13 Most Amazing Reasons to visit Switzerland

If you are struggling to decide the next travel destination for your vacations, then there is no

other better option than Switzerland. Some of the reasons that will surely persuade you to

visit Switzerland are suggested under.

Peaceful and calm

Aren’t you tired from all the noise and crowd of your city and need a relaxing break from

your hectic schedule? Imagine yourself far from all the harsh noises, in a place like

Switzerland where you are surrounded by stunning green meadows, eccentric alpine

mountains, cosy chalets and breathtaking waterfalls. You will surely enjoy sipping a cup of

hot coffee and mouth-melting divine swiss chocolates while sitting in the balcony of your


The diverse and rich culture

Switzerland is popular for its distinguished diverse culture and traditions. Each

neighbourhood in Switzerland is completely different from the other because of its unique

norms and traditions. Native people of Switzerland are fluent in many languages like

German, Italian and French. If you are an art enthusiast then Switzerland is a perfect choice.

It has more than 600 museums. Some of the famous museums are the art museum in Basel,

the transport museum in Lucerne, the land museum in Zurich. Switzerland has a rich culture

in culinary and it can be food heaven for foodies where you can taste a wide variety of

national dishes. Swiss folk music and lively dance can be a captivating adventure for music

enthusiasts. Seeing native people perform folk music and dance, wear ethnic dresses, is a

memorable experience.

Feel safe as home

Switzerland is said to be one of the safest countries in Europe. In 2019 the World Economic

Forum (WEF) listed Switzerland as the 2nd safest country in the whole world. In 2020, the

global peace index (GPI) ranked Switzerland 10th on a list of a total of 163 countries.

Switzerland has a negligible amount of crime rates. That is because the population of

Switzerland is very less and the native people of Switzerland are already rich, furthermore,

people in Switzerland are very pleasant and they strictly follow traffic rules. So you can

freely wander around the beautiful streets of Switzerland even at night without being worried

about getting mugged.

Spoil yourself with a luxury watch

While shopping in the luxurious malls don’t resist yourself to buy a luxury watch. Swiss

watches are of the best quality because they are handcrafted with artistry, creativity and

fineness. They are made with the best mechanism and meta gears are used. People can’t help but notice that elegant and precious watch on your wrist or if you are struggling to find the perfect present for your husband, dad, or even your partner then nothing can be better than a luxury watch. Plus it’s a clever investment because swiss watches are hand-assembled and can be serviced, meaning that you can use it for an entire lifetime.

Turquoise green lakes

Water in Switzerland lakes is staggering green. Some people think that it may be food

colouring, some chemical reaction or algae. But it’s not, It’s just mother nature at her

absolute finest. Chemical minerals from the rocks dissolve into the lake water over the period of time and give it a turquoise green appearance, and due to the absence of pollution, it really takes on a sparkling and luminous colour. The turquoise water surrounded by lush green mountains makes it a beautiful place to walk by and just relax and enjoy the picturesque beauty of sunsets and glaciers. In summer and spring seasons lakes become a beautiful place for boating, sailing, swimming, diving while in winters, the freezing temperature of the lake turns it into an ice-skating area. Some of the most beautiful and famous lakes in Switzerland are lake Geneva, lake Lucerne, lake Constance, lake Thun, lake Zurich.

Most beautiful village, Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is a small, beautiful valley town in Jungfrau, Switzerland. The name

Lauterbrunnen itself suggests the magnificence of this landscape. Lauterbrunnen is also

called the valley of waterfalls. This valley is surrounded by 72 most breathtaking waterfalls.

Lauterbrunnen is the best beginning to explore the mesmerizing mountain range of

Switzerland because it is centrally situated which makes beautiful villages of Wengen,

Wilderswil, Kleine Schiedegg easily accessible from here. You can choose to stay in a

beautiful Swiss chalet which will give you the same comfort as your sweet home and at the

same time you will have the most stunning breathtaking views from your window.

