5 Reasons why you should start learning a new language…Now!

Why learning a new language? Especially if you speak English already?

Well, there are thousands of reasons. For now, let’s see 5 of them in detail.

1. Learning languages improves the plasticity of your brain: What does it mean? It means
that when you learn a new way to say the same things, your brain creates new
connections and ramifications among neurons. Learning a new language actually
increases the power of your brain cells and prevents Dementia and other age-related
diseases to take over.

2. Travelling gets much easier! Can you imagine travelling to your dream destination and
being able to speak to local people in their original language? It sounds like a dream…but
it’s possible! You can enjoy much more of your holiday if you speak at least a bit of the
language spoken there, and many tasks get easier. Checkin- in your accommodation, going
to the supermarket and especially…meeting new local and interesting people at the beach!

3. It boosts your employment chances: According to a recent study, the more languages you
speak, the more likely you are to get a better-paid job. Whatever your field of expertise
is, speaking multiple languages is a great advantage for you, especially when your
employer has to choose among you and other candidates..who speak only English for

4. It makes you a more interesting person (and maybe sexier, too): How many people can
say that they speak multiple languages? Very few. That’s why speaking several of them
will make you a fairly more interesting person than average. Not to mention that many
people find languages skills very appealing and…sexy.

5. Becoming more open and tolerant: You will understand others better and you will see the
world through different eyes. We are all conditioned by the culture in which we live, and
we behave accordingly. And so by analyzing your behaviuor and comparing it with that of
others, you could question your country’s way of thinking and doing, and become more
tolerant and open to others.

Written by Giulia Baiocco

Long-haul Cabin Crew

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