Set up Google Flights alert and get notifed when your flight price drops down!

Ever wanted to be notified immediately when your ticket price drops down so that you could spend less and save money on flights? This is very possible! All you need to do is to set up Google Flights alert.You will receive email from Google when the ticket price drops.

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There are only 4 easy steps you need to follow:
1. Enter your travel info
2. Click the button “Track prices”
for your destination
3. Check the flights you are tracking
4. Keep an eye on your email

1. Enter your travel details as you normally would, by entering dates, number of passengers and your desired destination/s (you can enter up to seven destination airports) and click on “Search”.

2. On the left-hand side, right below the search criteria, you’ll see a button “Track prices”(highlighted in red). Turn it on to start tracking flights for your travel dates and favourite destination. If a price change occurs Google will automatically notify you by sending you an email.

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To be able to track flights you need to sign in on your Google profile.

3. Check the flights you are tracking

Go to the main Google Flights page. Click on “Flights” in the menu located on the left-hand side (highlighted in red) and then click “View all”.

There you can view all the flights you have tracked and find out more about any price changes.

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4. Keep an eye on your email

If the price of your flight decreases, Google will send you an email showing the price of your most recent search and the new price for your flight. I have tracked a flight which at the time I checked was £60. I received an email from Google flights when the price dropped to £56 being £4 cheaper than the original price.

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