Reasons to Visit Barcelona, Spain

Spain is one of the most sensational countries in the whole of Europe. Barcelona the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region is a breath-taking fusion of modern world and Spanish culture.

It offers marvellous destinations with wonderful surprises on each corner. Being 2000 years old and serving as one of the major city in the Roman Empire it now has become a place with rich historical monuments, vibrant museums and exquisite architecture. From thrilling

nightlife to mouth-watering food, from golden beaches to magnificent mountains, this gorgeous city has something for everyone. If you are struggling to find reasons to visit this high-spirited city, your dilemma ends here and you will jump right into backpacking for a well needed Barcelona tour.


Basilica La Sagrada Familia is Antoni Gaudi’s most stunning unprecedented UNESCO Heritage and though unfinished, it is a masterpiece of nature and people’s work that you just can’t miss. Construction of the church which was later designated as a Cathedral by

pope Benedict XVI commended as far back as 1882. “La Familia” in Spanish means ‘Holy Family’ and it was none less than a holy mission for Gaudi to complete this majestical structure but sadly, a quarter of it including the famous Nativity facade (which was assembled exclusively by Gaudi ) was all that he could witness of his vivid imagination.

From afar the facades of the cathedral looks like a supersized Sandcastle but intimate inspection unravels ornately sculpted towers attempting to depict the entire Bible through delicate engravings and sculptures all throughout the building.

Why should you visit Basilica?

It is a stunning example of great architectural beauty. Even if you are not an art & history enthusiasts, You might just become one after noticing the intricacy and details of Sagrada Familia. The aisles, chapels, carvings on the external and the internal part, the

facades and tinted windows are not just aesthetically pleasing but simply breath-taking.

From being vandalised by Catalan anarchist during the Spanish civil war to the lack of construction permit. Its remarkable beauty and tragic history will leave you inspired and fascinated all at the same time. It’s organic and almost fractal in its nature. La Sagrada follows all the beauty mathematics can create.

How would you feel?

Sagrada Familia will make you feel as if you’ve entered an enchanted forest of stone and light. The stained glass windows illuminate a mystical positive aura. For a moment one might feel as if they’ve entered the mighty palace of Gondolin. Gaudi said, “The expiatory church of La Sagrada Familia is made by the people and mirrored in them. It is a work that is in the hands of God and will of people”. Hence, some may also call it god’s own creation.

The feelings are so majestic and vest to describe that one can only understand it after seeing it in all its glory!


Apart from its history & Architecture, Barcelona in the best known for its thriving nightlife. You need good music, good drinks and a good atmosphere to party in style and Barcelona is the party capital of the world for a reason. Although you can be the judge of that later!

The party city offers much more than just great clubs, whether you are travelling with your friends, family or alone there’s always something you can do to have a fabulous evening!

Now, if you ask me why should you visit Barcelona for its Nightlife then my the answer would probably be because it’s known as a party city worldwide but that’s not it !! From spending your night at one of the best grimy dive night to taking a stroll at the beach under the starry sky. You can do it all. But finding what clubs are worth your dance moves and mood-setting can get rather tricky to decide

So, what are the best places for a memorable nightlife experience in Barcelona?

Places to party

Glad you asked!

We have got some of our favourite places here. So all you need to do is put on your party shoes and be ready to get crazy.

– If you’re in the mood of some electronic music, Ibiza vibe and beachfront setting then the neighbourhood of Vile Olimpic should do it for you! You won’t find a neighbourhood better than this to enjoy partying and witnessing beautiful sunrise over the Mediterranean right before you’re about to head back home. Clubs like Opium mar and Shoko are one of the best and biggest in that locality.

Tip: Shoko offers free drinks along with the entrance ticket!

– Now if you’re in the mood for some hip hop, ‘R&B’, and house hits in Barcelona then “otto-zutz” is just the club you’re looking for to have an authentic nightlife experience.

