Top 10 Reasons Why Croatia Will Steal Your Heart

The lovely pebble roads open up to a plethora of new activities. Each lane has something more to offer. The pristine white beaches echo with the rush of the waves. The wonderful nature leaps in and gives you a warm hug. Such is the beauty of Croatia.

Croatia has become a top holiday destination for many tourists. With its verdant avenues, wondrous nature, sandy beaches and old-world charm, Croatia will open up to you slowly. Explore the many tourist attractions it has to offer and dive into the old Croatian charm for your next vacation.


Here are 10 reasons why Croatia has to be your next holiday destination.

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1. The Breezy Summer Weather

Croatia is quite a wonderfully sunny spot in Europe. It gets sunlight about 12 hours a day in May and June. This makes it quite ideal for wandering around even past 9 pm. Even during the autumn months, Dubrovnik enjoys 11 Horus of sunlight, which gives you more time to roam around and explore the wonders of Croatia.

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2. It Is Pocket Friendly

One of the main reasons why Croatia should be your next holiday destination is because it isn’t too expensive. You can easily plan your Croatia tour along with the popular tourist attractions on a reasonable budget.

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The food and drinks are also cheaper than the rest of Europe, and all of the tourist spots are quite reasonable. Croatia gives you a plethora of wonders while not putting too much strain on your bank account.

3.The Tranquil Beaches (Dalmatian, Stiniva, Zlatni Rat)


Bol na Bracu – Zlatni rat by Szabolcs Emich:Flickr [link]

When in Croatia, you will be blessed with shady airy beaches that will make you want to dive right into the blue waters. These gorgeous beaches of Croatia are popular tourist attractions and make Croatia the perfect holiday destination.

Dalmatian has the best beaches in Croatia. The coast of Dalmatia is resplendent with shady palm trees, white pebbles interlaced with sand and crystal clear turquoise water that makes a soft lapping noise. You might also find little caves hidden behind fig and olive trees.

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The Stiniva beach in Croatia is located on the island of Vis. This isolated islands looks straight out of a James Bond movie. The Stiniva beach is away from the maddening crowd and will give you a lot of private undisturbed time. With picturesque locales, birds that glide by the water, and small coves that are waiting to be explored, the Stiniva beach is truly a wonder.

Another beach that will steal your heart away is the famous Zlatni Rat. This beach is a popular tourist attraction, and one of the many reasons that people come to Croatia. Zlatni Rat is omnipresent on every travel brochure, so you will find tourists at this beach. But, if you do want to escape the crowds while enjoying the beauty of Zlatni Rat, then head off to some of the hidden spots here, like Nugal and Makarska.

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4. Haven For Water Babies (Zavratnica Bay, the coast of Dalmatia)

If you are a water baby, and your reason to choose Croatia as your next Holiday Destination is for its crystal clear waters, then you are in for a treat. Beaches do make up for most of the tourist attractions in Croatia. But, what takes it to another level are the plethora of water activities that you can do. The waters of Croatia are so clear, that you can see every little whittle pebble and exotic fish that swims down there.

At Zavratnica Bay, you can also explore an underwater shipwreck and very to unravel its mysteries. Some of the wrecks were carrying wine and olive oil!


Aerial view of Banje Beach and the Old Port in Dubrovnik, Croatia by dronepicr:Flickr [link]

You can also practise your driving skills at the Te Vega Sea Lake. To reach this sea, you will have to go through an underwater tunnel.

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If you are looking to stay over the water, then Croatia offers mesmerising sailing experiences. The coast of Dalmatia is perhaps the most regal as you sail across its beauty. Enjoy the hanging cliffs and the many hidden coves that you can see from your boat. If you are looking for something memorable, then take the sunset sailing tour. It is truly something else.

5. The Roaring Wildlife (Plitvice Lake, Krka)

Croatia is not just mountains and beaches. It also has bustling wildlife and its share of enchanted forests. Many tourists also claim that the national parks in Croatia are one of the best in Europe.


Plitvice Lake is a UNESCO listed area. There are about 16 breathtakingly wonderful blue lakes, that are surrounded by cascading waterfalls and a forested canyon. The hike here is easy, but as you reach each lake, you will find yourself gazing at the sheer beauty of them. You can also opt for a panoramic travel bus if you do not wish to walk. The views are stunning, as you will find yourself getting soaked into the warm embrace of nature.

