Historical and Cultural places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarters ( Barrio Gòtio ) is located in the old part of the city. Brimming with the charming ambience of centuries ago. Wherever one wanders, delightful mysterious surprises abound from Roman period-parts pre-dating back to the Gothic Era ( 12 th -15 th Century) to inviting patio with peaceful fountains. It’s narrow and twisted medieval alleyways are the perfect scenery to explore the city centre at a leisurely pace. Read down below for a few interesting things to do in Barrio Gotico :


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I. Visit La Seu Cathedral

The cathedral of Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is the most famous place in the GothicQuarters. From being amused by it’s impressive interiors to its stunning

courtyard, one can take a break around its bullet holed walls and beautiful fountains while enjoying the peaceful acoustics.

II. Restaurant ( Eat like a local )

The choices of eateries in this area will spoil you. Some must go places are

Els Quatre Gats – this beer bar will give you a Bohemian atmosphere. It’s also the place where Picasso’s first-ever the exhibition was held.


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Can Cullerates – this is the oldest restaurants in Barcelona and second-oldest in all of Spain. Built-in 1786 it’s tucked away in the famous streets of Las Ramblas. Here, you can find authentic Catalan and Spanish cuisines.

III. El Call

Jewish Quarter – Jewish merchants played an important role in city life before the Inquisition of Spain. Get lost in the narrowest alleys in all of Barcelona and learn about the dark history dating back to medieval times. The street of Sant Domenec del Cal is at the centre of it all where you can find lovely cafes and bars along with the Old Synagogue.


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IV. Plaça Reil

This was Gaudi’s very first project. This stunning neo-classical square is one of the most charming and lively areas in the cathedral quarter. It is perfect for an evening out in the town.

V. Plaça del Rei

Here is one of the most enriching museums of Barcelona, showing the life of 2000-year-old Romans. The audio guide for kids and even for adults is fantastic.


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So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and go for an amazing tour of Barcelona!

Best things to do in Barcelona, Spain.


Looking for more activities? There are 500+ things to do in Barcelona.

Buen Viaje!!

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