12 Compelling Reasons to visit Paris

From the iconic Eiffel tower to picture-perfect Seine river, there are numerous options to

enjoy vacations in Paris. You may never want to return home, once you have visited the

landmarks and monumental beauty of Paris. Here I advocate some of the reasons on why you should not give a second thought to visiting Paris on your vacations.

The Louvre museum

Louvre Museum is the world’s grandest and popular museums. I am sure you have heard and

seen pictures of Monalisa painting since your childhood. This museum displays the original

painting of Monalisa, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. This museum has many artworks.

Whether you are a history-loving person or not, visit this museum will surely be a fascinating

and captivating experience for you. This museum exhibits Massive paintings that were

painted by Napoleon himself and the paintings that he looted when he conquered other

countries like Spanish, Russia, and Egypt. This museum is truly one of its kind. Also, the

stunning glass pyramid that you must have seen in many films is located outside the louvre

museum, and it is worth taking pictures with.

Pont des Arts, the famous lover’s bridge

Pont des Arts are the same bridge that we have seen in many romantic films, where couples

write their names together and forever on love locks, then attach it to this bridge and throw

the key inside the river. This romantic bridge crosses the beautiful seine river and links

Louvre and institute de France together. Although, it is said that couples are no longer

allowed to hang love locks here, but no one can ignore the charm of this bridge while

crossing Seine river and couples should still capture ever-lasting romantic moments of their

trip together on this bridge.

Pont Alexander III, an open-air museum

The most aesthetic and artistic bridge called the Pont Alexander III stretches over the river

seine in Paris. It connects the Champs-Elysees and Eiffel tower together. While crossing this

bridge it makes you feel as if you are walking through an open-air museum, because of the

beautiful architecture carvings of this bridge, it has magisterial sculptures of lions, maidens,

cupids, water spirits, fish, sea monsters etc. This bridge has a breath-taking view of Eiffel

tower in its background and makes a gorgeous spot for wedding photographs.

Arc de Triomphe

Paris’ second famous picture spot monument is arcing de Triomphe. It is located at the

western end of Champs-Elysees at the centre of Charles de Gaulle. The height of the Arc de

Triomphe is about 50 meters. The construction of arc de Triomphe was demanded by the

French emperor, napoleon in 1806 to represent several victories of the French army under

Napoleon. It was made in 1836, by the king of France named Louis Philippe. This monument

was made as a memory of martyrs during a war. Every evening a flame of resemblance is

burned in the memory of those martyred. Most people see it from downstairs, but you can

also go upstairs to get a view. You can even enter this monument and get an inside view of


Aesthetic churches

Paris has many beautiful architecture churches which date to the medieval, renaissance, or

classical periods. Since the catholic religion implied in France and demanded to have places

of worship, it has brought about 50,000 churches in France, 200 of which are in Paris.

Notre dam cathedral is one of the most magnificent churches in the world. This cathedral was completed after two hundred years and its stunning medieval architecture attracts millions of visitors each year. La Sainte Chapelle is another beautiful gothic architecture inspired church, this church is constructed with some of the best-conceived stained-glass housing, 15 amazing glass panels and a peculiar large window. Wall paintings and unique cravings further add to the beauty of this church. Some of the other churches with unique medieval architectures are Saint-Eustache, Sacre-Coeur, Église de la Madeleine, Église Saint-Sulpice.

Symbol of love, Eiffel tower

What is the point of visiting Paris when one has not been to Eiffel tower at least once? No

matter how many times we see Eiffel tower in pictures or in classic romantic films, nothing

can ever justify its beauty and the aura that can only be sensed when you visit it in person,

after all, it is one of the seven wonders of the world.

The total altitude of Eiffel tower is about 1063 feet and it has 3 floors. The first floor is 187

feet tall; the second floor is 377 feet tall and the third floor is 906 feet tall. There is a

restaurant on the first floor called “58 tour Eiffel” and also a restaurant on the second floor

called “Jules Verna”. These restaurants are one of its kind because of their eccentric and

amazing view.The sparkling and luminous sight of Eiffel Tower at night is so romantic and majestic that it cannot be described in words. Eiffel tower is not only an iconic monument of Paris, but it has become a symbol of love. No place in the world can be as romantic as Paris for couples to spend their honeymoon even if you are planning on proposing to your partner then a proposal under Eiffel tower is not less than fairy-tale. Plus, your Paris trip will be incomplete without clicking pictures with Eiffel tower.