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You can also visit Krka to soak up more gorgeous lakes and marvellous waterfalls.

6.The Soaring And Magnetic Mountains (Biokova, Sveti Jure, Makar, Vosac)

The beaches of Croatia are not the only tourist attractions that it has to offer. Croatia is also brimming with the majestic Biokova mountain range.

Wake up as early as you can, and start scaling the elegant Biokovo mountain range to reach the second highest peak in Croatia: Sveti Jure. This gorgeous hike will take you on an adventure, as you cross the hamlet of Makar. If you are unable to go up till Sveti Jure, then you can also stop at Vosac, which is located right below Sveti Jure.


Šibenik by Nikolaj Potanin:Flickr [link]

The few from here is spellbinding, as you witness the beautiful country of Croatia open up to you. What is even more wondrous is the route. You will walk pass colourful wildflowers and lovely limestone boulders. All through the route, the air carries the smell of fresh flowers and the butterflies fly past you.

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Croatia is also filled with other such scenic hikes, so try not to miss them.

7.The Bustling Yet Old Cities (Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb)

One of the major tourist attractions in Croatia lies in the cities of Dubrovnik and Split. These two laid back cities have that old world charm.

Walking through Dubrovnik is like walking through an old European painting. The roads are pebbled and the little alleys give an ode to the streets of medieval Europe. The pebbled walls and the marble streets add another allure. Just sip a warm cup of aromatic coffee and watch the regal Adriatic Sea open up to you at in Dubrovnik.

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Split is the core of the Dalmatian Coast. This city is more like a confluence between the new and the old. The ports are bustling with nightlife, while the palaces give off that old world charm. Make sure to visit the Diocletian’s Palace and walk through the walled fortresses here.

Split also has many lovely narrow alleys, all of which will take you to a new place.

Each nook and corner of these two cities are filled with stories and anecdotes that you will pick on your way.

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You can also stop at a Zagreb to witness the popular tourist attraction: Museum of Broken Relationships. This museum features souvenirs from past relationships of people from around the world and is quite fascinating.

8. The Rich History (Pula, Zadar)

Croatia is more than just natural wonders. It is a country with a heart, soul and a lot of cultural history. Some parts of Croatia still display the marks of this bustling history that you can witness today. All of these historical places are some of the top tourist attractions in Croatia.

When you visit Pula, you might find yourself wondering if you are still in Croatia or have you suddenly reached Italy. Pula is perhaps the most Italian looking place in Croatia. It is known for its historic and stunning Roman ruins. These ruins were part of a colossal amphitheatre, that you can see still today.


The amphitheatre dominated the city skyline as you walk through this small town. One of the many reasons to make this your next holiday destination also lies in the many festivals and concerts that take place at this majestic amphitheatre. The experience is truly surreal and is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Zadar houses many ancient Roman churches. These churches are juxtaposed with modern art installations. The real beauty unfolds at the Sea Organ, which transforms the waves of the sea into melodies. It is so magical, that you will find yourself humming to this surreal tune.

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9. You Can Feel Like A Targaryen Here (Fortress of Klis, Dubrovnik, St Dominic Monastery, Trsteno Arboretum)

Off late Croatia has become a major holiday destination owing to Game of Thrones. Some parts of this hugely popular show were shot in Dubrovnik (King’s Landing), Trsteno Arboretum( Red Keep’s gardens), Fortress of Klis (Meereen) and St Dominic Monastery (Qarth). There is a special Game of Thrones tour as well, which will take you through King’s Landing and show you were Cersei Lannister was standing as the dragons wreaked havoc. It is quite surreal to watch these monolithic structures out from the screens and right in front of you. If you are an avid Game of Thrones fan, then you can even recall the scenes shot on these locations.

10.The Aromatic Vineyards

Croatia is a rich culture of serving some of the best wines in Europe. Tourists from all over the world come here to taste its finest wines. It also has many different wine regions, all of which can be your ideal holiday destinations.

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Drive through the breezy countryside of Croatia and splash into their rich wineries. The vineyards unfold in front of you as the little green plants sway with the wind carrying the aroma of many different grapes. Some of the vineyards are by the sea, which makes it, even more, picture-perfect.

Sample some of the many Croatian wines and lay back to enjoy the lush greenery in front of you.

CROATIA is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions and make your experience better.

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