13 Reasons to visit Mauritius

Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean in East Africa with numerous amazingBeaches, Lagoons, and Reefs. It is also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Well knownfor its natural beauty, rainforest, waterfall, hiking trail, picturesque landscapes and renownedbotanical gardens. It is also home to many rare found wild animals including flying fox, pinkpigeon, kestrels, and giant tortoise. This magnificent island also has a name as a weddingand honeymoon destination.

It has something for everyone from varieties of food to cultural activities, to adventure, to water sports, to shopping, to relaxing spa and the weather is perfect all year round. Welcoming people with huge cultural diversity. The total area of the island is just over 2000 square kilometres with just over 1.2 million total population. Most of the population speaks Creole, The capital city is Port Louis, the official currency is Mauritian rupee. It has a mild tropical climate with a minimum temperature of 17 degrees in winter and a maximum of 30 degrees in summer.

1. Lovely Beaches

Mauritius is home to hundreds of beautiful beaches along the endless coastline protected bynatural reefs. It has beaches of all kinds and suitable for everyone with white and goldensands. Most of the beaches have lined up casuarina, coconut and palm trees. All thebeaches have distinctive characteristics. If you into clam atmosphere then beaches on thewestern side of the island are perfect for you. The beaches in the eastern end are perfect forwater sports and beach activity. Belle Mare Plage is one of the most popular white-sandbeaches on the east end of the island. To have a very rare experience of swimming with wilddolphins you should make your way to beautiful Tamarin Bay. in the south end of the island,you will find the secluded beaches with stony bays. To spend a relaxing Sunday with adelicious barbecue Ile aux Cerfs is ideal with access to one of the nearest world-famous golfcourses.

2. Natural Beauty

Mauritius is the queen of natural beauty with many natural reserves, botanical gardens, waterfalls, lush green landscapes, rainforest, national park and many wild animals and plants. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam botanical garden is one of the magnificent botanical gardens in the capital city is home to more than five hundred species of plants and over eighty varieties of palm. The giant water lilies that grow up to more than 2 feet wide is beautiful. This island is also home to UNESCO world heritage site Le Morne CulturalLandscape with a viewpoint on Maconde mountain offers a magnificent view of the ocean. The very popular Black River Gorges National Park has more than 300 hundred types of beautiful flowers, many rare tropical birds including pink pigeon and echo parakeet. This national park also homes to many varieties of local flora and fauna.

3. The magnificent seven-cloured earth of Chamarel

One of the most popular tourists attraction in Mauritius is the magnificent Mars-like the landscape of seven different colours of Chamarel. The soil marked with swirl and strip of 7 colours of the rainbow never mixes up or washes away. You can enjoy the stunning view of seven distinguish colour of the earth from an observation deck. You can buy jar filled seven colours of sands as a souvenir. Some say the seven colour formation is the result of different speed cooling of volcanic lava, some say it is because of the presence of different metal oxides. Apart from 7 coloured earth, Chamarel is a beautiful village rises up to 283 meters above the sea level, you have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the lush green forest around. It is also home to the beautiful architecture of the Church of St Anne.

4. Cultural diversity

Mauritius is well known for its cultural and ethnic diversity. This beautiful island is a great example of cross-culturalism euphony, with people from a different culture including Europe, Africa, India, China and people of different culture and religion. It is like a world on an Island. People from a diverse origin, culture, religion live in great harmony and respect. You will find mosques, temples and churches in the same street sitting next to each other. You will find diversity in their religion, cuisine, dresses even in language, for example, the native language Creole is a french based language with a mix of English, African and Indian words. Do not forget to enjoy their African originated traditional performance Sega.

5. The Capital city Port Louis

Port Louis is an ancient harbour city, which was declared as the main harbour in that part of the ocean in 1735 by the French governor. The city has many historical and cultural landmarks, monuments and museums. Walk along the cobbled street of the old town and discover the beauty of the city, the ancient colonial houses and historic buildings. The view of the market with the displayed colourful fresh fruit and vegetables is amazing. You will find hundreds of shop selling from anything to everything, from local shop to the world-class high street outlet. Enjoy walking along with the china town and satisfy your sense with the aroma of oriental spices. Don’t forget to visit the oldest horse -racing course at Champ de Mars. To enjoy the stunning view of the whole city, make your way to the Citadelle, an old fort used to protect the city. Church of Marie Reine de la Paix also offers a magnificent view of the mountain.

