10 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Has To Be Your Next Holiday Destination

The sandy beaches of Sri Lanka lay back and beckon the tourists to its warm embrace. This bustling country is filled with tourist attractions, a brimming culture, dreamy locale and ancient history. It is hard not to choose Sri Lanka to be your next holiday destination. This country will take you on a journey through its beaches and its culture, and show you why it is perfect for your next vacation.

Sri Lanka is perfect for the backpacker and the romantics. It is also an ideal destination for poets and adventure lovers. It is absolutely amazing for anyone who wants to explore and relax at the same time.


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If you are still not convinced that, why Sri Lanka should be your next holiday destination, then here are some of the other most popular reasons, those will definitely convince you.

1. There Are Many UNESCO Sites (Galle, Kandy, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa)

The bustling island of Sri Lanka has about eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All of these sites have their own story to tell and are popular tourist attractions. These attractions include Galle, Kandy, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and others.


All of these sites will give you a different experience, as you traverse this picture-perfect holiday destination.


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2. The Beaches Will Give You All The Feels (Induruwa, Bentota, Mirissa)

Once you reach Sri Lanka you will not be able to take your eyes off its wondrous beaches. The water is the right shade of blue, and the waves make the most perfect gushing noise. It feels like paradise on earth. The beaches are its main tourist attractions as well. You will find many tourists are lying on the pristine sand and enjoy the colourful hues of the sun.

Make your way to Induruwa Beach, which is known for being secluded. It is perfect for couples and honeymoon goers who are looking for some private time.


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If you are a water baby and want to dive into the many water sports that Sri Lanka has to offer, then Bentota Beach is perfect for you. It is brimming with elegant holiday resorts and a plethora of water sports.

Mirissa is a little beach in Sri Lanka that is known for its whale sightings. Come here with your cocktail and lay back to watch the whales swim through the pristine blue waters. It is quite a magnificent sight, as you watch the giant blue whales, spurt water and swim across the vast blue sea.

Other picture-perfect beaches in Sri Lanka include- Hikkaduwa, Arugam Bay, Tangalle and many more

3. The Culture Of Sri Lanka Is Bustling (Mihintale, Anuradhapura, Kandy)

The diverse culture of Sri Lanka makes this country a bustling holiday destination for many tourists. Sri Lanka is laden with ancient statues, age-old monasteries and stupas that will take you back in time.


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All of these ancient scriptures will allow you to look into the rich culture and history of Sri Lanka.


Hotel to Mihintale by Dennis Sylvester Hurd:Flickr [link]

Mihintale: Popularly called the monastic city, Mihintale is a place for peace seekers and culture lovers. If you are looking to feel the spiritual and cultural aura of Sri Lanka, then Mihintale is waiting for you.

Arahat Mahinda, the great disciple of Lord Buddha, used to come to Mihintale to preach his sermons. As you enter the city you will feel the tranquillity and holy aura of the place wash over you. You will be able to feel the calmness seep inside your veins as you wander about in peace. There are many monasteries here that you can take a look at.

Another place that will steal your heart with its culture is Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura is a UNESCO world heritage site, making it one of the leading tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. It is also a great reason to visit this country.


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This place was built in the 380 BC and houses many ancient architectural monuments. Walking through Anuradhapura will make you feel as if you have gone back in time. Explore the Dagoba of Thuparama. In here you can find the collar bone of Buddha. Do not forget to witness the splendour of the 300 feet high Ruwanwelisseya Dagoba, which is one of the highest stupas.

On your Sri Lanka tour, make a stop at the wonderful city of Kandy. This little town was home to many Sinhalese Kings and now displays the ancient and royal monuments. Just walking around this mountain city will make you feel like a royal.

4. The Wildlife Is Lively (Wilpattu National Park, Wasgamuwa National Park)

Another prominent reason why Sri Lanka should be your next holiday destination lies in the shady forests and enchanted jungles.

The Wilpattu National park is one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. It offers all kinds of exciting and fun tourist activities. You can walk through the forest while stepping on crunchy leaves, or take a jeep ride and wave at the many animals that pass you by. Watch out for the birds that hide inside the groves of the tree, and try to spot as many of them as possible.


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Another famous national park in Sri Lanka is the Wasgamuwa National Park, which houses a variety of flora and fauna. Walk through the park and watch as the animals rest in their natural habitat. You can catch many indulging in mundane yet fascinating activities as you wander around the forest.

Inside the national parks, you can spot sloth bear, deer, elephants, crocodiles and leopards. Just keep your eyes peeled and let the magic of the Sri Lankan jungles sweep you away.


