10 Enthralling reasons to visit Austria

Austria will make you feel as if your standing in a page of a fairy tale book. Whether it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn the country has numerous and endless visitors all year long for all the obvious reasons; from snow-capped mountains to lush green forest and vibrant coloured landscapes to its magnificent architecture and mind-blowing museums housing rich history will leave you boggled. It is filled with diversity in its culture, architecture, pristine destinations and enthralling history. Austria is a must-visit for those who want to see the best of Europe.

1. Discover Vienna’s Imperial Architecture

Austria is home to a vast array of magnificent architecture style and Vienna houses

the best of them. Travelling to Austria and not visiting Vienna would be like going to moving and missing out the climax. Ranging from mundane building to Romanesque and Rococo

styles. It’s all the glamorous and will leave you gawking day long.

Here’s a small list of some stunning Architecture

1.Saint Stephan’s Cathedral

This is Vienna’s most culturally significant destination. Its multi-coloured tiled mosaic roof will leave you stunned and marvelling at its beauty.

2. Ringstrasse: Vienna’s (Ring Road)

The Ring Road circles Vienna’s inner city and one can say is the most important part of the city. Its impressive architecture will have you fascinated as both its side is lined by palaces, museums and all the monumental architectural marvel this city has to offer.

3. Hofburg (Schönbrunn Palace)

This Imperial palace use to be the summer residency of the powerful Hapsburg Monarchy. One can cherish its lavish Imperial Banquets and vast array of dining services. History fanatics can find a great deal of European History under these gorgeous ornate ceilings.

4. Vienna’s City Hall

Weiner Rathus is one of those splendid buildings in Vienna which is Non- religious

and yet built in Neo-Gothic style. Although now it is the head office for Vienna’s

municipal corporation. It still hosts major events in the country such as balls, concerts

and serves as a stunning backdrop for the city’s popular Christmas markets.

Why Go?

Well, if you’re still looking for some more convincing then here goes.

Although, the whole of Austria houses incredible architectures and buildings, some of

its best masterpieces can be found in Vienna. Ranging from royal palaces to its

impressive famous Boulevard. The stunning architecture in Vienna will leave you

awe-struck all day long.

2. Experience Austria’s Brimming Culture

There’s no doubt that Austria blends old and new seamlessly. From classical music

to traditional Austrian folklore ore, Austrian culture is intricately intervened with

peoples love for nature, music and art. The long period rule of the Hapsburg has an

immense influence on Austria’s diverse culture.

Here’s a list to live the ongoing legacy of Austria

1. Museum Of Modern Art, Salzburg

The museum Museum der moderne is dramatically set atop the sheer cliff of Mönchsberg overlooking Salzburg, this is a thrilling landmark to experience great varieties of national as well as international artefacts and artworks from the 19th, 20th and 21st century. From an eclectic mix of visual arts to incredible views of historic fortress. This museum will guide you all that you need to know about Austria’s culture.

2. Opera House, Vienna

Vienna state opera house is one of the best and most important Opera Houses in the world. One can enjoy and learn a lot about Austria’s fascinating art and music culture in its pompous concert rooms. Live the best of what Austria’s music legacy has to offer in one of the worlds best opera house.

3. Have A Date With Mozart

Located in the heart of the Imperial city of Vienna Mozarthaus Represents the life and work of the musical genius “ Wolfgang Amadé Mozart”. It’s the perfect place to visit if you are a classical music lover and want to get a fill of Mozart and some of his major works.

4. Fascinating Literature And Libraries

Literature is a large and important part of Austria’s culture that many people don’t pay attention to. Austrian National Library boasts pomp and opulence and not only guards the historically and culturally important books but also takes pride in its lavish Baroque-style building.

Why Go?

Austria is rich in its art, music, culture, and tradition which exceeds its small size. Witnessing this unique fusion of modern and laidback ideas/works will leave you awe-struck and desiring for more.

3. Safety and Quality of life…

Austrian cities are not just rich in its culture and architecture but are also a great epitome of clean air, hygienic surroundings and safe neighbourhood. Vienna was voted as #1 city in the world for its safe as well as a lavish and unique quality of life. Its rich culture, magnificent architecture and friendly people won’t disappoint you at all. Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, your safety concerns in this lovely country will be almost zero. From Austrians cheerful way of living to its secure livelihoods, it gives us all the more reason to take a trip to Europe’s one of the safest and beautiful countries. It is an absolute dream for the one’s looking for an adventurous getaway vacation with a tint of leisure and luxury.

