Best Museums in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a wonderland of history. The wealth of museums here is a true gem which is hard to find in such a bustling, broad-minded and not to forget the high-spirited city.

It’s a city like no other, filled with Art, Culture and Architecture. If you haven’t yet explored the best museums this city has to offer then don’t worry – we’re here to the rescue by enlisting them in a precise list below.

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I. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Located at the stunning Italian building of Palau Nacional, atop Mountjüic hill, this is undoubtedly the city’s palace Built for 1929 World Exhibition and restored in 2005, Museu Nacional will take you on an uninterrupted journey through a vast collection of thousands of years of Catalan Art. Romanesque murals and splendorous Gothic art are the two prominent

the highlight of this museum. It is divided into different zones, each transporting the visitor to a different mood.

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II. Picasso Museum

Located at the Ribera-district at the old town, Museu Picasso exhibits mostly the work of the great Pablo Picasso’s formative years. Spread across five Gothic palaces, the museum holds a permanent collection of about 4000 artworks of Picasso, showing the gradual maturation of the great artist. From epic painted ceilings to Gothic archways illuminating his work, you will not be able to get enough of Piccauses You’ll enter as an art buff but come out being a Picasso lover.

III. Museum Marítim de Barcelona

Located at Ramblas, Maritime Museum is one of the most fascinating and imaginative museums in Spain. From illustrated Catalan sea-faring culture to permanent collection of a full-scale replica of Royal Galley used by Juan of Austria highlights us the uniqueness of this museum. It is a home for an enormous exhibition of model ships, paintings and Figureheads as well as an interactive exhibition called “The great adventurous of the sea”.

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From beaches to museums, from clubs to authentic local cuisines, from hilltop views to exclusive architecture and history. This city has got it all covered for a perfect vacation.

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Once a major city of the Roman Empire, the place is still sprawling with millions of resident and tourists for it’s mouthwatering delicacies, stunning beaches, rich history and unique architecture.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and go for an amazing tour of Barcelona!

Best tourist attractions in Barcelona, Spain.

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Buen Viaje!!

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