Five largest countries in the world based on total area

Could one of these five largest countries in the World be your next holiday destinations?

1. Russia

Total area – 17,098,242 Square kilometres. Total population – 145 million.

Capital city – Moscow.

2. Canada

Total Area- 9,984,670 square kilometres. Total population – 37.6 million.

Capital city- Ottawa.

 3. The United States

Total Area- 9,826,675 Square kilometres. Total Population- 328 million.

Capital city- Washington, D. C.

4. China

Total Area – 9,596,961 Square kilometres. Total population- 1.4 Billion.

Capital city- Beijing.

5. Brazil

Total Area- 8,514,877 Square Kilometres. Total Population- 209.5 million.

Capital city- Brasilia.

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