You can take a bus ride to the Trummelbach falls. In Trummelbach falls 10 glacier waterfalls

inside the mountain of Lauterbrunnen valley. The tunnel lift will take you to the

Trummelbach falls. Trummelbach falls is the world’s only glacier waterfall which is excessed

underground. They carry the water of the glaciers from the young crowd down to the valley.

The fall carries up to 20,000 litres of water per second. So amazing!!

Picture perfect landscapes

Is Switzerland really as beautiful as it sounds?? The answer is No!! it’s even more pretty and

heavenly. The bright blue lake water, dense green mountains, alluring waterfalls and

snowcapped mountains. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every second spent in

Switzerland is totally worth it.

Switzerland is known as the valley of mountains. The towering and beautiful mountains

along with the scenic beauty all around will surely not disappoint you. Matterhorn is among

the most famous mountains in Switzerland. You can visit Matterhorn to view its magnificent

beauty and can also enjoy numerous other activities around it. You can never miss the chance to take pictures in these postcard come alive scenes and upload on your Instagram or social media accounts to share with your friends.

A train ride through Switzerland

The most unforgettable way to see Switzerland is by train. Switzerland has the world’s best

railway system. No other place can compete with the efficiency and breathtaking scenic view

that you will witness from the train. The Swiss train passes by and reaches to all of the major

destinations like Bern, Geneva, Interlaken, Lugano so you don’t need to rent a car. It’s

economical, easy and efficient, plus you will be able to witness a heavenly view from your

seat. You can get a better view of the transition from densely green meadows mountains to

snow-capped mountains. This train journey is totally unique in every season. In summer you

can view sparkling mountains, in winters snow-covered mountains seems like a dream, and in

spring-blooming flowers are a delight to your sight.

Miraculous waterfalls

Waterfalls are the miracles of mother nature. Everything about waterfalls, its sight, sound and

feels, makes them so appealing and mesmerizing. The breathtaking scene as the waterfalls

from the top to the bottom, one just instinctively love it. And if you get lucky during your trip

to Switzerland, you may catch a glimpse of the breathtaking rainbows, formed when the

sunlight hits the waterfall. One can’t help but hopelessly draw towards the beauty of these

mesmerizing waterfalls. Switzerland’s waterfalls are ranked amongst the highest and biggest

in Europe.

The Rhine falls

The largest waterfall in all of Europe is the Rhine falls. This magnificent marvel of nature

was formed about 17000 years ago. Its width is about 150 meters and has a height of about 23 meters, and an average of 700,000 litres of water streams over the rocks every second.

Imagine standing high above Europe’s largest waterfall, feeling the burble and shower of

water over one’s entire body. Taking an exciting boat ride through the fall and then walking

to the top to see the majestic view of Rhine falls is an enduring experience that can’t be

explained in words.

Swiss chocolate treats

When you are in Switzerland, it’s perfectly okay to say that “now, it’s not the time to diet.”.

Swiss chocolates’ perfectly rich flavours make any other desert fade in comparison. It’s the

perfect appetizer on your way to the mesmerizing alps and your ski trip. When wondering

around the alluring streets of Switzerland, you will come across many chocolate shops, so

why not indulge yourself with luscious chocolates, and bring some for your loved ones too,

they make the perfect souvenirs.

Skiing in the winter paradise

Winter in Switzerland is truly captivating. Surrounded by the amazing scenic beauty,

snowcapped mountains and virgin beautiful white snow, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to

say that it is heaven on land. Switzerland is world-renowned for its winter tourism. St.Moritz

is the birthplace of winter tourism. People come to St. Moritz for winter activities. Looking

through the window, it is surreal to see the green landscapes gradually transform into

snowcap mountains while travelling to St.Moritz.

Fairy tale castles

I am sure that you remember at least one of the fairytales that you read when you were a kid.

Castles in Switzerland are similar to those mentioned in fairytales. On visiting swiss castles

you will feel as if you have travelled back in time. You can even stay in castle hotels during

your entire vacation in Switzerland. Some of the other famous castles are Spiez castle,

Castello di Montebello, Vufflens castle, Rapperswil castle, Castle Grande, Tourbillon castle.

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