Top 13 Reasons To Visit Cape Town, A Perfect Holiday destination

The beautiful town of Cape Town rests in the dreamy locales of South Africa. This heavenly city is worthy of being your next holiday destination. There is so much to see and do in Cape Town, that you might find yourself praying for more time. It is flanked by the magical Table Mountains, as the city starts to unfold slowly.

In Cape Town, you can embark on adventures, taste the finest wines, go off on safaris, know about their history and also just laze around and welsh the African air.

Still not sure? Well, here are the Top 13 reasons to visit Cape Town, one of the prominent holiday destinations.

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1. The Beauty (Table Mountains)

Cape Town is truly heavenly. This premier holiday destination is known for its natural beauty coupled with man-made wonders. As soon as you land here, you will witness the iconic Table Mountains arching over the skyline. To truly enjoy the beauty of this city, you need to take a serene cable car ride.

Board up the cable car, and watch as the clouds start to play hide and seek with the mountains. Witness the city from a bird’s eye view and let the beauty wash you over.

Table Mountains, Cape Town
Table Mountains, Cape Town

If you are looking for more idle time, then head down to the famous V&A Waterfront to view some alluring views of Cape Town.

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2. The Man-Made Wonders (Big 7, Bo Kaap, Just Nuisance, Taal Monument)

Cape Town is not just famous for its natural wonders and history. It also has a lot of iconic monuments. These monuments are gorgeously designed and showcase the rich architectural qualities of the artisans of Cape Town. These man-made wonders are one of the compelling reasons to visit the magnificent Cape Town.

The Cape Town Big 7 is perhaps the most famous tourist attractions in Cape Town. The Big 7 includes- V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain Cable Car, Groot Constantia, Kirstenbosch, the City Walk, Robben Island and The Cape Point. All of these tourist attractions will show you the marvels of Cape Town and make you fall in love with the city. Each of these attractions is unique and different from each other. You must also visit the little area of Bo Kaap which houses rainbow-coloured buildings. With pink, blue, orange houses dotting the lane, you might find yourself wondering if you are in a fairytale.

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If you are an offbeat traveller, then travel on the less trodden path. You can witness the iconic Just Nuisance statue at Simon’s Town. This grand statue is a tribute to a famous military dog known as Just Nuisance.

Another unique landmark is the Taal Monument in Franschhoek. This wonderful landmark marks a significant cultural point in the history of South Africa.

3. The Grand Museums (Chavonnes Battery, South African Museum and Company Gardens)

One reason why you should consider Cape Town as your next holiday destination is for its lovely museums. The museums of Cape Town are not only innovative but also promote the history and their indigenous culture.

Visit the South African Museum and Company Gardens to know more about the flora and fauna of the region. Or you could visit the famous Chavonnes Battery at the V&A Clock Tower. This was initially a fortress that protected the city but has now been turned into a museum. This museum has a lot of old anecdotes and stories that will make Cape Town more fascinating for you.

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Other museums include Gold of Africa Museum, Simon’s Town Toy Museum or the Simon’s Town Naval Museum and others.

4. You Can Travel Back In Time ( Iziko Slave Lodge, Iziko Slave Lodge, Robben Island)

If you are a history lover then Cape Town will truly fascinate you. The history of Cape Town is one of the major reasons why people come to this town for this next holiday. There is so much past and culture resting in the laps of Cape Town, that you will find yourself referring to history books and attentively listening to the guides.

A lot of Cape Town’s tourist attractions are centred around its host which goes back to the 1400s. This was the time when the first European settlers come to Cape Town.

Cape Town

You can visit Robben Island to learn more about European history and Cape Town’s struggle for freedom.

After this head off to the tear-jerking Iziko Slave Lodge, which talks about the slavery of African people. After this, you can visit the Bo Kaap Museum and the District Six Museums, all of which talk about the struggles of people and the diverse history of Cape Town.

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5. The Dark History Of Robben Island

One of the many reasons why tourists choose Cape Town as their holiday destination is owing to the rich history of this place. Cape Town was once the centre of South Africa’s apartheid history, which cannot be ignored. In Cape Town, tourists can come to learn more about the history of this dark period.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Robben Island was once a prison. It housed prisoners during the colonial times and now speaks about the dark history of Cape Town’s past. Robben Island is mostly famous for housing Nelson Mandela.

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The prison was established during the reign of the Dutch and has many stories to tell. Not all stories are for the faint-hearted. As you enter the area, you will feel a sense of dread and tragedy seep into you. It is hard to imagine how the prisoners managed to live here. The walls of the prison echo sordid tales of the past. It is truly an eye-opening place.

