Nightlife in Barcelona

Apart from its history & Architecture, Barcelona in the best known for its thriving nightlife. You need good music, good drinks and a good atmosphere to party in style and Barcelona is the party capital of the world for a reason. Although you can be the judge of that later!

The party city offers much more than just great clubs, whether you are travelling with your friends, family or alone there’s always something you can do to have a fabulous evening!

Now, if you ask me why should you visit Barcelona for its Nightlife then my the answer would probably be because it’s known as a party city worldwide but that’s not it !! From spending your night at one of the best grimy dive night to taking a stroll at the beach under the starry sky. You can do it all. But finding what clubs are worth your dance moves and mood-setting can get rather tricky to decide

So, what are the best places for a memorable nightlife experience in Barcelona?

Places to party

Glad you asked!

We have got some of our favourite places here. So all you need to do is put on your party shoes and be ready to get crazy.

– If you’re in the mood of some electronic music, Ibiza vibe and beachfront setting then the neighbourhood of Vile Olimpic should do it for you! You won’t find a neighbourhood better than this to enjoy partying and witnessing beautiful sunrise over the Mediterranean right before you’re about to head back home. Clubs like Opium mar and Shoko are one of the best and biggest in that locality.

Tip: Shoko offers free drinks along with the entrance ticket!

– Now if you’re in the mood for some hip hop, ‘R&B’, and house hits in Barcelona then “otto-zutz” is just the club you’re looking for to have an authentic nightlife experience.

– And if you prefer some house, techno and more Avante – Garde sounds in general then you should definitely check out –

I. Moog – located in Barcelona’s gothic quarters. It offers some of the best EDM music and drinks in the City.

II. Sala Apollo – one of the best underground clubs where you don’t have to worry about a hole in your wallet and can enjoy dancing along with live music.

III. La Terrazza – being located on a mountain top castle makes it an adventurous place to spend the night with loads of fun.

IV. Razz Mataz -The biggest club and probably the craziest of them all. Spread over 5 different rooms each having a different musical theme. While visiting it with your friends this is a place you just can’t miss. This isn’t all that Barcelona has to offer to have a fantastic nightlife experience. We’ve got a list of things for those people and travel mates of yours who are looking for a bit extra other than just clubs ( to party like a trueBarceloní)

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and go for an amazing tour of Barcelona!

Best things to do in Barcelona, Spain.

Looking for more activities? There are 500+ things to do in Barcelona.

Buen Viaje!!

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