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5. There Is No Shortage For Adventures (Kitugala, Ella, Bentota)

If you choose to make Sri Lanka your next holiday destination, then get ready for a day full of adventure. There are many reasons to visit Sri Lanka, but this one is a crowd puller. Sri Lanka is bustling with high octane activities, adrenaline rushing experience. You might find yourself traversing the high peaks or kayaking across thunderous rivers. The opportunities for adventure here are limitless.

If hiking gets your blood pumping then head to Ella. This famous tourist attraction is ideal for explorers and adventurers. You can hike up the rock and read Adams Peak for added wonder. You can also reach the third peak, from where the view of the island is stunning.


After traversing Ella, head out to Kitulgala. This is a small rustic hamlet located on the banks of river Kelani. Here you can spread your wings and test those paddling skills. Board a raft and experience a thrilling whiter water rafting experience.


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Bentota is a great place for trying out your hand at some snorkelling and fishing. This adventure getaway is also a great place to wander about and explore the place. You can hire a bicycle to make your tour even more adventurous.

Other popular adventure activities in Sri Lanka, mountain climbing, riding the hot air balloon, paragliding and many more.

6. The Mysterious Caves Are Looking For An Explorer ( Ritigala Mountains, Sigiriya, Batatotalena)

Sri Lanka is filled with many alluring and captivating caves. These caves are perfect for the explorers and those looking to have some fun.

If you hike through the Ritigala Mountains, you will find some hidden and remote caves. These caves are eerie and quite mysterious. You can walk inside them and feel the peace seep into your veins.


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On your Sri Lanka Tour, do not forget to visit Sigiriya. One of the top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, this place is known for adventure. From magical caves to death-defying hikes, Sigiriya will make your Sri Lankan journey even more exciting.

For a real bone-chilling experience, head off to Batatotalena. Inside the Batatotalena caves, you will find uncovered skeletal remains. These remains belong to the prehistoric man. If this is not a good enough reason to visit Sri Lanka, then please keep scrolling down.

7. The Temples Are Worth Witnessing (Dambulla temple, Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic)

The Temples in Sri Lanka are so majestic that they are one of the most popular reasons to visit this wonderful country. They are also popular tourist attractions, and you will meet a huge crowds, every time you visit these palatial temples.

Sri Lanka has many big and small temples. These temples are not just spiritual, but also have stunning architectural styles.


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When in Sri Lanka, do not forget to visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. This elegant temple houses the tooth of Buddha, in a golden chamber that will mesmerise you. Many ceremonies are held inside the temple as well, and you can watch them if you like.

If you visit Sri Lanka and miss the Dambulla temple, then your visit is not complete. This unique temple is a spiritual cave. One of the major tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, Dambulla is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walls have gorgeous paintings, and the sculptures are lifelike. You will feel a certain kind of peace as soon as you enter this temple.

There are many other temples in Sri Lanka, like Muthiyangana Temple, Shaktipeeth Shri Shankari Devi Temple, Naguleswaram Temple and many more which you can visit if you have the time.


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8. You Can Travel Back In Time (Dambana)

If you are someone who cannot get enough of history, then Sri Lanka will surely please you. In the village of Dambana in Sri Lanka, you will find ruins from the Stone Age. Sri Lanka is an ancient country, which makes it quite popular among history lovers and photographers.


20160126_Sri Lanka_3988 crop Dambana sRGB by Dan Lundberg:Flickr [link]

Here at Dambana, you will find that time has stopped as you explore the remains. The small stone structures and the broken rocks have a story to tell. Just touch them and imagine ancient time. You might also meet some tribal communities that live near this village.


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9. Galle Is Waiting For You

The laid back haven of Galle is one of the top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Enamoured with Dutch architecture, Galle is a city that lives to tell a tale. It is a city that weaves stories and gives you moments for then memories.


Galle has all the best of ice cream shops, cute little shops and a place away from the hustle-bustle of other Sri Lankan cities. There is also an old fort here, waiting for you to explore.

10. The Cuisine Will Take You On A Ride

The sizzle of the prawns carries through the cool breeze and into your ears like the melodies of Beethoven on a hot summer day. The juice tropical fruits stare at you as you gaze at them with delight. The Sri Lankan cuisine looks all ready to welcome you with all its love. Sri Lanka is famous for its food and cuisine. You will find all kinds of seafood here, prawns, crabs and even lobsters topped with hot steamed rice.


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Make sure you try the fabulous fish curry and the red chilli paste. Kottu is also a famous Sri Lankan dish, and it will surely take your taste buds on a culinary journey. Fish ambul thiyal is another aromatic curry that you must taste while you still in Sri Lanka.

SRI LANKA is one of the popular holiday destinations.

Find the best tourist attractions and make your experience better.


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