one year with SSL Security
  2. Free hosting
  3. Unlimited storage
  4. Unlimited bandwidth
  5. 24/7 customer support
  6. Unlimited pages, blogs, and galleries
  7. E-commerce integrations

Is it Wix or Squarespace?

Both Wix and Squarespace have valuable premium packages that suit every budget and business needs. Both site builders offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the premium package. The free plan is the only advantage that Wix has over Squarespace that only offers a 14-day free trial.

Wix’s free plan offers:

  1. Access to most of Wix’s powerful features
  2. Limited bandwidth
  3. Limited storage space
  4. No e-commerce features
  5. Branded domain, having the structure: username.wixsite.com/sitename, which isn’t the best option for SEO.
  6. Wix ads

In Wix, if you want to stop paying for your premium plan, just switch to the free one and you’re good to go. However, this can be a problem with Squarespace as it has no free plan. So, we will go with Wix as it is better value for the money, adding the free plan as an extra feature.

Is it Wix or Squarespace? – The Final Verdict

Going through the ins and outs of both Wix and Squarespace, you should’ve come with a decision by now. You have to decide which is better for your business according to the different features, tools, and pricing plans. So, is there a winner? – Wix is more easy, flexible, and more beginner-friendly. On the other hand, Squarespace is a gold mine, if you’re looking for blogging features and professional templates. Now, can you decide?!

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