4. Its Monumental Museums!

Austria just like any other country has a rich and captivating history as well as a progressive future. From art and weaponry to past and livelihoods, Austria dwells enormous ancient archives and surprising portals for a ride not just to the past but also to the future. And, we know how challenging it gets to decide one when you’ve such outstanding options; hence we’ve curated a list of some of the best museums in Austria:

1- Mozart’s Birthplace, Salzburg

Into music or not you won’t want to miss the birthplace of the most famous musicians of all time. This highly visited museum of one of the greatest child prodigy will take you on a tour to all of the original rooms of when Mozart was just a child. Even if not a classical music fan, it will transport you back to the time of Mozart which will fascinate you on a mesmerizing level.

2- Kunsthaus Museum, Graz

Austria’s one of the most famous architectural marvels, sometimes also knows as

the & the friendly alien & is the landmark of a vast variety of contemporary art. Not just it holds worldwide exhibitions of great aa artists but also contributes vividly to the European culture. From gleaming textures to rooftop solar panels, you will be left fascinated with the unique style of this museum.

3- Belvedere Museum, Vienna

This landmark is not only a magnificent Baroque palace but is also a leading museum worldwide. Ranging from medieval times to present style, It holds a tremendous collection of some of Austria’s most famous and valuable artworks. Outstanding key works include Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele and also some prominent endeavours from French impressionism to Viennese Biedermeier.

5. Culinary delicacies and cuisines

Austria is one of those countries that is undoubtedly proud of its food culture and traditional sweet delights. Its the perfect place to visit if u are a foodie with a sweet tooth. From the fried schnitzel to apple strudel, Austrian food will leave u craving for more even when u have had till your throat. The sweet-toothed country will tempt you with its flavoursome delicacies wherever you go. So, if u r still wondering what to eat in Austria, take a look at what we suggest and treat your taste buds for the day.

1-Pastry paradise

Some might say Austria is a country of cakes. Not just are they passionate but they also, take great honour in their confectioneries. Some of the most famous cafes in the country date back to 1950s, so its a perfect place to adore history as well as satisfy your cravings Try on the most famous and traditional dish in all of Austria the apfelstrudel which will be like a reward on your platter after a long day hike….

2- Captivating coffee culture

Grab a warm cup of coffee after exploring what Austrian cities have to offer. Coffee is an unbelievably huge deal here in Austria and for all the good reasons as let’s not forget this is the country where our beloved cappuccino was evolved. The cafe central which dates back to 1876 is one of the most common hotspots for the best coffee and cakes in town.

3- Relish the local cuisine

Traditional Austrian food is hearty, heavy, hot and absolutely mouthwatering. From turkey and sausages of Germany, a goulash of Hungary and the famous Viennese schnitzel with its Italian roots comes all as a fusion of Austrian local cuisine…

6. Bliss for outdoor fanatics

It’s the perfect destination for people who love the outdoors and going off the beaten path, as even after being so popular (for all the right reasons ) it still hasn’t been overrun by tourists. Not just the cities but even in the most popular destinations, you won’t have to battle your way through the crowds. Austria is still as authentic as ever. Whether it is summer or winter you can always feel the wonderland vibe in Austria. From ice skating and New year’s ball to taking a stroll near the Danube while soaking the warm rays from the sun; this vibrant, diverse country will leave you wandering and exploring all the long…

Here’s my personal list for the best thrilling adventures

1- Grand Canyon of Austria

Indulge in a private tour in Otscher – Tormaeur National park, escape the city and visit this amazing untouched scenic corners of this beautiful country. From endless hikes to bathing in rivers and waterfalls, this surprising place will keep you indulged.

2- Paragliding In Tirol

Take a cable ride to the top of the Stauber mountains and admire the Ravishing Innsbruck while paragliding through the air.

3- Wachau Valley Tour

Take a full-day bike tour to the idyllic countryside around Vienna. From crossing lush valleys to quaint villages this tour will leave you energized rather than feeling famished.

7. Breathtaking Scenery

Austria seems to have it all, be it Man-made Historic palaces, Gorgeous Architecture to its mouthwatering food; but the one thing that makes it extraordinary is its breath-taking out of the world natural scenery. There are endless sightseeing and dream destinations for everyone in hidden-gem on Earth. So, let us give u the best of them.