– And if you prefer some house, techno and more Avante – Garde sounds in general then you should definitely check out –

I. Moog – located in Barcelona’s gothic quarters. It offers some of the best EDM music and drinks in the City.

II. Sala Apollo – one of the best underground clubs where you don’t have to worry about a hole in your wallet and can enjoy dancing along with live music.

III. La Terrazza – being located on a mountain top castle makes it an adventurous place to spend the night with loads of fun.

IV. Razz Mataz -The biggest club and probably the craziest of them all. Spread over 5 different rooms each having a different musical theme. While visiting it with your friends this is a place you just can’t miss. This isn’t all that Barcelona has to offer to have a fantastic nightlife experience. We’ve got a list of things for those people and travel mates of yours who are looking for a bit extra other than just clubs ( to party like a trueBarceloní)

3. Magic Fountain ( Font Màgica )

Magic Fountain is completely free of charge. It hosts mesmerizing and refreshing water & light show accompanied by music. Situated at Barcelona’s one of the most iconic places. During, the La Mercé Festival in late September the whole show is

accompanied by fireworks and laser water lights.

4.Medieval show with Dinner

Enjoy an amazing medieval show with a 4- course dinner meal at Requesens Palace along with a visit to one of the largest medieval Palaces in all of Europe.

5.Walking Tours

Stroll around the city exploring culinary spots and history of Barcelona and Spain, not to forget the tour offers food as well. So, if you are a food and explore through walking fanatic then it is just the thing for you.

6.Parc Güell

Parc Güel another one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. It offers a perfect setting for a beautiful romantic date night along with a good rooftop view of the city, this will surely be a memorable experience for you and your beloved one.

Now, let’s get on with the rest of our tour !!


Barcelona is the Best City to experience city Break and Beach holiday all at once.

From the bustling Barceloneta beach to a less crowded Bogatell beach There’s a beach for everyone.

Here’s my favourite list of the best beaches in Barcelona from Food to Nude.

I. Barceloneta – This is the most buzzing beach in Barcelona located near all the city centre attractions, this beach is also surrounded by an authentic neighbourhood. It is popular for its iconic structure and is also close to museums

II. Nova Icaria– Even though located at a prime location this beach will give you a comparatively peaceful experience with a pleasant scenic view. One can indulge in snorkelling and other water activities over here.

III. Bogatell -Playa del Bogatell is a popular beach among locals This is the beach for those travelling with their family. There are reasonably priced beach bars( chiringuitos). You can get everything at a decent price and its perfect for weaker swimmers.

IV. Playa La & Marbella – This is one of the most famous nude beaches in Barcelona.

For the fun-loving, open-minded crowd this beach is for all from LGBTQ friends to nude sunbathers. Even though there is no pressure to undress, A part of this beach is partitioned by a big sand mound for the nude beach lovers. One can also enjoy the city’s iconic Nightlife at La Marbella!

Now, hopefully, there’re plenty of choices for you to decide where to put that towel down.


Barcelona’s Gothic Quarters ( Barrio Gòtio ) is located in the old part of the city. Brimming with the charming ambience of centuries ago. Wherever one wanders, delightful mysterious surprises abound from Roman period-parts pre-dating back to the Gothic Era ( 12 th -15 th Century) to inviting patio with peaceful fountains. It’s narrow and twisted medieval alleyways are the perfect scenery to explore the city centre at a leisurely pace. Read down below for a few interesting things to do in Barrio Gotico :

I. Visit La Seu Cathedral – The cathedral of Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is the most famous place in the GothicQuarters. From being amused by it’s impressive interiors to its stunning

courtyard, one can take a break around its bullet holed walls and beautiful fountains while enjoying the peaceful acoustics.

II. Restaurant ( Eat like a local ) – The choices of eateries in this area will spoil you. Some must go places are

Els Quatre Gats – this beer bar will give you a Bohemian atmosphere. It’s also the place where Picasso’s first-ever the exhibition was held.