6. The Diverse And Fun Population

One of the major reasons why South Africa should be your next holiday destination lies in its hospitality. The locals of Cape Town are not just warm and pleasant, but also extremely diverse. You will witness so many different cultures, know about their traditions, history and even rituals. Just stop and talk to these lovely people and you will know much more than just going to the tourist attractions.

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In Cape Town, you will find the Khoi people, Afrikaans, English, Malay and many other people from different cultures. The people here are laid back and are always interested in a good chat over a cup of tea.

7. The Gifts Of Nature

You cannot tour Cape Town without noticing its breathtaking scenery. The scenery of Cape Town is so stunning, that you will probably click more pictures than space in your phone. The city has some of the most dreamy and magical views on this earth.

Cape Town

Chapman’s Peak – Cape Town, South Africa by South African Tourism:Flickr [link]

From its lush green vineyards to its rustic Cape Point, Cape Town will amaze and surprise you. It is a feast for the sore eyes. From marvellous sunsets that bathe the city in a golden aura to sleepy beaches, Cape Town is more the lovers of nature and art.

8. The Lazy Beaches (Camps Bay Beach, Clifton Beaches, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek)

You cannot come to Cape Town and miss the stunning beaches. The beaches are one of the greatest tourist attractions in Cape Town. You will find lovely avenues, shacks and shady palm trees hovering over the tranquil blue waters beckoning you to come.

These beautiful beaches make up the other half of Cape Town. There are quite a few beaches that you can explore. You can visit some of the more popular ones: The Camps Bay Beach, Clifton Beaches, Llandudno and so many others. All of these beaches are great for water sports and some chill times at the beach with a drink in your hand.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town
Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town

If you are looking for something a bit more isolated and warmer then head off the beaches of False Bay: Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek, Cape Point and others.

Cape Town has two different oceans- The Indian Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Try and witness both to feel the wonders of each radiate through your veins.

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9. The Thrill Of Adventures

Adventures and Cape Town go hand in hand. There are so many thrilling experiences that Cape Town has to offer that you would be confused about which one to choose. Cape Town is a dream come true for adrenaline junkies. You can paraglide through the colourful mountains, or go shark cage diving into the deep blue ocean.

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There are other adrenaline rushing activities like kloofing, hiking, abseiling, snorkelling with the seals, skydiving and even helicopter rides. All of these experiences will give you goosebumps, as you feel the wind sweep your hair and make you feel alive.

10. The Soft Winter Sun

Cape Town is located in South Africa, which is in the southern hemisphere. Thus, the seasons here get reversed. It is winter from March to July, and summers from November to February. The peak tourist seasons starts from January to March, as people come here to soak into fading summer sun.

Winter Sunset, Cape Town

Winter sunset in Cape Town by CS photography:Flickr [link]

The weather is so beautiful and pleasant, which makes it one of the top reasons to visit Cape Town. You can easily tour the tourist attractions and even visit the wonderful safaris without the hot blistering sun bearing down on you.

11. The Electric Vibe (V&A, Camp’s Bay, Old Biscuit Mill, Kloof Street)

Tourists usually believe that Cape Town is a dusty African city that is devoid of any excitement. However, this is a huge myth. Cape Town is a city brimming with life and excitement. It has modern amenities, coupled with public transports and beautifully renovated roads.

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There is so much to do in Cape Town, that you will be spoilt for choice. It perfectly merges its cool cultural vibe with its electric modern buzz. All the tourist attractions here are hip, and you can let your hair down.

There are some great places by the V&A and Camp’s Bay, where you can eat and go drinking. There are even amazing retail opportunities which will make you shop till you drop. You can go shopping at the Old Biscuit Mill or enjoy a delicious lunch at Kloof Street. There are some wonderful bars as well.

12. The Delicious African Cuisine

You just cannot go wrong with the African Cuisine. If you are choosing Cape Town as your new holiday destination, then you will also be privy to its delicious meals and cuisine. Cape Town is truly the food capital of South Africa. Every nook and corner of this city has a lovely aroma of food and dishes. You can sample their wonderful ostrich, their mouth-watering ostrich or head off to some new pop-ups.

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There are many food tours in Cape Town that will help you explore and sample some of their finest dishes. You do not want to miss this great opportunity.

13. You Can Branch Out (Stellenbosch, Gansbaai, Hermanus)

One of the prominent reasons why Cape Town should be your next holiday destination is its prime location. You can whisk off to the vineyards to Stellenbosch in an hour and explore the great countryside air of Cape Town. Sample the luxuries wines and let the taste trickle across your tongue and make you feel all the African delights in all go.

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You can also drive to Hermanus, where you can sit back and watch the whales play around in all their glory. If you are extremely adventurous and brave then do not pass up the opportunity to watch the Great White Sharks up and close at Gansbaai.

Africa? Discover more

Cape Town is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions and make your experience better.

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