Top 11 Reasons to visit Corfu (Greece)

Corfu is the queen of natural beauty, an island in the Ionian sea. One of the most beautiful and most popular holiday destinations in the world. Known for its cultural heritage with Sicilian, Venetian, French and British influence, beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue sea, authentic Greek food, historical old town, welcoming and friendly people, and its greenery. The total area of this island is 585 square kilometres with over two hundred kilometres of coastline and many mountains and millions of olive trees. The capital city of the island is Corfu Town, the official language is modern Greek, the official currency is Euro, total inhabitants over 101 thousand. Corfu has a mild Mediterranean climate with a hot summer.

1. Delightful Beaches

Corfu is a haven for beach lovers, with more than 80 miles of Ionian coastline it has beaches for everyone with plenty of parking facilities. From sun lovers to water sports and surfers lovers to nature lovers or just to relax and spend time in a calm, quiet atmosphere with loved ones or family, it has all. It has also white sandy beaches very similar to the Caribbean.

If you love the stunning view of the sunset by the sea then Logas beach is perfect for you. To spend a day lounging in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere head to the Kantokali beach. Mirtiotissa is a great sandy beach for nature lovers neighbouring amazing greenery. There are also many magnificent sandy beaches including Nissaki, Porto Timoni, and Kassiopi, with crystal clear water, blue sea and spectacular views.

2. The historical Old Town

The old town of Corfu is a UNESCO world heritage site, packed with history of its the Sicilian, the Venetian, the French and the British era. This charming city looks like a piece of painting with lots of historical buildings, fortress, church, green esplanade and welcoming friendly, amazing people. The Liston with white corridor patio is the main part of the town, a landmark with French influence. The cant missed red dommed bell towered church of St.Spyridon where they preserved the body of a saint. The esplanade is one of the biggest in Europe, packed with lots of local shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. You will spot a cricket pitch in the middle of the square as proof of British impact.

3. Picturesque mountain village

Corfu is home to a whole bunch of pretty villages surrounded by mountains. View of the beautiful green villages from the top of the mountain is amazing. Paleokastritsa is one of the most beautiful villages of Corfu with 6 beautiful beaches, hypnotising caves, the 13th-century cultural attraction Theotokou abbey and dynamic atmosphere with a number of hotels, lounges and bars. With numerous remains from the Venetian time, Palea Perithia is a totally deserted village that will take you back to the time. Pelekas, Perivoli, Peroulades, Arilla, Nisaki, Gouvia, Sinarades, and Sartilas are few of its numerous fascinating villages.

4. Welcoming and Friendly People

Corfu is well known for its hospitality, welcoming, helpful and friendly people. They always make an effort to stop by and say ‘hi’, engage in a small conversation and are always ready if you require any help. Hotel, bar, restaurants, villages, towns even on the beach you will always feel welcome and the people of Corfu will utterly make your holiday pleasant with their great sense of hospitality and friendliness.

5. The Old Capital Kanoni

Just a few kilometres away from the Corfu Town, Kanoni is the town of natural beauty and stunning views. The area around the church of Panagia Vlacherna and The Mouse Island are two most popular tourist spots in Kanoni because of the view and green landscape with emerald trees. This beautiful city is named after an ancient cannon sitting on top of the lush green hill. Kanoni has a rocky seacoast surrounded by green landscape and with a picturesque view of peninsulae Vlacherna and Pontikonisi.

6. Authentic Greek Food

Corfu is the paradise for food lovers with the combined influence of Venetian, Greek, British and French cuisine. However, authentic Greek dishes are very unique with real greek flavours and taste. We all know about Greek yoghurt, olive oil, honey and salad. As sea food is the main food so most of their delicious dishes contain seafood. Some of the most popular dishes are Sofrito – veal cooked with vinegar, garlic and parsley, Bourdeto – papered fish stew, Bianco – garlicky fish stew, and Pastisada – cooked with pasta and meat. It is the best idea to try All these traditional delicious foods in a small family-run restaurant to have real greek flavour. Frozen Greek yoghurt with a hint of lemon cream is divine as a dessert.

7. Adventurous Aqualand

Tired of ancient Venetian culture and ruins? Make your way to one of the most adventurous aqua parks in Europe for some thrilling experiences. There you have the opportunity to try over 36 different waterslides and 15 adventure pools. Some of the most adventurous slides include Double Twister, Hurricane Twister and Kamikazes to spend a day with some adrenaline powered excitement.

8. Dynamic Nightlife

Corfu is also known for its lively, vibrant nightlife with a number of world-class bars, pubs, and nightclubs. If you are a party animal and love spending a night on the dancefloor look no further than Corfu. Kavos is the town in Corfu that is most popular for its nightlife with a great selection of good quality night clubs. Kavos never sleeps.

9. Mild Mediterranean weather

The perfect hot summer and mild rest of the year, make everything that Corfu offers more enjoyable and make the holiday even more perfect. If you love hot sunny weather then June to September is the best time to visit this amazing lush green island. With 12 hours of sunshine a day, it is one of the best places to sunbathe by the sea and get yourself tanned up or just lounging under the lined up olive tree by the blue Lonian sea is very relaxing and refreshing too. So the choice is yours.

10. Culture and History

Corfu has a long history of being ruled by Sicilian, Venetian, French and British. Thisbeautiful island packed with history of over three thousand years with numeroushistorical landmarks including Byzantine Castle, Angelokastro, Imperial palace ofAchilleion, the temple of Artemis in KorKyra, site of Palaopolis, and the Monument ofMenekrathis in Garitsa will take you back in time. It is also home to many museums,The history museum Casa Parlante, The Museum of Asian Art- with a huge collectionof artworks from all over Asia, The Archaeological Museum and the Museum atMavroudis Olive Farm demonstrates the process of extracting olive oil. The uniqueculture and tradition are also one of the reasons to visit Corfu. Get out of the city,head to one of the traditional mountain villages, spend a day in some of the family-run tavernas and soak yourself in real Greek culture and tradition.

11. The base for other Lonian Island

You have the opportunity to explore the other nearby amazing islands. Those islands are also famous for their white sandy beaches, lush green picturesque mountain villages, crystal clear water and blue sea. they are located within a short journey away from Corfu with the facility of world-class Marina and sheltered harbour. Paxos, Antipaxos and Sivota are some of the nearby majestic islands, great for sailing from one to another.

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