Can Cullerates – this is the oldest restaurants in Barcelona and second-oldest in all of Spain. Built-in 1786 it’s tucked away in the famous streets of Las Ramblas. Here, you can find authentic Catalan and Spanish cuisines.

III. El Call – Jewish Quarter – Jewish merchants played an important role in city life before the Inquisition of Spain. Get lost in the narrowest alleys in all of Barcelona and learn about the dark history dating back to medieval times. The street of Sant Domenec del Cal is at the centre of it all where you can find lovely cafes and bars along with the Old Synagogue.

IV. Plaça Reil – This was Gaudi’s very first project. This stunning neo-classical square is one of the most charming and lively areas in the cathedral quarter. It is perfect for an evening out in the town.

V. Plaça del Rei – Here is one of the most enriching museums of Barcelona, showing the life of 2000-year-old Romans. The audio guide for kids and even for adults is fantastic.


Barcelona is all about going off the beaten track. Bunkers of Carmel is a picturesque viewpoint and a true hidden gem, located at a height of 262 metres. It is the perfect place to escape the energetic and busy streets of Barcelona and find calmness in the scenic ‘golden- hour’ sunset. From having a historic background during the Spanish Civil war to

providing a panoramic view of the city away from the hustle-bustle; A visit to the Carmel bunkers will leave you mesmerized. People enjoy the 360 angle view of the colourful city with refreshing drinks in hand, available in the rooftop bar at W Barcelona. Bunkers del Carmel is one of the secret gems of Barcelona where you can sit- back, relax, glance at the terracotta walls and take awesome pictures while being awestruck and amazed. Appreciate the remains of the historic past of the city of Barcelona while getting fascinated by its scenic beauty.


Barcelona is a wonderland of history. The wealth of museums here is a true gem which is hard to find in such a bustling, broad-minded and not to forget the high-spirited city.

It’s a city like no other, filled with Art, Culture and Architecture. If you haven’t yet explored the best museums this city has to offer then don’t worry – we’re here to the rescue by enlisting them in a precise list below.

I. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Located at the stunning Italian building of Palau Nacional, atop Mountjüic hill, this is undoubtedly the city’s palace Built for 1929 World Exhibition and restored in 2005, Museu Nacional will take you on an uninterrupted journey through a vast collection of thousands of years of Catalan Art. Romanesque murals and splendorous Gothic art are the two prominent

the highlight of this museum. It is divided into different zones, each transporting the visitor to a different mood.

II. Picasso Museum

Located at the Ribera-district at the old town, Museu Picasso exhibits mostly the work of the great Pablo Picasso’s formative years. Spread across five Gothic palaces, the museum holds a permanent collection of about 4000 artworks of Picasso, showing the gradual

maturation of the great artist. From epic painted ceilings to Gothic archways illuminating his work, you will not be able to get enough of Piccauses You’ll enter as an art buff but

come out being a Picasso lover.

III. Museum Marítim de Barcelona

Located at Ramblas, Maritime Museum is one of the most fascinating and imaginative museums in Spain. From illustrated Catalan sea-faring culture to permanent collection of

a full-scale replica of Royal Galley used by Juan of Austria highlights us the uniqueness of this museum. It is a home for an enormous exhibition of model ships, paintings and

Figureheads as well as an interactive exhibition called “The great adventurous of the sea”.

From beaches to museums, from clubs to authentic local cuisines, from hilltop views to exclusive architecture and history. This city has got it all covered for a perfect vacation.

Once a major city of the Roman Empire, the place is still sprawling with millions of resident and tourists for it’s mouthwatering delicacies, stunning beaches, rich history and unique architecture.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and go for an amazing tour of Barcelona!

Best things to do in Barcelona, Spain.

Looking for more activities? There are 500+ things to do in Barcelona.

Buen Viaje!!

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