Irresistible French desserts

French desserts are to die for, therefore, considered as one of the best desserts in the entire

world. That is because they not only look great but has wonderful flavours too. French

desserts are famous for its light, fluffy and rich textures, which makes it irresistible. There is

nothing like a classic French breakfast with French baked flaky croissants. Spending a

relaxing evening at one of the sidewalk cafés of Paris while sipping coffee with French

pastries is a true delight and pleasure. And if you are a chocoholic then indulge yourself with

a cup of hot chocolate at Paris’ famous café called Angelina. While walking around the

beautiful streets of Paris you will come across many French patisseries, where you can try

dozens of irresistible French deserts from classic macarons to buttery crepes with Nutella or

classic flaky croissants. So, this time during your Paris stay make sure to indulge yourself

with some classic French pastries, because if you do not you will surely regret later.

Some of the most popular divine desserts include Chocolate Mousse, Cream au Caramel,

Eclairs, Chocolate Souffle, Des gateaux et du pain and Carl Marletti.

Delish French cuisine

On your visit to Paris, you will certainly be amazed by its delicious cuisine. It is food heaven

for foodies. One can simply not get enough of French cuisine. Whether you want to dine in a

top-notch Michelin-starred restaurant or at a local French bistro, you will surely relish French

cuisine. French delish cuisines have influenced cuisines in other countries like Asia, North

America, and Europe. It has the perfect balance of traditional yet modern flavours. Some of

the most popular traditional dishes you must try are Bouillabaisse – a Fish and seafood stew,

Onion Soup, Steak-Frites – Steak with French fries, Beef Bourguignon – dish cooked with

beef, red wine and mushroom.

Fine wine

France has the longest history of organized harvesting and wine-growing, which is why

French wine is considered as one of the best in the world. You can try the perfect French

wine supplied at the vineyards of Paris. There are about 150 vineyards in Paris. The vineyard

of Montmartre was created in 1933. It produces about 27 varieties of fine wine. This vineyard

has the capacity to growing enough grapes to make 500 litres of wine per year, which takes

approximately 1700 bottles of wine every year. Each region of France has its own unique

way and idea about winemaking, adding their distinguished flavours to wine, which makes it

so exceptional from others. A glass fine wine with some cheese is the classical French

tradition. The wine produced in Bordeaux, la Vallee de la Loire and la Vallee du Rhone are

some of the best quality wine with a unique taste, you should not abstain yourself to enjoy a


Shopaholics’ paradise

No vacation can be complete without some shopping. Especially in Paris, which is truly a

paradise for shopaholics. Paris is the birthplace of many famous brands like Louis Vuitton,

Dior, Cartier, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Chanel, Lancôme, Christian

Louboutin. Paris is well-known for its fashion houses, street flea markets and long-haul

shopping streets. Who would not enjoy wandering around the beautiful fashion streets of

Paris? Whether you are looking for a high-end French collection designer wear or a low-

priced second-hand item, you will surely find what you desire in the long shopping streets of

Paris. Paris truly has it all. If you are a fan of high-end luxurious bags, an addict of exotic and

aromatic perfumes, elegant luxury dresses or even a shoe fetish you truly cannot get enough

from Paris fashion streets. Your trip to Paris will be incomplete without going to a shopping


a boat ride of Seine River

Seine River is one of the most charming landmarks in Paris. This is considered as one of the

longest rivers. It rises about 18 miles and flows in the northwest direction through Paris. This

river is renowned because of its romantic sightseeing boats. Taking romantic boat rides on

seine river is truly a fairy-tale like experience. You can get a breath-taking view of Paris’

unique landmarks’ and architectures through your boat ride journey.

Nightlife in Paris

Most people believe that Paris’ best places for the visit can be enjoyed after the sun goes

down. Paris has the most fun night clubs and bars. Even if you are craving some French fast

food or pastries in mid-night then some of the restaurants and local bistros serve delicious

French food at night too. Paris might not be like other European cities where they party all

night, but it surely is not short of bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes where you can enjoy the

nightlife of Paris. If you love spending night partying, then the L’Arc Paris, Bricktop’s,

Shoteria are some of the most popular nightclubs will satisfy your thirst.

Best things to do in Paris, France.

Looking for more activities? There are 750+ activities in Paris, France.

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