12 Compelling Reasons to visit Marvellous Finland

Finland is a country located in the north of Europe neighbouring Sweden and Russia. Finland is also known as the home of Santa Claus. Finland is one of the most well-recognized countries for its incredible natural beauty. Crystal clear lakes, spectacular island archipelagos, and towards the north, unspoiled winter utopias rule the landscape. Meanwhile, modern infrastructure to stay in harmony with the times by offering world-class banqueting and accommodation options.

Here is a look at why you should visit Finland:

The happiest country in the world:

Finland has ranked #1 in the UN’s 2020 World Happiness Report, as the Finns have high incomes, health care for all, and a top education system. Due to their low corruption and little to no crime rates make it the safest place for tourism in the world. It’s also worth noticing that Finns’ faith in their police is the highest in entire Europe! Citizens are not the only ones who enjoy a sense of comfort, safety, and freedom, Tourists also feel much relaxed and happier in Finland’s harmless cities and in its cinematic countryside where they do not even have to worry about their valuables being stolen.

Mesmerizing Northern Lights:

Catch the magical view of the mesmerizing Northern lights are also known as Aurora Borealis or polar lights, this natural display can be viewed from purpose build glass igloos that offer comfort and cosiness as well as a romantic and mesmerizing view. Spending a night in the glass igloos is one of the most popular tourism and honeymoon attraction from the past few years. These astral lights are visible for around 150 nights a year in a place called Finish Lapland. Whereas the auroras can also be witnessed from Rovaniemi from late august to early April.

Impressive Architecture:

Finish architecture is one of the most brilliant architectures that captivate even the most discerning travellers, with everything from traditional wooden households to immense modern infrastructures enhancing the land. The town of Porvoo, sited near Helsinki makes up an excellent day expedition for those desiring to grasp traditional Finnish architecture with an array of colourful wooden houses located on the shores of the Porvoonjoki River. Other modern architectures that are worth sighted comprise the Kamppi Chapel and the amazing rock mounted Temppeliaukion Church also known as the rock church.

Magnificent Suomenlinna:

Suomenlinna is also known as the Sea fort. It is an 18th-century sea fortress with centuries-old artillery and defensive walls that spread across six islands. Suomenlinna sea fortress is one of the most popular Finish tourism destinations. Suomenlinna is also a district of Helsinki with around 800 inhabitants. The fortress was moulded by three historic aeons when it facilitated to defend Sweden, then Russia and eventually Finland. There are six kilometres of walls, exciting tunnels, 100 cannons and beautiful parks that reside within the fortress. Sea fort also has a 250-ton Finnish Navy Vesikko submarine, used from 1936 until the end of World War II. The Ehrensvärd Museum exhibits the medieval Swedish period, and the Doll and Toy Museum exhibit dolls, dollhouses, and toys in an old Russian villa.

Numerous buildings house studios and shops of potters, glassblowers, and other craftsmen, and in the summer, you can stay in the Suomenlinna Summer Theatre for evening music and dance performances. There also have guided tours, museums, events, and restaurants in Suomenlinna. The fortified islands of Suomenlinna are a part of Helsinki, which seems remote, but it is very easy to reach as it takes up a 20-minute ferry ride.

Urho Kekkonen National Park:

This is the second-largest national park in Finland. It attracts hikers, trekkers, and skiers every year due to its diversity. There are still some native Sami folks within the area who practice traditional reindeer herding. You can enjoy husky, and reindeer safaris here. You can make day trips within a maintained ski trail network. The total length of these well-maintained ski trails in the area is 200 km, 70 km of which resides in Urho Kekkonen National Park’s recreational and nature tourism zone. The wide-ranging wilderness areas of Urho Kekkonen National Park can be sightseen on foot in spring and on skis in winter.

Hiking outside marked tracks involves wilderness and survival skills, and in winter the thick snow adds an external layer of difficulty. You can spend nights at any of the many wildernesses and reservation huts situated within the park, which are stocked with firewood.

Korvatunturi the Home of the Santa Clause:

Situated at the north of Russian border, Korvatunturi or Ear Fell is famous among the Finns as the home of Santa Claus. Deep gorges, Clear streams and rolling hills make the spectacular natural landscape, which changes melodramatically from season to season, transitioning from sparkling white to verdant green. Home to wandering herds of reindeer and often covered in snow, many Finns believe the Korvatunturi fell as the site of Santa’s secret workshop.

By Naystin:Flickr [ link ]

Experience a Finnish Sauna:

Finnish houses are exceptional as almost every home has a sauna. It is a national tradition as the Finns invented the concept. Saunas are a wooden room, heated by steam from hot rocks. These rooms are often attached or apart from the home. The classic experience embraces shedding your clothes, entering in a steamy room, and jumping in a river or lake afterwards. It is gracious to take a shower before entering the sauna. Many hotels and resorts offer this classic Finnish experience for guests.

Fascinating Snow Castle of Kemi:

Each year Kemi welcomes tourists to the world’s largest fort made from ice. In melts in the spring and they reconstruct the wonderland with slightly new architectural changes every winter. The area embraces a hotel, restaurant (with ice mugs!), a chapel, and an art gallery. The hotel rooms can be viewed during the day, and visitors come from all over the world to get married or christened in the chapel. The Snow Castle is open from January to April when temperatures are the coldest, but there are now plans to build a Snow Castle that will last all year.

SnowCastle, Kemi, Finland by Art of backpacking:Flickr [link]

Skiing in powdery Snow of Levi:

Tourists from all over the world come to Levi for its incredible skiing. The world-class slopes are empty most of the year, lines for the chair lifts are non-existent, and the area creates regular snowfall. Facilities in Levi are clean and modern. Several dining and nightlife options cater to the skiers at Levi Resort, and even if skiing is not your cup of tea, there are many other snow-related activities in the locale, including husky and reindeer safaris, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. Visitors should not miss visiting Levin Iglut Resort famous for its glass-roofed igloos.

Levijärvi by Leo-seta:Flickr [link]

Breathtaking Lake Saimaa:

Lake Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland, housing at least ten thousand islands. The area is also known as Lakeland. Made up of lush green islands, winding waterways, and dense forests. Lakeland is tremendously popular with Finnish cottagers and visiting tourists; with trekking and kayaking being the area’s hottest activities. The region has a rich history with steamboats, which were used for transportation before cars became popular. However, these days the area is all about slowing up and enjoying the primal sceneries neighbouring Lake Saimaa.

Kauppatori Market Square:

The Market Square (Kauppatori) located in central Helsinki is one of the best alfresco open-air markets in the north of Europe. Constructed on the shore of the Baltic Sea it is filled with stands marketing Finnish foods, flowers, and tourist souvenirs, and there are often fishing boats aligned in the water vending seafood straight from the boat. In winter, the market stalls are protected under tents, and there is a continuous market hall with more vendors that lasts the whole year. Tourists should carefully look out their food, the large and shameless seagulls at the market will pluck food from unsuspecting diners.

Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church):

Temppeliaukio Church located in the heart of Helsinki is also known as rock church was designed by Tuomo and Timo Suomalainen in the late 1960s. The underground interior of the church was built directly by craving into the ancient solid rock of the Helsinki peninsula. The inside is immersed in a magnificent natural light that enters through the glazed dome. It has 13 meters high shallow spherical dome of glass borne and copper sheeting on concrete beams. The church is also used as a concert hall as it creates excellent acoustics due to the rough, unworked rock surfaces of the interior.

Temppeliaukio Church by Max Raymond:Flickr [link]

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