List of Travel Cooking kit

Some people love cooking their own food while on holiday. Also, people on camping holiday need to cook their own food. The following are a list of some kitchen essential for travellers who loves cooking on their holiday.

• A cook book
• Pan (size depend on the number of companions)
• Saucepan ( medium/small, depending on the number of people)
• Frying pan (medium/small, depending on number of people)
• Plastic jug
• Mugs
• Plates
• Bowl
• Pair of tong
• Spatula
• Vegetable slicer
• Pepper grinder
• Lighter or matches
• Small chopping board
• Aluminium foil
• Cling film
• Kitchen towel
• Washing up liquid
• Washing up sponge
• Reusable shopping bag
• Cutleries
• Tin opener
• Vegetable peeler
• Cork screw
• Paring knife
• Small grater
• Bread knife

Baking lovers could add following essential in the list
• Dry measuring cup
• Measuring spoon
• A zester
• A citrus reamer
• Ice cream scoop
• Piping bag
• Baking cups
• Baking mat

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