1-Krimml waterfall

Located in Kimmel village, high above in Tauern National Park, plunging 380 meters is the highest waterfall in all of Austria. It is perfect for a long hike while indulging into its refreshing water to admiring the peaceful river forming the falls. It will be a worthy walk all the way up to the top for beautiful scenery.

2- Alpine Meadows

It will be a sin to visit Austria but miss its mindblowing alp mountains. From plateau to valleys to panoramic lakes, explore the best of what Austrian alpine meadows has to offer.

3-Beautiful Landscapes

One can find numerous hiking trails and trekking spots in the mysterious hills along with gleaming lakes greeting you with open windy arms. Watch the lush forests turn into a bright kaleidoscope of colours during the autumn and summer season.

8. Rich History

Wander anywhere in Austria, history will always come alive. Complicated and at times, even dark and tragic, Austria’s history will leave you fascinated and shocked at the same time. From the first human settlements in the Danube valley to ensuing Celts, Romans, Bavarians and finally Hapsburgs, Austria is a land that has been ruled by many. Hence, cultivating a fusion of many rulers, their legacies and cultures. The Austro-Hungarian empire was a dominant force until the WWI. But still even after that Austria’s problems and struggles weren’t over, after being declared free of its prior dominion; again in WWII Hitler saw an opportunity and invaded Austria’s land prosecuting the country’s Jewish community. Nonetheless, whatever that was left of the Jewish community post-holocaust, was solidified again but regardless of all the trials and tribulations, their numbers are nothing in comparison to what they once used to exist.

You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the beauty of some magnificent historical architecture around this country, some of them being the stunning St.

Cathedral and the might palace of The Hapsburgs empire. Even while travelling

around the cities ancient museums, one can encounter various intriguing facts like

how the famous Marie Antoinette of the French monarch was actually born as an Archduchess of Hofburg in Austria. After all, it’s tumultuous past has what made Austria so beautiful and outstanding as a country than it ever was.

9. Adorable Towns & Villages

Austria is bound to make you blown away by its natural beauty. Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, lakes and all the innate magnificence and splendour that Austria has to offer, one can say it’s the heaven on Earth. Each of its town and village is guarding this unreplaceable magnificent beauty created by the almighty.

Here are my favourites among the endless preferences:

1- Hallstatt village

Located in the enchanting Salzkammergut mountains. The Hallstatt village is a UNESCO World Heritage for its beauty and unanimity. Sometimes called a fairytale town, it is a perfect place for photogenic fans and Exploring crowd. It’s said to have a history as old as 7000 years. From its famous salt mines to dwelling into the panoramic sea-lake as well as mountain views. This will leave you feeling as if u are inside a wonderland.

2-Salzburg town

The city of music in the first thing that comes to mind while visiting the lovely town of Salzburg. Nestled in the foothills of Alps, it is the city where Mozart was born. It is the perfect blend of history and culture. From it’s grand museums and palaces to long day treks and scenic views, one can not miss this mesmerizing town while travelling to Austria!


You might wanna bring your hiking boots out of the wardrobe cause this is the

perfect place for the most enthralling outdoor activities that Austria has to offer. Having more than 500 peaks it is as pure as alps get. It’s not just known for its tyrolean houses or ski resorts but also for its traditional folklore and festivals. From mountains that’d make you wanna yodel out loud to pastures chiming with cowbells, this Majestic town goes from being a Christmas card scene to a dream destination for hiking enthusiasts. It is an absolute nirvana!

10. Easy to get around…

Austria is surprisingly one of the easiest countries to get around. Its relatively small size gives a benefit to the visitors to hop from one city to another via either bus or a train. It’s also a perfect destination for the people who love road trips as they are bound to find a mysterious hidden gem along the way. Fantastically located right in the heart of central Europe gives the backpacking tourists all the more reason to visit this magnificent country.

They say “ A picture paints a thousand words” but I bet you would have a million after visiting this glorious country. Austria is a perfect dream destination; whether you are yearning for the best ski trips or rich history and architect or be it the country’s famous mouth dripping dainties. It bestows you with all the promising reasons to be in one of your best memories. So, let’s not wait any longer cause the mountains are calling or as they say it in Austria- ‘Der Berg Ruft’.

Find the BEST things to do in Austria and make the most out of your experience.

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