6. Watersports and Adventure

Mauritius offers a huge range of water watersports and adventurous activities in a very favourable atmosphere. With the warm water of the Indian ocean, it is a paradise for watersports lovers. The most popular watersports include kayaking, water skiing, sea karting, windsurfing and many more. It is also very well-known as a diving destination with almost fifty amazing diving sites. You have also the opportunity to experience the other water adventure activities including parasailing, snorkelling, submarine trip and underwater walk. Explore the blue bay or nature reserve on a glass-bottom boat and enjoy snorkelling in the blue lagoons.
Beaches in the south and east are ideal for kitesurfing all year round. For adventure on the land consider exploring the beautiful Domaine de I’Etoile reserve on a quad bike, on a mountain bike, on a horseback or on foot. Enjoy zip-lining or hiking through the tropical rainforest with the magnificent view or have a very rare experience of canyoning in the waterfalls. It is just adventure heaven with all kind of adventure opportunities.

7. Cultural Heritage

This beautiful island is home to two of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Apravasi Ghat andLe Morne. These heritage sites have many historical landmarks including Dutch Landing site. It is worth paying a visit to the historical Government House, a French colonial building built-in 1738. Other most popular historical sites include the picturesque Central Post Office, the Court of Justice building and the old prison.

8. Island Hopping

Island hopping is one of the most popular activities in Mauritius for travellers and locals. Get on board on a ferry or catamaran and explore the islands around the mainland. IIe auRonde, IIe aux Cerfs, IIot Gabriel, IIe d’Ambre, IIe Benetiers are some of the most popular for islands hopping. Those beautiful islands secluded from the mainland has many amazing beaches and blue bays ideal for spending a relaxing day lounging and sunbathing. They are also home to many world-class golf courses and magnificent waterfalls. You have the opportunity to book a guided tour with included lunch.

9. Fishing and Marine life

Mauritius is one of the most popular destinations on the planet for Big Game Fishing. It hosts many fishing competition at different times of the year including the very prestigious The Blue Marlin, where competitors from all over the world come to compete. Mauritius is also very well known for amazing coral reef and very rich marine life with over four thousand species of fish and sea creatures often seen in the shore of the island. Go for an underwater excursion to meet those sea creatures. To have a unique experience of swimming along with dolphins and whales visit the glorious Tamarind bay.

10. Traditional Sega Dance

The traditional Sega dance has been listed as a UNESCO intangible heritage. Sega isAfrican originated very distinctive traditional dance often performed all over Mauritius. It isimpossible to leave Mauritius without learning a few steps of Sega. Most of the resorts havetheir own Sega, it is a great way to conclude your evening with a colourful live performanceof Sega. The most commonly used musical instrument is used Ravanne, Maravanne ortriangle with the song, sung in Creole. To bring this tropical beat to your home you cant segamusic from any music stores on the island.

11. Wedding and Honeymoon destination

Mauritius has a name as the best wedding and honeymoon destination with many splendid beaches and top-class resorts. In 2013 It has won the award of the best wedding and honeymoon destination. Thousands of couple every year tie their knot on this spectacular island. It has many unparalleled romantic beaches and resort for the newlywed couples. Beach in Felic and Flac is one of them. Considering the weather condition and shoulder season September to October is the best time for wedding and honeymoon. Hotels in Mauritius offers wedding and honeymoon packages with romantic settings and upper crusthospitality.

12. Delicious Food

Mauritius is a foodies paradise with diverse cuisine with Frech, Indian, African and Asian influence. Often referred to as its delicious, its Mauritius. It offers everything from world-class fine dining to street food sold in the street market. Do not forget to try the most popular ‘The heart of palm’ salad. The most popular street foods include Dholl puris, Samosas, gateaux piments and gateaux arouille. Some of the other popular dishes are daube, fish Vindaye, chicken or fish Kalia.

13. Weather

Last not the least, Unlike most other destination Mauritius has a tropical climate that suitable for the traveller at any time of the year with a minimum temperature of 16 degrees in winter and goes up to 35 degrees in summer. It has only two seasons, summer from October to April and winter rest of the year with a lot of sunshine all year round.

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